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“The sacrifices he makes for this wedding,” Mia joked.

“You sure you don’t want to sit and visit?” Piper asked.

Dave and Mia met each other’s eyes, their smiles widened.

“We really need to head home,” Dave said, not taking his eyes off Mia. “But it was great to see you two out and looking so cozy. Maybe there will be another engagement soon?”

Piper’s mouth fell open, but Ryan just laughed. “We wouldn’t want to steal your thunder, pal.”

As the happy couple walked away, Ryan glanced back to Piper who was glaring at him.

“You let them think we’re here on a date,” she said between gritted teeth.

“Why not? We are.”

“But they don’t need to know that.”

Ryan reached across the table and took hold of her small hand. “Listen, you better get used to the fact I want you. Not just in bed, Piper. I want you in my life as more than just a friend. If that scares you, then join the club. I scared the hell out of myself when I finally admitted it, but I won’t live my life scared. I want us to be seen together in public as a couple.”

He eased forward, tugging her until she was leaning across the table, as well.

“And also get used to the fact that one day, very soon, you’ll be in my bed and we won’t be done after just one time.”

By the time they left and were headed back to Piper’s house, Ryan was beyond sexually frustrated. Seeing her curves shift beneath that dress, knowing that bow on the side was the only thing holding it in place was driving him completely mad.

But because this was his Piper, he wouldn’t push it. She was a very independent woman, very strong-willed and when she wanted something, she’d come after it with everything in her. He couldn’t wait to become the prey instead of the hunter.

Ryan pulled into her brick drive and killed the engine.

“I’ll walk you in.”

Of course, by the time he got around to her door, she was already out.

“I would’ve gotten the door for you,” he told her, taking her hand and leading her up the wide walkway.

“I’m capable of getting out of a car, Ryan.”

He turned back to her, the moon casting a soft glow around her and the streetlamp highlighting one side of her delicate face.

“I know what you’re capable of,” he murmured, moving in closer. “I know everything about you, Red. But you need to know that this is moving into the territory of dating and I plan on doing more for you. You deserve a man who will treat you like a lady and not just as one of the guys.”

“You treat me like one of the guys,” she retorted.

Ryan squeezed her hands and grinned. “Trust me, I don’t think of you as one of the guys. And maybe it’s time I treat you better. You shouldn’t always have to be seen in flannel and work boots, Piper. You’re a lady and I know you wear very ladylike things beneath those work clothes. Why not showcase that a bit more?”

Piper shrugged. “I don’t know any other way. I’m comfortable in my work clothes.”

“Well you’re a knockout now and you look comfortable.” He eased in, letting his lips glide gently across hers. “You’re not feeling out of your element, are you? All dressed up and on a date with me?”

Her lids fluttered closed. “No. I feel...”

“What?” he whispered. “What do you feel?”

Piper tipped her face up toward the moonlight. The column of her neck combined with the deep vee of her dress made for some very sexy skin exposure and damn if his hands didn’t itch to stroke every inch and then follow through with his tongue.

So he did.

With the tips of his fingers he started between her breasts where the material met, then slid them up and over her throat and around to her jawline. Easing down, he opened his lips and followed the path until he got to her jaw, then he moved around to her waiting lips.

Piper opened for him, surprising him when she took hold of his face between her hands and stole the control right out from under him. Her body eased against his, her lips took everything he was offering. Slender hips bumped his and his pants grew even tighter. Seemed like every time he was around her lately he was hard as a horny teenager.

She groaned slightly and eased back, still framing his face in her hands.

“You make me forget that I’m supposed to be the strong one here,” she said, licking her moist lips. “You make me want things that I know I shouldn’t. But you make me also wonder what this would be like. Would we be better? I can’t imagine anything better than what we already have.”

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