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Piper’s throat clogged with emotions. These two were going to fight their way back to each other. As she glanced across the room, Ryan was still looking at her. The tension, the love, in this room was almost more than Piper could take.

She could not get wrapped up in that emotion called love. Look what it had done to her mother. The woman had had a marriage she’d always dreamed of to the love of her life, yet it hadn’t been enough. In the end, it hadn’t held together the bond of marriage.

But as Piper watched the chemistry between Cara and Alex, she couldn’t help but pray that love would be enough here. These two deserved happiness, deserved to find their way back to each other.

“Is there anything we can get you guys?” Ryan asked. “Cara, have you eaten today? Piper and I can stay while you go out for a bit.”

Cara waved a perfectly manicured hand. “Oh, no. I’m fine.”

“I’m fine, too,” Alex declared from the bed. “I don’t need babysitters.”

Cara bit her lip as if to fight off tears and Piper wanted to comfort her. But Piper also understood pride was a very sacred emotion and Cara wanted to be strong in front of Alex.

“I’m sorry,” Alex murmured. “It’s just hell being here, not knowing what led up to this and knowing I’ve hurt so many people.”

“You didn’t hurt anyone.” Ryan spoke up. “You may have developed amnesia before you vanished and wandered off. Or someone could’ve had a hand in your disappearance. If that’s the case, then whoever is behind this is the one who hurt so many people. You just happened to be a pawn in someone’s sick game.”

The list of suspects was short, but Piper didn’t want to believe anyone she knew and trusted could be so cold and calculating. She knew the police were thoroughly investigating everyone in Alex’s life.

She was sure Chance couldn’t be behind Alex’s disappearance. It had to be someone else.

Alex had recently been elected into the elite Texas Cattleman’s Club and most people were excited to have him as a member. Cara’s dad hadn’t been too thrilled, but Piper didn’t think that would be grounds to have someone kidnapped. But who else could it be?

“Will you promise to call one of us if the doctors say anything more?” Piper asked Cara.

“Absolutely.” Cara stepped forward and hugged Piper, whispering in her ear, “Thanks for being here.”

Piper squeezed back. “I wouldn’t be anywhere else.”

“Alex, it’s really good to have you back, man.” Ryan eased around the side of the bed. “Please have Cara call me or Piper if you need anything at all. No matter how small.”

Alex nodded. “Thanks. That means a lot to me.”

Piper turned and nearly ran into a woman dressed in a dark gray suit. “Oh, sorry.”

“No problem.” The lady smiled. “I’m Bailey Collins from the Texas State Police. I’ve been assigned to investigate the case involving Mr. Santiago.”

“I wasn’t aware the state police was coming in on this,” Alex chimed from his bed. “Are there leads I’m not aware of?”

Bailey’s eyes darted around the room. “I’d like to speak with you alone, if I could.”

“Absolutely,” Piper said.

“I just need to talk to Alex for a few moments.”

“We were just leaving,” Ryan stated, taking Piper by the arm and leading her out the door.

“I can step outside, too,” Cara added. “Take your time, Ms. Collins.”

Piper and Ryan moved out into the hallway and waited for Cara to close the door behind her.

“The cops have been questioning him quite a bit,” Cara told them. “They must really be onto something if they called the state investigators in. I hope they can get to the bottom of this really fast.”

“They will,” Ryan assured her. “We just need to support Alex and pray he gets his memory back soon.”

“Do you need anything before we go?” Piper asked.

“I’m good.” Cara smiled and patted Piper’s arm. “You two go on. I’ll call if there’s any change.”

Ryan hugged Cara and turned toward Piper. She slid her arm through his as they walked away. Once inside the elevator, Piper leaned over and kissed his stubbled cheek.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“Just for being you. For being so sweet and for being alive after yesterday’s accident.”

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