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Obviously not good news.

Piper glanced at Ryan. “Why don’t you go in and see Alex? I’ll wait out here and talk to Cara.”

Ryan slipped into the room and Piper waited while Cara finished her call and slid the phone into her pocket.

“He still has no memory?” Piper asked, pulling Cara into a warm embrace.

“No. And Zach just left. He didn’t remember his own business partner.” Cara sniffed. “But I thought for sure he’d remember me...what we shared.”

Piper held her friend until Cara eased back, dabbing her eyes once again.

“I’m sorry, Piper.”

“Don’t be sorry for me,” Piper insisted, sliding Cara’s honey-blond hair back off her forehead. “I’m willing to lend my shoulder anytime and I’d say if anyone deserves a good cry, it’s you.”

Piper couldn’t imagine the emotions swirling through Cara. The woman, engaged to the love of her life, had had him taken away, and now that she had him back, had discovered he still wasn’t fully hers. The nightmare for Cara continued.

“It means a lot that you care so much,” Cara told her. “Alex and I both need support right now.”

“Of course you do and I’m happy to be here for you,” Piper replied with a smile.

“I brought some pictures this morning,” Cara said, looking down at her wet tissue. “I thought seeing the happier times we shared would trigger something. But he just stared at them with a blank face and then he apologized to me. I had to step out here. I refuse to break down in front of him. He needs me strong.”

“You’re stronger than I could be.” Piper squeezed Cara’s slender shoulders. “And his love didn’t die, Cara. It’s still in there. We just need to give him some time. No one knows what he went through, so the doctors aren’t sure how to deal with it.”

Cara nodded and raised her head. “Do I have mascara under my eyes?”

Piper smiled. “No. You look beautiful as always.”

“I doubt that. I’m an ugly crier, but I’ve been holding it together in front of Alex. Can’t have him thinking I’m some sort of weak woman.”

Piper laughed. “Honey, you are anything but weak. You’ve been through a lot these past few months. It’s certainly understandable that you’d be upset now that he’s back with no memory. Even Alex would understand if you had a breakdown.”

Cara shook her head. “I won’t break down in front of him. He needs me to help him through this. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

“Are you ready to head back in or do you need a moment?” Piper asked.

“I’m okay. He’ll be happy to see someone besides me again.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t bet on it,” Piper said, holding the door open for Cara to enter.

Alex lay in the bed, his arm now in a cast from the surgery he’d had the night before to repair his broken wrist.

With his hands in his pockets, Ryan was across the room, half sitting against the windowsill. His eyes darted to Piper and she couldn’t help but feel whatever they’d started last night was far from over. The man could hold her in her place with simply one heavy-lidded gaze. How did he have such a hold over her after a few honest words? His words should’ve scared her to death, but instead they’d excited her. Aroused her.

God, she was in trouble here. Her stomach had never fluttered over a man before and she was even more out of her element because her hunky best friend was causing those flutters.

“Hey, Piper,” Alex said, offering a brief smile. “I just told Ryan that you don’t have to feel like you need to be here checking on me all the time. I’m sure you have a life. Besides, I’ve had several visitors. Apparently, I know a lot of people.”

Piper nodded. “And all of them are worried about you. Did the doctors say anything about your amnesia?”

Alex shook his head. “I had a CAT scan, but they can’t tell from that. All it showed was multiple head traumas.”

“It’ll come in time,” she assured him, praying she wasn’t lying.

“Not soon enough,” he told her. “I can’t imagine what you all went through.”

His eyes sought Cara. The muscle in his jaw ticked as his eyes filled. “What she’s been through because of me is killing me.”

“I’m fine, Alex,” Cara assured him. “Just concentrate on getting better. I’m not going anywhere.”

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