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He lifted her against the door, dipping his head to capture her mouth once again. Alexa’s legs locked around his waist and he wasted no time in joining their bodies. Finesse would come later—much later. Right now he had a need that had been building all night.

Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she arched that sweet body against his. Hayes slid a hand down the dip in her waist and over the flare of her hip, gripping her to hold her in place. She dug her heels into his backside and Hayes knew she was on the brink.

He tore his lips from hers and shifted just enough to see her face. The slight glow from the porch light filtered in through the window, slashing just enough of a beam across her face for him to fully appreciate her pleasure.

“Look at me,” he commanded, squeezing her hip.

Those black eyes immediately locked onto his and a second later she cried out. That’s exactly what he’d been waiting on. Seeing her come apart in his arms, knowing he was the one who made her lose control was all he wanted. Her hips quickened as she came apart and that’s all it took to have him joining her.

Hayes’s body trembled as he fisted one hand on the door beside her head and continued to hold on to her hip. His knee was starting to shake from being too weak, but hell if he’d give in now.

Alexa ran her fingertips up and down his back, his arms, murmuring something in Spanish as he came down from the tremors. Resting his forehead against hers, he pulled in a breath of sweet jasmine…the same scent she’d tortured him with all night.

“Do you have the energy to get to the bedroom?” she asked.

Hayes laughed. “If it’s not far. Or we could sleep here on the floor.”

“Let me down,” she told him, untangling her legs from his waist. “Your knee has to be hurting.”

He stepped back and said nothing.

“Exactly,” she confirmed. “You shifted too much and kept fisting your hand by my head. Get in bed and rest that.”

Hayes instantly lifted her up and over his shoulder.

“Put me down,” she cried, smacking his back. “Hayes, your leg is going to give out and we’ll both be down.”

“Like hell,” he growled. “I’ll rest it when we get in there. Better yet, you can give me a rubdown. Now tell me where the bedroom is.”

“Last door on the right.”

He palmed her backside, earning him another laugh from her. Damn, that laugh made everything seem so right, so perfect. Could such happiness be his for the taking? Alexa had lost her husband and never claimed to be looking for a relationship. Hell, he hadn’t either, but the idea of letting her go, the thought of another man even touching her settled a new level of rage within him.

She also hadn’t mentioned wanting or even needing a man to fill the role of daddy to her son. Maybe that’s not something she wanted at all. It was one thing to be involved in an affair, but quite another to become a family.

Hayes’s eyes had gotten used to the darkness and the small night-light glowing from Mason’s bedroom across the hall lit up enough for him to make out the shape of her bed. Hayes dropped her on the end and instantly was on her.

“I’ll take that rubdown in a bit,” he told her as he covered her body with his. “First I’m going to show you exactly how thankful I am that you went with me tonight.”

* * *

Alexa stretched, smiling when her body protested. She was sore in the most glorious ways. The sun shone through the sheers of her room and one thick arm draped across her midsection. How could she not wake up with a smile on her face after last night?

She was glad she’d let Mason stay over with Sadie. Alexa knew they’d get home late and didn’t want to put Sadie out too much…or more than she already was. But Sadie was so happy that Alexa was going on a date, she’d eagerly volunteered to watch Mason all night.

Hayes shifted and groaned, and his heavy leg slid over hers. The coarse hairs made her shiver. Who knew all the little things she missed from a man’s touch? Obviously, he was the first man in this bed since Scott…but Alexa didn’t feel like this was wrong in any way.

That’s how she knew it was time to come clean about who her husband was.

She flattened her hand over Hayes’s arm and slid it up and over his shoulder. Keeping her eyes on his face, she watched as his lids fluttered. His hold on her tightened as he pulled her closer.

“Stop, temptress,” he mumbled.

Alexa couldn’t help but laugh. “You slept good.”

“I’d keep sleeping if you weren’t feeling me up.”

Shifting in his arms, Alexa nipped at his chin. “I believe I woke with your bare arm over my midsection and then you wrapped your leg around me. You want to be felt up.”

Hayes slid his hand over her bare hip and settled on the dip in her waist. Alexa’s body instantly responded, but then he curled those fingers in and started tickling her.

“Hayes,” she squealed. “Stop that.”

A cell started ringing somewhere in the house. She didn’t recognize the tone, so it must be his. She smacked at his arms as he continued to tickle her. He wrestled her beneath him as she continued to wriggle around and try to dodge the torture.

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