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And apparently he had his mind set on making sure she was thoroughly clean.


By the time Sunday rolled around, it was like the sky opened up and poured down some much needed sunshine. Alexa was sore in places she hadn’t even known muscles existed—from the sex and the demolition. She’d ended up staying in Hayes’s bed last night, though she’d vowed to herself not to. Things just progressed and that was where she stayed.

The man had a power over her she couldn’t comprehend. It was as if the word no didn’t exist where he was concerned.

And her time there had come to an end. She’d been in contact with Sadie, never once admitting where she’d truly been. They were expecting her home this afternoon and Alexa knew the water had gone down and she’d be able to deliver on that promise.

Alexa adjusted her tank over the top of her jeans. She was most excited about putting on different clothes. Even though Hayes had washed her things while she’d worn his shirts, she still wanted something else.

But part of her hated to be leaving. The house was amazing and she wanted to see more of what would be done, but she’d never be back. She’d never see what happened with the kitchen they’d torn up and she’d never know if he put that long farmhouse table in for guests or if he’d keep it simple so he didn’t have to invite people over.

So much about this house, and this man, she would miss.

Being in bed with him last night, not just the sex but the actual intimacy, had sparked something deeper inside her. After sleeping alone for two years, having someone right beside her had been…perfect. She’d slept so well, all cradled in Hayes’s arms. When morning had come, she didn’t want to get up, but she knew this fairytale couldn’t last forever. The real world waited on both of them.

As Alexa came down the steps and headed toward the kitchen, she heard Hayes cursing.

“Something wrong?”

Her question had him jerking around, eyes wide. His hair was all a mess, from sleeping or running his fingers through it. “Just a minor electrical issue.”

“Do you want to ride back with me?” she asked, knowing full well he would.

He pulled in a deep breath and met her gaze from across the space. “Stay.”

That one word held so much power as it settled between them.

“You don’t mean that.”

Those dark eyes that held so much pain never wavered from hers. “You know I never say something I don’t mean.”

That was true. She’d come to know him pretty well over the past couple of days. “You’ll be glad to see me go,” she informed him, remaining where she was in the doorway.

“I slept better last night than I have in years.”

She didn’t want to hear that. She didn’t want to know that she had an impact on him because last night had been a turning point for her, too. She was having a difficult time gearing herself up to leave. And if he were being honest, he wouldn’t want her to stay. This euphoric state would wear off and he’d want his privacy once again. It was best for everyone if she left as planned and they forgot about each other.

In theory, that’s exactly what should happen, but Alexa wasn’t so quick to believe that she could just let all of this go.

“You’ll do fine once I’m gone,” she assured him, and tried to take the advice herself. “You only slept so well because of the sex.”

Hayes shrugged. “Maybe so. I wouldn’t turn down sex or a good night’s sleep if you stayed.”

“We both know that’s not a good idea and I have a son and reality to get back to.”

Now he did cross the room, and her heart kicked up. Maybe it was the whirlwind weekend or perhaps it was just the man himself, but every time he looked at her she couldn’t help the fire that continued to blaze within her.

“Maybe I don’t want reality,” he told her as he nipped her lips. “One more day. Stay one more day.”

The man could tempt a saint, and she was surely no saint. Alexa slid her hands over his arms and tipped her head back.

“You make me want to forget responsibilities.”

That naughty grin from his lips had her biting back her own. “Don’t look at me like that,” she scolded. “I’ll never leave here.”

Hayes slid his hands under her tank as his lips captured hers. Easing her back, he completely covered her, but held her all at the same time. The man’s strength never failed to impress her, which was just another reason she found him so intriguing.

Her time was up, but she desperately wanted to stay. She wanted to get Mason here to play in the yard and ride the horses. But that was all fantasy because the reality was Hayes was a billionaire living in a far different world.

As his lips pressed deeper into hers, Alexa clutched at his shoulders. Those fingertips brushed the underside of her breasts.

“Looks like everything is fine here.”

Alexa jerked, but to Hayes’s credit, he only cringed. He kept his hold on her, tipped back and all, and merely turned his head to the back door where a tall, broad man stood. He had to be an Elliott. He had the same dark hair, dark eyes and naughty grin.

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