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Fine. If he wanted to play, then she was about to bring her A game.

Alexa pushed the sheet aside and eased from the bed. As she crossed the room toward the bathroom, she didn’t so much as look his way, but she most definitely sucked her belly in and attempted to look somewhat fit and sexy. Not an easy feat when the only workout she received was chasing her kids in the classroom and giving Mason piggyback rides.

From the corner of her eye, she noted Hayes’s attention following her as she entered the master bath. Once inside, she stood there for just a moment and simply stared straight ahead at the large soaker tub on the far wall. She had nothing to do in here, but she wasn’t going to just lie in that damn bed and let him drive her out of her ever-loving mind.

Bare feet slid over the tile floor behind her. Before she could turn, strong arms banded around her midsection. Alexa found herself hauled back against a very chiseled, very firm chest. She couldn’t suppress the smile that spread across her face.

“I thought I was in control and calling the shots,” she reminded him.

Hayes’s lips nuzzled her neck, causing goose bumps to race over her skin.

“Oh, you did call the shots when you strutted by me,” he murmured in her ear. “You lay beside me shifting those legs, trying to ignore that ache. So here I am.”

She should’ve known he’d see through her. Still, if this was her punishment, she welcomed the discipline…she was on borrowed time, after all.

Hayes’s hand splayed across her stomach. His other slid up to cup her chin and turn her head just enough to look at him. But she didn’t get a chance before his mouth crashed down onto hers. That hand on her belly went lower and Alexa whimpered.

The moment he touched her where she’d been aching for the last hour, Alexa nearly slid to the floor. Her knees weakened as every one of her senses was assaulted in the most glorious of ways.

Hayes continued to stroke her, kiss her, drive her completely insane until her body tingled more as it climbed higher and higher. Finally, she jerked from the kiss and cried out. He murmured something as he continued to pleasure her and Alexa reached to the side to grip the edge of the counter.

Moments later, her body settled, but she wanted more. Damn him for touching her exactly the way she needed to take the edge off but still leave her craving more.

“We should be ready to finish that movie now.”

Alexa spun around, ready to tear into him for such an asinine statement when she realized he’d been joking. The gleam in his eyes was part amusement, part arousal.

“You better finish what you started, cowboy.”

Those rough hands came to her waist and lifted her up onto the cool vanity. “We both know who started this, darlin’.”

She locked her ankles behind his back and he reached into a drawer to pull out protection. Clearly, as long as she was here, they were going to have to keep those packets in every room.

In no time, he was sheathed and joining their bodies. Alexa knew this was absolute insanity to be this attracted to a man she’d just met. Still, there was nothing that could stop her from taking all the passion he gave. It had been so long… Didn’t she deserve a little selfish happiness?

“Stop thinking,” he whispered against her mouth. “Just feel. Relax.”

Their bodies moved together as if they’d been together for years as opposed to less than twenty-four hours. Hayes’s hands roamed all over her, his lips made their own path over her heated skin. The pleasure he gave was all-consuming. Alexa had never felt so needy and fulfilled at the same time. The way Hayes continued to explore her as if he couldn’t get enough wasn’t something she was used to…and she was quickly slipping into something deeper than just a heated affair.

Hayes slid those talented lips up the column of her throat as her body tightened all around him. He nipped at her ear before jerking his hips faster and capturing her lips. Alexa held on to him as she let the euphoria sweep over her.

Beneath her hands, Hayes’s shoulders tightened as he continued to assault her mouth. For a long time, they clung to each other and she wondered when they’d be finished with each other. Would it be when she left? Would she be out of his system before then?

She’d never favored one-night stands, but she had to admit this was a memorable experience. Life-altering, actually. Because she knew for certain the next time she took a partner to bed, she would demand more than she’d ever realized she’d wanted.

Hayes rested his forehead against hers and let out a low grumble of laughter. “You ready for that movie now? Because I sure as hell couldn’t concentrate earlier.”

Alexa eased back as much as she could to look him in the eye. “You’re such a liar. You lay there like you were so enthralled without a care in the world.”

That naughty grin she’d come to appreciate spread across his face. “I knew you’d cave.”

Swatting at his chest, Alexa uncrossed her legs. “You came after me.”

“After you paraded in front of the screen. I wouldn’t be much of a gentleman if I ignored your invitation.”

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