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This man, whoever he is, he reaches out, stroking my cheek. His thumb runs back and forth, soothing me. When it slides across my lips, I watch him, waiting. He presses against my mouth, and I open up, licking him once again.

“You ever sucked a man’s cock?”


“You want to try?”

“It’s your night.”

“Yeah, and I got what I wanted. Now I can explore with you. One night. You can do whatever you want.”

“Do you want my mouth on you?”


“You’ve just finished. Is that even possible?”

“Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll show you.”

Is it wrong that I adore that smile? I don’t know him. For all I know it could be his axe-murderer smile, but I like it. I want him to keep on smiling at me exactly like that and more. Is that crazy?

He pulls me close, and his thumb grazes across my lip. “This mouth is designed to suck, to take a cock deep. You’re going to gag on mine, but that’s okay. I can handle that.”

His lips crash about mine as he sinks his fingers in my hair. I place a hand on his chest, kissing him back, and the pleasure consumes me.

My pussy is still so sore, and yet I want more. I’m hungry for more. This is one night of pleasure. What would be wrong with taking everything I can from this?

His tongue glides across my mouth, and I open up for him. Tasting him, I slide my tongue against his, touching him. He moves me so that I straddle his waist.

Sinking my fingers into his hair, I kiss him back harder, more desperate.

There’s no way I want to let go of him.

Suddenly, he grabs my hair and tugs on the strands so my head is bowed back, his lips trailing from mine to my neck. He sucks hard to the point there will be bruises.

I don’t care.

This feels so good.

Better than I’d ever imagined it would be. When he holds me still and his mouth continues to travel, a gasp escapes me as his lips start to nip and suck at my nipples. I close my eyes, feeling the pleasure burst from my clit.

He knows what he’s doing.

This man can fuck and drive a woman crazy with longing.

Even as I wriggle on his lap, trying to get closer to him, to put pressure on my pussy, he doesn’t budge from licking and sucking at my breasts. I’ve never thought of my nipples as being that pleasurable, but with the way he touches and pets them, they drive me wild.

“So fucking sexy and beautiful.”

One of his hands let go of my hair, and I moan as it moves between my thighs, stroking me.

Two fingers plunge in deep as his thumb strokes across my clit. I ride his hand, not wanting him to stop, to keep on going because I love it. I love the feeling of him touching me, stroking, taking.

His domination drives me even wilder.

There’s nowhere else I want to be in this moment than in his arms, awake, alert, waiting to taste his giant cock.

The moment I’m so close to the edge, he stops. He smirks as he helps me to my knees.

“I think it’s time for you to learn something new.”

The fingers that had been inside me now wrap around his dick, stroking up and down.

I lick my lips, watching him, and he groans.

His cock, which had been flaccid just a few minutes ago, is now very much awake and wanting some happy time.

Watching him work his hand up and down that length while I grip his thighs, I’m completely mesmerized.

He’s beautiful to watch.

The tip is already leaking pre-cum, and he rubs it across and into his length.

“You ready to have those lips on me?”


“Open your mouth.”

Opening my lips, I stare at him, waiting. He places the tip on my tongue, and, closing my mouth around him, I slowly sink onto his dick.

Sucking him to the back of my throat, I bring my fingers around the base of him.

“That’s it. Just a little harder. Don’t use teeth but suck with your lips. Meet your hand, and pull it back up. I don’t need you to gag on it just yet. That will have to come another time.”

There isn’t going to be another time.

The moment the clock strikes six, I’ll be gone, and this will be just a distant memory.

Up and down, bobbing on his length, I suck more of him into my mouth until I’m moaning. His pre-cum slides across my tongue as I swallow him down.

Whenever he does hit the back of my throat, he grips my hair, pulling me off so that I don’t choke on his length.

He’s a large man and the more I take him in, the more saliva I make so that he’s drenched. Some of it trickles out of my mouth onto my bent knees. His moans turn me on even more.

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