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I suck on her clit, biting down just enough to hear her cry of pain, which I soothe out with my tongue.

I keep hold of her hips as she jerks within my arms. When I can’t take it anymore, I pull back, slide my hands to her pussy, and spread those lips wide to see her hole and clit. Stroking two fingers across her nub, working them down, I slide them inside her, feeling how tight and wet she is.

In and out, I thrust inside her. Pressing my thumb to her clit, moving side to side, I watch her take my fingers, her pussy stretching around the digits.

She’s rocking on them, taking them in deeper.

When I add a third finger, she pauses as this stretches her even wider.


“You can take them.” Working my fingers inside her, I watch her, mesmerized. She doesn’t hold back. Her face is so expressive, showing me how much she’s loving the pleasure I’m giving her.

I want those screams to fill the air, to surround us both.

I take her clit once again, feeling her cunt ripple and pulse around my fingers as I draw her closer and closer to orgasm.

Her pleasure is building and my need for her along with it.

I want her to come because this first time, I won’t be able to control it. I need to fuck her. To own her once again and to remember how good she feels on my dick.

She cries my name, the sound echoing off the walls as she comes. Keeping my lips on her pussy, I stroke her to completion. When she can’t take any more of my tongue, I pull back but drive my fingers inside her, stretching her out.

She whimpers, and I pull them from her body, sucking them clean as well. I love the taste of her pussy.

My hand goes to my belt, and her eyes open.

That’s right, sweetheart. We’ve only just started.

Chapter Eleven


I should hate him.

Report his ass to HR and just let the legal system handle everything. There’s no way I should allow him to blackmail me or force me into a corner that I don’t want to be in.

He’s got no control over me.

Yet, seeing him lick my cum from his fingers, and hearing the sound of his belt in the room, I know it would all be a lie. I don’t want him to stop.

He pushes his pants down, along with the black boxer briefs he wears. His long, thick cock springs forward. I’m mesmerized by him. He runs his hand back and forth over his length, pulling back the foreskin to reveal the mushroomed head.

I can’t believe I’ve sucked on that cock or been craving it.

This man is blackmailing me, and even still, I want him inside me. I should hate him for what he’s doing, but at the same time, I’m relieved. I don’t have to make a decision here. To keep my sister close, I can give in to what I want.

Chase Dunce is the man I want.

The man I think about late at night.

“Are you on the pill?”

I shake my head.

“Fuck. I want to feel you without a condom. We’re going to get you on the pill, and then there’s going to be nothing between us. You’re not going to have any other men, just me.”

How can I tell him that there isn’t any other man that I want? I keep my mouth shut though. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet. Within seconds he’s tearing open a condom, and I watch him roll it onto his length.

The room back at Cherry had condoms all over the place, so it wasn’t hard to find one.

He puts the tip of his cock at my entrance, and I tense up. My memory of the last time we were together recalls the pain of his entrance. Even though he took me over five times, the initial thrust was always uncomfortable.

Slowly, he presses forward, taking his time as inch by inch he sinks in deep. I watch his cock disappear.

This time, there’s no pain.

Just pleasure.

My release makes it easy for him to slide in. There’s nothing stopping him. He holds onto my hips, drawing me off the sofa. I wrap my arms around his neck, holding onto him as he moves so that his back is against the sofa. My legs go around his waist, and he’s seated to the hilt inside me.

He’s so big that it is a little uncomfortable. As his fingers stroke up my back, I stare at his lips.

I don’t know what possesses me, but I can’t help but lean forward and take his lips. Kissing him for the first time, I cup his cheek, exploring his mouth. His hand sinks into my hair, holding me even closer.

Chase takes over the kiss, nipping at my lips. The sheer power in him isn’t lost on me. He could do what he wanted with me and there isn’t anything I could do about it. Even with the bruises he left on my skin, I wasn’t scared of him.

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