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With that, I move her out of the way of the door, open it, and leave.

Chapter Nine


One week later

Working for Chase is not that difficult. He’s demanding, of course, and also, always busy. That’s what I notice during the first week of working for him. Not a moment goes by when someone doesn’t want him, even late at night.

He’s taken it upon himself to drop me off at home after picking up Kerry. My sister always sits in the back listening to her music, leaving me to talk with Chase.

In seven days, including the weekend, he’s missed one dinner. That’s it. Every other time, he’s been available.

Kerry, like always, will skulk off to her room to do whatever it is she loves to do, while leaving me to deal with him.

It’s always the same.

He sits at our small dining room table, I serve up, Kerry takes hers, and I eat with Chase. There’s not much in the way of conversation.

By the time I get home, I’m exhausted. Chase likes to send me all around his building, chasing down contracts, making sure people call him with an update. He told me it’s because people become lazy until they see an actual, visible person.

To be honest, I just think he’s using me as he doesn’t have the first clue what to do with me. It’s clear a PA is not what that man needs. He’s competent with his work. At lunch, I used to sit with the guys that had made it from the program. Only I got tired of hearing them tell me what a rare opportunity it was to work directly with Chase Dunce.

None of them know.

They don’t understand that I feel uncomfortable because the night I gave him my virginity was the night I can’t forget.

It was supposed to mean nothing. The reason I picked the less fairy tale option was so I didn’t feel it, and I needed more of the money.

Chase is making it impossible for me to forget it.

The way he is always around.

The touches.

The teasing.

Everything is driving me crazy. Every single night without fail, we’ll make it to the door, and he presses me flat against it, kissing me. Those touches drive me crazy for more.

I don’t want him to stop, and yet, each time, he does.

Tonight though, if he decides to drop me off, he’ll discover Kerry isn’t coming home. For one week, she’s heading to the mountains with a group of troubled kids. She signed up for it without telling me, forging my signature, and even though I didn’t want her to go, I couldn’t stop her.

She has to live her life.

It didn’t stop me from freaking out though every time I thought about it.

What if she needs me?

Owning a car hadn’t been in my budget, and now I wish I’d been able to account for one.

Running fingers through my hair, which has already started to grow out from the cut I got over a month ago, I feel the moment he enters the room.

The copy machine is located at the back of the room, far away from everyone on the floor. They are all busy.

Turning toward the door, I see Chase standing there.

“I won’t be much longer.”

Turning back to the glass window while I wait for the papers to print out, I watch his partial reflection as he steps into the room.

My nipples tighten as he closes the door. In the next second, he’s behind me, his hands on my hips.

I don’t tell him to stop even though I should.

This is sexual harassment.

He shouldn’t be doing this.

Is it really harassment if I want it, though? If I love the way he touches me, the attention he gives me?

I’m no longer Kerry’s sister, the failure, the college dropout, the guardian, the earner. The responsible one.

I’m just me.

Faye Carter.

I keep forgetting who I am.

He makes me remember.

One of his hands curves around my stomach, moving down between my thighs.

The machine covers most of my body.

I don’t say anything as he pulls the white blouse up, and there in the copy room he strokes my chest to cup my tit.

“One of them could see.”

“No, they couldn’t. If you don’t want me to do this, tell me to stop. Tell me you don’t want my hands on you, Faye. That it’s not what you want. I’ll stop.”

That’s what I’m afraid of.

I don’t want him to stop.

Keeping my mouth closed, I hold in a gasp as he pulls the cup of my bra over my tit and his palm covers it, cupping my body.

He’s pulled the skirt up around my waist and covered my panties. I’d forgone the thong this time, and as he rubs between my thighs, I try to hold in a whimper. It’s impossible. When he teases beneath the edge of my panties and touches me, I close my eyes, feeling him touch my pussy.

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