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Somehow, Ezra strips us both down so gently, so quietly, that I barely notice it. He strips us down and then he kisses me from my neck to my toes and everywhere in between.

He glides his tongue over my skin, taking care to nip gently at each of my hips. He bites me, then soothes the little pain with his tongue.

When he reaches my pussy, Ezra isn’t shy. I didn’t think he would be. Men on Mars are as different as they come, but I’ve never been with a guy who wanted to touch me there.

Not with his mouth.

Not with his tongue.

Not like this.

Ezra sweeps his tongue over my core and I shiver at the sensation. Oh, is this what I’ve been missing out on? Fuck. This is incredible. This is amazing. This is everything I need in this moment.

He is everything I need in this moment.

He licks me until I can’t handle anymore. He holds my hips firmly in place and kisses me, sucks on me, nibbles on me. He licks me over and over and over again, and then the orgasm I’ve been waiting for sweeps over me like waves rushing onto a beach.

I’m floating, flying.

I’m exploding.

I’m crying out with pleasure and then he slides inside of me, filling me. As I come down from the greatest orgasm of my life, he’s there kissing me, touching me. He’s inside of me.

“Wow,” I murmur.

“That was so fucking sexy,” he groans, sliding deeper into me. “So damn beautiful, baby. You’re incredible.”

“I like it when you call me that.”


“Baby. I like it when you call me your baby, your darling. It makes me feel like a fucking goddess,” I whisper.

He kisses me, then sweeps his tongue over my lips.

“I want you to be mine, Dagger. I need you. I can’t live without you.”

“I feel the same way,” I whisper. I shouldn’t. I know that. We both know that. We both know that an Earth girl and a Sapphiran shouldn’t be forging some sort of relationship in the jungles of the Hidden Planet, yet we are.

We’re throwing away the rules and we’re going for it.

We’re casting aside the expectations other people have set for us and we’re giving this thing a try.

And oh, we’re giving it a good, good try.

“I’m going to come, baby,” Ezra whispers. “Darling.”

“Do it,” I slide my nails down his back and grip his ass, pulling him closer to myself, pulling him deeper. “Come in me, Ezra. Fill me up.”

That’s all it takes.

He groans as he fills me, as he comes deep inside of me. He whispers my name and closes his eyes as the orgasm rushes over his body. I feel him pulsing inside of me as his body wrings the last bits of pleasure from his climax, and then Ezra kisses me again.

He kisses me over and over and over.

We’re hot and sweaty and so very tired, but he kisses me like there’s nothing more important than showing me affection right now.

I hate that I’ve been through so much this week. I hate that I’ve almost been killed, that I’ve been chased across the galaxy. I hate that I was so hungry, that I left so quickly I didn’t pack a bra. There are so many things I hate, but Ezra makes all of those feelings fade away.

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