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Ezra isn’t the type of guy I should get involved with.

Hell, I shouldn’t get involved with anyone. I’

m on the run, for dragon’s sake. Somehow, though, there’s just something about him that gets me. There’s something about him that makes me feel like I’m more than just some girl.

I’m more than just the nanny.

I’m more.

I’m more when I’m with him, and I sort of love that. I love that feeling. I want to hold onto it, bottle it up, and keep it forever. I want to feel this way for always. I want to feel this for an eternity.

I know that I can’t, so for now, I take what he’s willing to give me. I take what he offers. I take his kiss, and I give him one of my own. I take from Ezra and I offer myself wholly to him.

We don’t have forever.

We don’t have an eternity.

But we have this night.

We have this moment.

So I kiss him like he’s the only man on Sapphira. I kiss him like he’s the only one who matters. I kiss him like the sky is falling.

I kiss him.

He lets me touch him as we kiss. My hair falls around his face, creating a little space where only the two of us exist. He doesn’t move as my hands explore his chest, his neck, his jaw. He doesn’t move as I grind against him, as my hands make their way down his sides. He doesn’t move.

Ezra groans when I slide my tongue in his mouth. He kisses me back harder, faster, needier. He kisses me like this means just as much to him as it does to me, and I feel like I’m floating.

“Ezra,” I murmur, pulling back only slightly. His eyes are closed, but he opens them when I whisper his name.


“I want you,” I say. “Please.”

He touches me now, sliding his hands up my back and then back down, settling on my waist.

“What are you asking me for, Dagger? What do you need, darling?”

“Please,” I groan. He has to smell my arousal. He just has to. I know he’s turn on, too: I can feel it. I can feel his length rubbing against me. I know he’s big, and thick, and I want him. I want to ride him. I want to play with him. I want pleasure and for just a little while, I want to forget about my life.

I just want to live in this moment with Ezra.

“Tell me,” he whispers. His eyes do that thing where they flash different colors: purple, green, blue.

“I want you to fuck me, Ezra. I want you to fuck me hard. Please. I’ll die if you say no. I need it. I need you now. Please.”

I’m begging, but I’m not embarrassed. I’m too far gone to feel embarrassed. I’ll say anything he wants to hear if it just means he’ll give me his cock, if it means he’ll slide it inside of me.

“Of course,” he says. His voice has turned deeper: thick with arousal. “Take off your clothes, baby. Show me.” The nest is too small to stand up. It’s too small for us to move around very much at all. Somehow, I manage to kick off my shoes and wiggle out of my pants and tank top. I’m not wearing a bra or panties. It was the middle of the night when I left Mars. I had been planning on going to sleep for the night: not running for my life.

I climb back onto Ezra so I’m straddling him, but I’m naked now, and he looks at me.

“It’s too dark to see me,” I say.

“No, beautiful. I can see you just perfectly. Fuck, you’re even more perfect than I thought you would be.” He runs his hands up and down my sides before moving them to my front. Ezra’s hands are rough and calloused, reminding me that he’s had to work hard to get to where he is.

He’s dedicated.

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