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“Yes!” she cried out over and over again.

Roth delivered powerful thrusts, one after the other. Tressa screamed, cried, stuttered his name. Her nails dug into the backs of his arms, but the pain didn’t hinder his performance. Hell, she could have ripped out a chunk of his flesh and he wouldn’t have stopped, couldn’t have stopped. Her wetness, her warmth, held him captive.

“I love you,” he said. Why he’d said it at this particular time, he didn’t know. But it felt like it needed to be said at that moment. Tressa tried to say something, but he crushed his mouth to hers. His words were the last ones he wanted her to hear before she plunged into ecstasy.

A beat later Tressa pulsed around him as an orgasm claimed her. Her cries were captured by his mouth. Her body shook under him. The more she pulsated, the closer he came to his own release.

There wasn’t an image on the face of the earth that could keep him from tipping over the edge. He wanted this too badly. But he tried to stave off the impending release, imagining shit like a cuddly koala bear nibbling on a leaf, a giraffe urging its calf on wobbly legs, even an orange-and-white-spotted koi fish eating its meal.

Nothing helped.

The orgasm slammed into him like an out-of-control semitruck. He roared like a lion declaring war on a territory invader. Pumping until he couldn’t muster another damn stroke, he collapsed down next to Tressa and pulled her into his shaky arms.

Once his breathing calmed, and he regained the ability to speak, he said, “I need you to trust me, Tressa. And I need to be able to trust you. This can’t work if either of those major components aren’t in place.”

Tressa came up onto her elbow and eyed him quizzically. He answered before the question escaped.

“You lied straight to my face, baby. I get why you thought you had to, but I need honesty, Tressa. I’ve been lied to my entire life. I need the woman I love to love me enough to always be truthful with me, no matter how much it might hurt. I need that.”

Tressa slowly nodded. “And I’ll give that to you.”

It would be one of the best gifts he’d ever been given.


Tressa lounged on the white leather sofa in the VIP section of The Underground. The place hadn’t changed since the last time she’d been there. She remembered several months back and cringed. Though the night of her engagement party had ended in disaster, something much more beautiful had emerged.

Her gaze sought Roth on the stage. Damn, he was sexy as hell when he played that sax. Obviously, she wasn’t the only one who thought so. Every woman in the place seemed drawn to the mesmerizing sound of his instrument, but Tressa noted one in particular.

Her eyes narrowed on the exotic-looking beauty in the very revealing emerald green cocktail dress. All night the woman had seemed more captivated with Roth personally than his playing abilities.

She’d never been the jealous type, but a ping of resentment prickled her skin. Dismissing the woman as simply an adoring fan, she trained her gaze on Roth again. A rush of heated desire coursed through her. Damn, she couldn’t wait to get him naked. She bit at the corner of her lip. The black fedora could stay.

As if he’d sensed her undressing him with her eyes, he glanced in her direction. Their gazes met and held. Something sparked in his eyes that needed no translation. Longing. Clearly, she wasn’t the only one with sinful things on her mind. The man had turned her into a sex piranha. She nibbled on him any chance she got.

Roth ambled down the stage stairs and cut his way through the sea of two-and four-top tables until he stood directly in front of her. He serenaded her and, boy, did he do his thing.

Every note that escaped from his saxophone danced through the air and crash-landed directly in her heart. Just as if it were his touch, she could feel the passion in his music. A brilliant smile touched her lips. By his actions, he’d told the entire room one thing…she was his. The enormous gesture filled her with pride.

When Roth finished his soulful melody, he took her hand, guided her to her feet and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. The entire place erupted in applause.

The band continued to play, drawing the crowd’s attention away from them.

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