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Tressa marveled at the view below them. The cars and houses resembled pieces in a board game. Roth seemed so comfortable, so at-home handling Zoom, that all of her earlier concerns melted away.

“How long have you had Zoom?” Tressa felt as if she was screaming into the aviation headset.

“I built her a little over two years ago.”

Built? Okay, she hadn’t heard that right. Adjusting her earpiece, she said, “Did you say you built this plane? Like…with a hammer and screwdriver?”

Roth laughed. “I had a few more tools, but yeah, something like that.”

A second later she released a shaky chuckle. “You’re not serious.”

The look he gave her said he was. Who in the hell was this man? More important, was he any good at building planes?

Roughly five hours later they touched down in Arizona, took an Uber to the car rental location, grabbed a bite to eat, purchased more temperature-appropriate clothing, then checked into the Renaissance in downtown Phoenix.

The spacious hotel room was decorated in blues and browns. A king-size bed rested in the middle of the spacious hotel room. A wall-mounted TV, a dresser and two nightstands outfitted the space. Their location boasted an amazing view of mountains in the distance.

“This bed is cozy. You should come and try it out,” Roth said, sprawled across the plush mattress.

Tressa turned away from the window. One of the first things to catch her eye—excluding her man—were the black tourmaline crystals on the nightstand. He’d brought them with him. For some reason, it made her smile.

“Come over here, woman. There are some things I need to do—I mean, say—to you.”

She moved toward the bed, slowly removing her clothing piece by piece. Roth came up on his elbows and sucked his bottom lip between his teeth, watching her eagerly. First, her shirt dropped to the floor, then her bra. Next, her jeans and panties. Raw desire danced in his eyes.

“I want that. All of that,” he said, his heated gaze burning a line up and down her body.

In a seductive voice, she said, “And you can have it, baby. All of it.” She smirked. “After I get a hot shower.” She took off for the bathroom.

“Woman! Oh, you will pay for that.”

A couple of hours and orgasms later, Tressa had been eager to stay in bed with Roth all day long, exploring new ways to please one another. Unfortunately, he’d insisted there was someplace they needed to be by seven, but he wouldn’t give her any other details beyond that. What in the heck did he have up his sleeve? Whatever it was, she knew she’d like it.

On the drive to their destination, Tressa grilled Roth, but he remained tight-lipped. Thirty minutes later they crossed the line into Chandler, Arizona. A short time after that, a sign read Rawhide at Wild Horse Pass. “Where are—” Tressa’s eyes widened when she saw a second billboard-type sign. Popping Roth in the arm, she said, “Arizona Black Rodeo?”

“Glen said I should take you to a rodeo, right? Here we are.”

“No. I mean, yes. But no, I can’t believe we’re here.” Tender eyes admired him. “You flew all the way to Arizona to bring me to the rodeo.” Tressa’s heart did a pitter-patter in her chest. “You’re all right with me, Pilot.”

Hundreds of people appeared to be in attendance in the large arena. Tressa had never seen this many people dressed like cowboys and cowgirls in one place in her life. Young, old and everything in between. A group of mature women passed by and she laughed at the purple shirts they wore—Saddle up! Shut up! Hold on! She had to score one of those. And a cowgirl hat.

Roth held her near as they made their way through the crowded arena. The noise inside the place was thunderous, the lighting intense and the smell…interesting, but she loved it all.

Ooh, la, la, she thought when a group of cowboys passed them, several tipping their hats at her. “I think you’d look good in one of those outfits, baby. What do you say we do some role-playing tonight?” When Roth didn’t respond, she glanced up at him. “Roth?”

Roth’s hard stare left the group who’d just passed them and settled on her. “You like that, huh?”

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