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She felt everything.






The clench of another orgasm.


What was Roth doing to her? Whose body was this? Multiple orgasms had never been a thing for her. And when she’d listened to her girlfriends boast about their back-to-back releases, she’d assumed something had been wrong with her. Now she knew better.

The orgasm tore through her far more potently than the last. Roth’s name rolled off her tongue in a loud, pleasure-filled cry.

“Mmm.” He hummed. “Say my name again, baby.”

When he drove himself even deeper, she dragged her nails across his damp back. “Roth, Roth, Roth… Oh—I’m—”

More sensations swept through her, collecting the fragments the last release left behind.

Roth’s rhythm increased but remained tender in delivery. A moan, groan, growl combination rumbled in his chest. A second later she felt him throbbing inside her. He stroked until he obviously had no more to give, collapsing next to her.

Their chests rose and fell in sync. Silently, he pulled her spent body into his arms. The soothing thump of his heartbeat lulled her. One thing was for sure. Roth knew how to make her feel like a woman.


Roth catapulted himself off the floor, his heart hammering in his chest. Where the hell was he? Dizziness set in and he stumbled, but regained his balance before falling. Urgent eyes swept the room. The cabin. He was at the cabin.

Beads of sweat lined his forehead. Sucking in one lungful of air after the other, he still couldn’t catch his breath. He bent at the waist, resting his sweaty palms on his knees. What the hell was—


Though he recognized Tressa’s voice, his brain couldn’t process which direction it’d come from. “Tressa. I can’t… I can’t breathe,” he said, dropping to one knee.

“I’m right here, Roth. I’m right here, baby. Just focus on my voice.” Tressa knelt in front of him, cradling his face between her hands. “Just breathe. You’re having a panic attack. Look at me. Come on. Look at me.”

“I—” He heaved. “I can’t—”

“Yes, you can. Just relax and look at me, Roth.”

When he finally trained his focus on her, she took his trembling hand and placed it over her beating heart. The level thump, thump, thump had a near-instant calming effect on him.

“That’s it. Just breathe. Slow and steady.”

His brain shot on a hundred cylinders, but he processed her comforting tone. After several minutes he was back to normal—or as normal as he could be after something like that. Drained, plus somewhat embarrassed, Roth lowered himself to a seated position, propped his arms on his bent knees and lowered his head. Tressa moved behind him and kneaded his tight shoulders. Nothing had ever felt better.

“Bad dream?” she said in a near whisper, her words delicate.

“Nightmare.” He scolded himself a second later. The door had just been opened to her questioning. And just as expected, she walked through.


She continued to manipulate his tired muscles.

“Come here.” Roth secured Tressa’s naked body in his arms with one swift motion. His eyes combed over her ample breasts, and he fought the desire to dip low and suck one of her dark nipples into his mouth. His hunger stirred, but he tamed the beast.

A moment later his eyes slowly climbed to meet her gaze. He stared down into her sympathetic eyes. “Would you be upset if I said I didn’t want to talk about it right now?” The unwanted memories that occasionally haunted his dreams weren’t easily discussed.

Tressa fingered the cross around his neck. “Of course not.” Her eyes slid to the pendant. “This is beautiful.”

“It was a gift from a very special woman.” He witnessed the flicker of confusion and/or concern on her face and flashed a half smile. “My ninth grade math teacher.” He admired the piece. “I was actually pretty smart in school. Some would even say gifted. But I rarely applied myself, because no one ever influenced me to do so.” Her expression turned serious. “Until Mrs. Sanders.” Roth laughed. “She pulled me into her classroom one day, literally by my ear. She sat me down and said she saw something in me, something good. And that since I wanted to act like a wild mustang, she’d stay on my behind until I was tamed.”

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