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“Me? Try to get into your pants? You must have me confused with another man.” I laughed at her. She began to laugh too and suddenly dropped her cup. Eggnog spilled all over her shirt and pants. She jumped up quickly and screeched.

“Dammit!” she yelled. “I am so clumsy!”

I did not respond to her because I was too busy looking at her. The eggnog had soaked her tank top, causing it to cling tightly to her breasts. I could see the outline of her dark nipples through the light tank top. My cock stirred with excitement. I shuffled around in my seat so I could hide my growing erection.

“Ugh,” she continued to speak. She hadn’t noticed that I was staring at her.

“I’m going to need to take a shower really quick. It’s in my hair and everything. I am such a klutz!”

She picked up the cup and placed it on the table.

“I’ll be right back, I should probably clean up the couch first,” she said, scurrying out of the living room. She returned a short time later with a stack of towels. I grabbed one from her and began helping her clean up.

“Thank you for helping,” she said, taking the wet towel from me. “I still can’t believe that I did that. I am such an idiot.”

“It happens to the best of us,” I said. “The good news is that the baklava was spared.”

She rolled her eyes but smiled.

“You’re always looking for the silver lining, huh?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Well, I guess I’m going to get in the shower,” she said, finishing cleaning the floor. “Will you be okay out here for a couple of minutes by yourself?”

As she turned to look at me, a naughty idea entered my mind.

“Can I help you?” I asked, walking toward her.

“Help me what?” she asked, obviously confused by what I was asking.

“Can I help you clean up?” I whispered into her ear. A devilish smile formed on her face.

“Absolutely,” she said. “Follow me.”

Chapter 16


“This eggnog smell is not attractive,” I said, taking off my tank top. Surprisingly, I felt very comfortable taking my shirt off in front of Cayden. I was very self-conscious in front of Brad. I always made him turn off the lights before we did anything intimate. With Cayden, I could be naked in the daylight and feel confident. It was crazy how the two made me feel so different, yet I still had feelings for both.

I turned the water on, allowing it to warm up. As I waited for the water to get hotter, Cayden began to take off his shirt. I’d never showered with a man before. I was a little nervous, but mostly excited. Would shower sex be as fun as I thought it would be?

Cayden watched me carefully as I slid off my sweatpants. As they hit the floor, I stepped out of them and closer to Cayden. He stopped undoing his belt to kiss me.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he said. I smiled as I took my underwear off. I was now completely naked in front of him. I stepped in the shower as he continued to undress. Although I was eager to see him naked, I was even more eager to get the smell of eggnog off my body.

The hot water felt nice against my skin. Cayden stepped into the shower. The water trickled down his chest as he grabbed a loofah sponge from the shower caddy. He put some shower gel on the loofah and began to wipe me down, starting with my shoulders. It felt erotic, having someone wash me.

He moved the loofah lower, now running it gently over my breasts. My nipples reacted by standing up straight like two little eraser tops. I threw my head back under the water as Cayden continued to wash me. The smell of eggnog was soon replaced by my lavender shower gel.

The loofah moved down, past my stomach, down to my mound, which was already wet with anticipation. He rubbed it gently on the outside of my pussy. The fabric felt good as it tickled my lips. Suddenly, Cayden threw the loofah on the floor and began to play with me. He put one finger inside of me, swirling it around.

“Getting it clean,” he winked, as he kissed me. I kissed him back, steadying myself against the shower wall. Cayden soon had me pinned there and had two fingers inside of me. His fingers were moving rapidly. I grabbed his shoulders and moved closer to him, allowing his fingers to get deep inside of me.

The feeling of both getting fingered and having the hot water cascade down my body was sensual. Cayden moved his body against mine. My nipples rubbed against his chest as he kissed me again. Fooling around in the shower was better than I ever imagined.

“I need you,” Cayden said, breaking from our kiss. He stopped fingering me.

“Turn around,” he said. “Hold on to the rail.”

There was a rail in our shower, probably from the tenants who lived there before. I always thought it looked gaudy, but I silently thanked my lucky stars for it now. I put my hands on the rail as Cayden positioned himself behind me.

I braced myself for his cock. As it slid in, I let out a moan.

“That feels so good,” I told him. He pulled back on my hair a little. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt me, but just enough to feel good. He was in control.

He wasted no time in giving me a proper fucking. He pumped in and out of me. Each time his cock re-entered me, chills raced up and down my spine despite the hot shower. I shoved my ass back as far as I could, eager for him to go deep. I’d almost forgotten how big his cock felt when it was inside of me.

I removed one of my hands from the rail to play with my clit.

“I love it when you play with yourself,” Cayden said. I’d never felt so hot. As I rubbed my clit in circles, Cayden continued to fuck me, picking up speed. Our wet bodies moved against each other. The water enhanced the sound. The sound traveled throughout the apartment. I was glad that Mandy was at work.

Cayden reached down and began to play with my tits. He pinched my nipples between his fingers. I felt my orgasm building in me as I rapidly played with my clit. I wanted to come. I needed to come. I didn’t want Cayden to stop. I was on the edge, so close to an orgasm.

“Cayden,” I said. “Please don’t stop.”

Cayden followed my direction and continued to pound me. I rubbed my clit harder until I finally erupted with an orgasm. Cayden helped keep me upright as my body shook with passion. After the orgasm ended, I pulled off his cock and turned around.

“No condom,” he mumbled, his face red, eyes glossy with need.

“No, it’s good.” I leaned down, taking his cock in my mouth. It was a mixture of sweet and salty. I swirled my tongue around the head of his tongue as I worked his hard cock in and out of my mouth. Cayden ran his fingers through my wet hair.

“I need you so bad,” he said and rocked his hips forward.

“Take me,” I mumbled and sucked his thick shaft back down my throat.

“With pleasure.” He fucked me rapidly, quicker than he ever had before. He must have needed to come as badly as I did. Seconds later, he exploded. I drank him down, loving every minute of it.

“Tiffany!” he screamed. “Fuck, you feel so good, baby!”

I smiled, pleased that his orgasm was as good if not better than the one he gave me. After he was finished, he pulled out and I stood up.

“You’re so incredibly amazing.” He kissed my forehead. I loved the sweet, simple gesture. It made me feel safe and cared for.

We continued to kiss under the shower. It was soft, sensual kissing – a nice end to our fast and furious sex. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist. After a bit, we got out of the shower and dried off.

“Don’t get dressed yet,” I told Cayden as he was picking his clothes up from the floor.

“Really?” he asked.

“Do you have time to stay a bit?” I asked. I hoped that he would. I was enjoying his company. Cayden nodded.

“Of course,” he grinned. We walked to my bedroom in only our towels.

“Take your towel off,” I commanded Cayden. He smirked.

“Round two already?”

I shook my head.

“Not yet,” I teased. “Let’s just lay here naked for a minute.”

We both dropped our towels and got into my king-sized bed. The cool sheets were a stark contrast to the hot shower, but it felt good. My body was still tingling from the shower orgasm.

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