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Chapter 9


I woke up to birds chirping and the sunlight peeking through my window shade. The world was rejoicing with me. Tiffany and I’d mind-blowing sex last night. I turned over and Tiffany was fast asleep next to me. I didn’t blame her. I’d given her two orgasms last night. She had gone out like a light. I think she was already asleep when I admitted that I really liked her. She must have been asleep, because she didn’t respond.

I quietly got out of bed and tiptoed to my kitchen. My stomach was growling. I needed coffee and food. I’m sure Tiffany did, too. I started brewing the coffee. I’d to change it from the single cup to a full pot option. Not that I minded; I wanted the full pot option every day going forward. I wanted to share my coffee and my place with Tiffany.

Whoa, buddy, slow down, I heard Allen’s voice in my head. While he would be pleased that I’d sex with Tiffany, he would not be thrilled with the thoughts going through my mind. As long as I’d known Allen, he never had sex twice with the same girl. It was always on to the next one.

Truthfully, I did need to slow down. There was someone else in this equation – Austin. I couldn’t bring Tiffany around again until I knew things were serious. I wasn’t going to be one of those fathers that introduced every single girl they dated to their son. I wasn’t sure how Austin would react to Tiffany. Was he even old enough to understand?

As the coffee began to brew, I rummaged around, checking to see what I could make Tiffany. My kitchen was set up for a bachelor and I usually picked up takeout or ate at my mom’s house. However, I did have the basics – bread, eggs, and bacon. It wasn’t much, but I hoped she would appreciate the gesture.

I kept thinking about last night as I made a simple breakfast for us. Truthfully, I hadn’t expected to have sex with Tiffany last night. Sure, I’d wanted to, but after the weirdness on Thursday and Friday, I thought it would be a longshot. With everything that had gone on, I’d forgotten to bring up the awkwardness after our first date. I guess it didn’t matter now. We were back together and after last night, I think it was clear that we were headed for a relationship.

Tiffany would be my first relationship since Layla. There were times that I began to think that I would never be in a relationship again. I thought I might just focus on work and have a one-night stand here and there. But now that I’d connected to Tiffany, I didn’t want to settle for anything less. I hoped she felt the same.

I plated our food and poured two cups of coffee. I wasn’t sure how she liked her coffee, but since we had other things in common, I took a chance and made her cup just like mine. Two sugars and two creams.

I walked back into the bedroom and she was still asleep. I set the food and cups down and watched her for a moment. She was so beautiful. I couldn’t stand it. She was everything I wanted in a woman.

I gently nudged her, not wanting her coffee and breakfast to get cold. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Hi,” she said, her voice still scratchy. She sat up in a seated position and wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“Good morning, beautiful,” I said. “Did you sleep okay?”

She nodded.

“I slept great,” she replied. “You have a rather comfortable bed.”

“I made you breakfast.” I walked over to the desk where I’d set our food down. I retrieved her cup of coffee and plate and handed it to her.

“Thank you,” she said. “No one has ever made me breakfast before.” I was surprised. Whoever her last boyfriend was, he wasn’t winning any points in my book. Tiffany deserved to be treated like a queen. We sipped our coffee and ate our food in bed together.

“You look beautiful even first thing in the morning,” I told her. She blushed. I could tell she wasn’t used to getting compliments. I didn’t want to come on too strong, but I wanted her to know how gorgeous she was.

“Thank you,” she said quietly, sipping her coffee. We chatted a bit more about random things, like our favorite TV shows and movies. After our breakfast was done, my phone began to ring.

I picked it off the table. Tom, our editor-in-chief at work. I groaned.

“Hey, Tom,” I said, answering the phone.

“Did you finish that article on Friday?” His voice boomed through the phone. Truthfully, I’d forgotten all about it. I’d meant to go into the office yesterday morning, but I got caught up in thoughts of Tiffany after she said yes to our date that night.

“No,” I admitted. I knew he would be disappointed, but there was no point in lying.

“I need it by 5:00 tonight,” he said. “No excuses, Lewis.”

“I will head into the office in a few minutes,” I said. We said our goodbyes and I turned to Tiffany.

“Work,” I said.

“On a Sunday?” she asked.

“I should have gotten it done Friday, but I was busy,” I told her. “I’m sorry to cut this short.”

“It’s fine,” she said, wrapping the sheet around her naked body. “I’ll grab my clothes, they’re still in the living room, I think?”

I nodded, thinking about last night. I wanted to go for another round, but I really needed to get my article done before Tom ripped me a new one. I got dressed in my room as Tiffany got dressed in the living room.

“I’ll drive you home on my way to the office,” I said.

“Thanks,” she replied. “I would hate to do a walk of shame in an Uber right now.”

* * *

“Thank you again for last night,” I leaned over my car console to kiss Tiffany. Her lips met mine briefly.

“Thank you,” she said. “I think I’m actually going to head back to sleep after I go inside. You wore me out, Cayden Lewis.”

I grinned. I wasn’t sure why she had started using my first and last name together, but I found it endearing. I’d a nickname, if you could call it that.

She got out of the car and I watched her walk into her place. I couldn’t believe I’d to go to work. I would not be able to concentrate after last night, but I’d to get this piece done for Tom.

As I drove to work, I thought about what had transpired over the past few days. Last week at this time, I was interested in Tiffany, but never imagined that in one week’s time, we would end up here. I hoped we hadn’t gone too far too fast. I didn’t regret it one bit, but I wasn’t worried about me. I was worried about her.

She stirred emotions inside of me that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Layla’s death had taken a toll on me. I wasn’t sure that I’d wanted to move on before I met Tiffany. Tiffany had ignited a fire within me. It was more than just her looks. She was everything I wanted in a partner. She was driven, talented, and sweet.

I wondered if I’d to ask her to be my girlfriend. Did adults even do that, or did they just assume the other person knew they were dating? I would have to consult my sister on that one. I definitely wanted to be committed to Tiffany. I was falling fast and could not stop myself.

I headed to my office and sure enough, all the work that I’d left on my desk was still there. I sighed as I took a seat and began to comb through the papers. I smiled as I thought how different I was coming back to work. On Friday, I was frazzled, unsure of what to do next with Tiffany. Less than forty-eight hours later, I was waking up next to her. Quite the turn of events.

Without the worry of our relationship, I was able to work quickly. I wrapped up my article before three that afternoon. I emailed a copy to Tom and left the office. I didn’t even mind that I’d to go to work on a Sunday. I was floating on cloud nine after the hot sex that I’d last night.

I jumped into my car and put the top down. It was a beautiful day in the city. It was as if Miami itself knew that I’d sex last night. The city was continuing to celebrate with me. I drove home and suddenly realized how exhausted I was from the night before. I crashed on my couch and didn’t wake up until eight.

After I ordered some pizza, I decided to give Tiffany a call. I could have texted, but I found that to be informal, especially after being so intimate last night.

“Hello?” she said. She must have known it was me from the caller ID, but she sounded surprised.

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