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It just figured that she could be in the middle of one of her most secret fantasies—having sex with Jake again—and he was determined to turn even this into a way to bring her down a notch. She sighed, her desire dampened, but not completely gone. She was human, after all.

“I’m not trying to be a dick.” Another slow lick. “That orgasm earlier barely took the edge off. You’re shaking from need, and I haven’t done anything to you.”

Realization struck and she almost laughed. “You want to know if it’s you or if I’m just so sex starved that anyone would do.”

Heat rolled over his eyes. “We both know that no one else can compare, so don’t play that game.”

Is he as nervous about this as I am?

Strangely enough, that made her feel better. She managed half a smile. “It’s been awhile, but not so long that anyone would do.” A careful breath, shoring up her courage. “It’s you, Jake.” It’s always been you. She couldn’t say that last part. No matter what they were doing here and now, she was going back to LA, and he was staying in Texas. The past was too big of a stumbling block for them to ever truly get over it.

She had to take what he was offering now and be satisfied with that.

“I’m going to take care of you, love.” And then his mouth was on her and, this time, there was no pause, no passing Go, no collecting two hundred dollars.

Even ten years later, Jake knew her body as well as she did. He started with the slow exploring licks, working his way up to her clit and back down again, until she was panting with need. And then he played dirty. He pushed two fingers into her. A pump, two, and then he found the sensitive spot inside her and went after it with little circles of his fingertips that perfectly matched the little circles his tongue was making.

Pleasure bowed her back, and she had to scramble to grab the nearest pillow to muffle her scream. It half smothered her in the process, but it was a small price to pay for the orgasm that kept going and going. By the time Jake slid his fingers out of her and lifted his head, she was a limp noodle.

He removed the pillow from her face and tossed it onto the floor. “Next time you muffle your screams, it’ll be with my mouth.”

“Ah…” She licked her lips and tried again. “Arrogant.”

“Realistic.” He grabbed a condom from his shorts and had it on in short order. She barely got to appreciate the view before he was back between her legs.

Jessica tensed, but she should have known better. Instead of just going for it, Jake settled his weight over her, the angle preventing his cock from sliding into her. She could taste herself on his lips as he kissed her. That had always turned her on like crazy. There was just something forbidden and filthy in the best way possible about enjoying how she tasted as much as he did. She laced her fingers through his hair and wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing him with everything she had.

And then he started to move.

He rolled his hips, sliding his cock over her over-sensitized clit. One long drag after another. His tongue tangled with hers, the frenzy there completely at odds with the slow control of the rest of his body. Jake kissed her like he’d never get enough.

Like he knew this was a limited time opportunity, and he wanted to memorize every second of it.

He moved down her jaw to her neck. “You’re ready for me.” There was no question that it was true, but he seemed to be waiting for some kind of response from her.

“I want you, Jake.” I think I still love you, Jake.

Thank God he kissed her before those traitorous words escaped. And then his cock was at her entrance and working into her slowly, an inch at a time.

Call her crazy, but she’d forgotten how big he was. Jessica instinctively tensed at the intrusion. Jake froze. “Am I hurting you?”

“No.” It was the truth. It wasn’t pain…just being filled to an almost uncomfortable degree. She wiggled a little, trying to adjust.

He rolled them. One second she was focused on accommodating him, and the next she was straddling his hips, staring down at him like an idiot. Jake adjusted them, reaching down to poise his cock at her entrance again. “You’re running this show now, Jessie. Take what you need.”

Chapter Six

Jake watched Jessie as she rode him. The low light of the lamp on her nightstand threw her body into stark relief against the shadows. Her breasts rose and fell with each breath, each topped with a dusky rose nipple. Unable to help himself, he leaned up and captured one in his mouth. With her pussy squeezing his cock and her little sounds slipping from between her lips, he was holding on by a thread.

There was no counting the nights he’d imagined having her again—remembered all the times they’d been together in the past.

This was different.

She was different.

He switched to the other breast, encouraging her to keep moving with his hands on her hips. “You feel good, love.”

A breathless laugh and then her hands were on his shoulders, pushing him back down. “I don’t remember you talking this much when we were together before.”

“A lot’s changed since then.” He’d hardly been a saint in the last ten years, and his tastes had refined as a result. It should have meant that he’d moved beyond Jessica Jackson, but he was beginning to realize that there was no moving past Jessie.

He’d have to deal with that truth at some point. Not yet, though. Not tonight.

Jake reached between them and positioned his thumb over her clit so that she rubbed against it with every stroke. Her dark eyes went wide. “Jake, I can’t.”

“You can. Let all the shit go, Jessie. None of it matters right here, right now.”

For a second, he thought she might argue with him, but then the last of the tension melted from her body. She sobbed out a breath in what might have been relief, and then she moved.

Where, before, her strokes had been something she was obviously concentrating on, now they were mindless. The most natural thing in the world. Her body knew his, the same way his knew hers. Her arms drifted over her head to twine together, the move bowing her back and giving him the view of a lifetime. Her hips rolled, taking her pleasure without worrying about his. Good. Jake kept his thumb over her clit, working to hold himself still. She crested with his name on her lips, her body going tight, her pussy milking him.

He lost it.

He rolled them again, using the move to drive deeper into her. A small voice in the back of his mind warned him to slow down, but there was no room for reason here. There was just Jake and Jessica and the pleasure demanding he lose himself inside her. He took her mouth as pressure built at the bottom of his spine. It drew his balls up, turning him into a mindless animal.

Through it all, one word echoed again and again and again.


He came with a curse. Even then, he couldn’t move out of her. Leave this perfect moment? Not fucking likely. Jake buried his face in the curve of her neck. “A minute.”

“After that, you can have two.”

He laughed hoarsely. As his heartbeat worked its way back to something resembling normal, Jake had to face a few facts. Namely, getting inside Jessie again hadn’t scratched his itch in the least. He hadn’t really thought it would, but he was well-versed in this particular brand of denial. This wasn’t about putting her in her place after what she did ten years ago. It wasn’t about putting that spark back in her eyes, either.

He’d done this because he couldn’t be in the same state—let alone the same house—as Jessie without losing his damn mind. Even now, his cock was hardening for round two. It wouldn’t take the edge off any more than the first time had.

I am in so much fucking trouble.

Jake slid out of her and off the bed. He took the condom off and held it carefully while he yanked on his shorts. “I’ll be right back.”



He ignored the question within a question. There wasn’t an easy answer. Hell, he didn’t have any kind of answer. Outstanding sex or not, he and Jessie didn’t fit anymore. They had too much history between them, and their futures weren’t anywhere close to being on the same track. She lived in LA. She had a career. Friends. A life that didn’t include him.

He had the same in Dallas.

He made it to the bathroom without running into anyone and closed and locked the door behind him. After disposing the condom, he stared at himself in the mirror. What the fuck are you doing? The man reflected back didn’t know any more. Right now, Jessie was in that room, naked and smelling of sex. If he went in there and kissed her before she could ask the question he’d seen lingering in her gaze, he could keep them both from facing any hard truths—at least until morning.

But that was too close to a lie.

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