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Sliding a finger up the center of my pussy, he smears my juice around my lips. “You're so damn wet, I love it. I love doing that to you. I love the way you taste.”

“I love when you fuck me.” The words are sultry and thick as I bend over further. “Take me, make me yours.”

The metal teeth of his zipper echo off the ceramic tiles, causing my body to shiver. He pulls his cock free and slaps my ass cheeks one at a time. Rubbing his tip around my wet center, he slowly thrusts inside.

Tilting my head back, I press the tips of my fingers into the wall and hold myself up as he slams his cock in deep and hard. The bottom of my dress ruffles up higher over my back. Ryder grabs a handful of the fabric, using it to pull me back into his thrust. His cock is hard as stone, going so deep I can feel him in my lower belly. Using his feet, he spreads my legs wider, fucking me vigorously. My orgasm has left me sensitive as hell, and I know in no time I’ll be coming again.

Arching my back, I press my toes into the floor and slam my ass back. The only sound between us is our skin slapping and our heavy breathing. Sweat is beading up across his forehead, and my skin is flushing red.

His hands grab my hips as his cock thickens. Every inch of my body begins to tingle. The orgasm bursts like a firework, causing my eyes to snap shut and a moan to slip free. Ryder's fingertips grasp me tighter as he throws his hips forward one last time.

His cock pulses, jet after jet of his cum pulsing into my pussy. Releasing me, he grabs a few tissues and hands me some. Cleaning up, Ryder helps me fix my dress, and straightens the train.

Pulling me in for a slow, sweet kiss, he smiles at me. “I can't believe we got married and found out we're having a baby in the same day.”

“I know, it's wild.”

He looks in the mirror, wiping the sweat off his forehead and fixing his suit. “You think everyone is wondering where we are?”

“Probably.” Giggling, I look at the window beside the sink. “Or they might know already.”

Ryder laughs loud and takes my hand. “Let's go share the great news.”

And as he leads me back to our reception, I know what we have is special.

This man loves me for me. He loves the life we have.

And he loves the life we created.

I wouldn't change anything for the world.

I'm home.

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