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Driving myself in and out of her body, bits of grass and dried leaves tangle in her hair, but she doesn't care. Jenna isn't afraid to get dirty. She isn't worried about being in the dirt as I fuck her.

She loves me. She loves the life we're going to build. And she loves what little I can give her. But as long as she knows that I'd go to the end of the earth and back again just to make her happy, that's all that matters.

Her pussy clenches around my shaft, milking me hard. She won't let me go. The closer I get to breaking free, the harder she holds me in place. Thrusting hard and fast, my stomach tightens as my balls slap against her ass.

My cock hardens like granite as I feel her thighs shake. Jenna moans, piercing my skin with her nails as she comes on my dick. I can't stop myself. I love feeling her fall apart like this. I love knowing that I'm the reason for her pleasure.

Pistoning my hips, my cock pulses hard as the orgasm hits my body and turns my muscles stiff. My eyes roll back in my head as my entire body ignites.

And as I look down on the woman I love, I know there's no place I'd rather be than right here. Dirt coats my knees, debris is in her hair, and we're both breathing hard, but this makes my life worth living.

Stroking the back of my fingers up her cheek, I smile. Jenna smiles back, tickling her fingertips up and down my back. “I love you,” I say, my voice heavy and thick. “I don't think I can ever tell you in words how much I truly love you.”

“I know, I can feel it.” Her eyes still on mine as her lips thin. “I love you too.”

Jenna is my everything.

And I know that together we can take on the world.

Another land thief, the anger of her parents, the resistance of my sister, whatever gets thrown our way.

Together we'll tear it down.



Six Months Later

I hold my breath as Melody tugs the strings on the back of my wedding dress. It's hard to believe this day is actually here.

I'm getting married today.

The thought sends a tsunami of butterflies crashing through my stomach. I've always imagined this day ever since I was a little girl. I just never knew who would be waiting for me at the other end.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have found the man that compliments me perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better person to spend the rest of my life with.

It doesn't change the fact I'm so damn nervous I can't see straight, my palms are sweaty, my heart is racing, and I constantly feel like I'm going to puke.

“You all right?” Melody asks, tying the ribbon tight. “You look super pale right now.”

“Yeah, I'm okay. This is just crazy. I can't believe I'm getting married.”

“Right. And to my brother of all people,” she says, giggling softly. “If it's any consolation, I'm really happy it's you. I know I was hard on you in the beginning, but—”

“Don't,” I cut in. “I get it. You were just protecting your brother and rightfully so. I hurt him. You had every right to hate me.”

She smiles, looking at me in the mirror. “I was too hard on you. I'm sorry for that.”

My stomach bubbles, and I feel it rise up in the back of my throat. “Ugh, I think I'm going to be sick.” Throwing a hand to my mouth, I look around for a trash can or bucket to use.

Melody's eyes grow wide and she grabs the small can by the table. “Here,” she says, passing it to me quickly.

Hurling in the bucket, she pulls back my hair so I don't accidentally throw up on it.

“You really are nervous, huh?”

“I've been a mess all morning.”

Dropping into a chair, I wipe my mouth with a tissue and take a sip of water. I haven't told Melody, but I already threw up two other times this morning and once yesterday. For over a week now, I haven't gotten up in the morning without feeling sick.

This wedding has caused my nerves to go wild. Planning it was easy, picking out the flowers and the food didn't take more than an hour. I wasn't a bridezilla. I didn't need to have anything big and extravagant. But no one warned me about how nervous I was going to be once the day came.

Calm down, Jenna. Just take a breath.

Inhaling slowly, I let the air back out with an audible whoosh. “This is too much. My hands are shaking.” Holding out my right hand, my fingers are visibly trembling.

“You're going to do great. You look beautiful.” Melody picks up my bouquet and hands it to me. “Here, make your hands do something. Holding this should help stop the shaking. Better?” she asks.

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