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I can feel it. It passes through his kiss, spreading down through my body, infiltrating every inch of muscle. I'm warm, tingling from head to toe like I just swallowed a shot of bourbon.

Ryder swoops his arms under my legs, lifting me off my feet. He doesn't stop kissing me. His tongue licks across my bottom lip, forcing me to open and welcome him in. He carries me upstairs easily, and kicks his door open, laying me down on the bed, delicately and gentle.

This feels different. There are no walls between us, no fear or resistance or worry that what we're doing will one day get destroyed by an outside force.

I'm not going anywhere. Everything I want and need is right here. It's always been right here waiting for me to come home.

I'm home.

Slipping his hand up my shirt, he squeezes my breast. His fingers pinch my nipple, twisting gently as he moves his lips from my mouth to my neck. I coo softly, unable to contain the sound, which causes Ryder to groan against my skin.

My nipple stiffens as he plucks and pinches, rolling it between the pads of his fingers. His hard cock is pushing against my mound, making my clit throb. Raking my nails through his hair, I rock my pussy against his bulge.

Ryder pulls my shirt over my head, and unclips my bra, tossing it over his shoulder. Trailing light kisses across my shoulder, he runs his tongue between my breasts, licking all the way down to the edge of my pants.

Goosebumps erupt over my skin as he keeps kissing and licking every inch of exposed flesh. He lets out a breath of hot air against my lower belly, carefully working the button free on my pants.

Curling his fingers under the hem, he rips my pants down my legs. His eyes expand as they fall on my black, lace panties. Dropping back down between my legs, he softly kisses my pussy through the fabric.

“You're so fucking wet,” he says, kissing my pussy harder. “I want to taste you, devour you, and claim you as mine.”

“I've always been yours.” Tangling my hands in his hair, I pull on it softly.

Ryder moans, his eyes closing slightly as I play with his hair. Opening his eyes, I notice instantly they're darker, heavier, and smoldering like a hot fire. Flicking my panties to the side, he runs the tip of his tongue up through my folds.

My body shivers, causing my back to arch high off the bed. He grabs my hips, holding me in place as he eats my pussy like it's a meal. His tongue swirls around my clit, flicking it rapidly, and then sucking on it.

Moaning, I tear at his hair, yanking on it hard. My thighs attempt to close around his head, but he digs his fingers into my legs, slamming them back down onto the bed. He growls, the tone more animal than human.

Harder and faster he licks my clit, causing my entire body to ignite. I'm a live wire, ready to explode at any moment. The orgasm is building, pushing me closer and closer to the edge.

Ryder pulls his mouth off my heat, leaving me tender and breathless. I'm so fucking close, I know he can see it in my gaze. Staring down at him, my hips rock up, attempting to reach his lips, begging him to finish me off.

“Why'd you stop?” I ask, my voice unhinged and my heart galloping in my chest.

“Because I want to feel you come when I’m deep inside you.” Pressing up onto his knees, his cock is so hard it's threatening to bust through his jeans.

“Fuck me,” I utter as I bite my bottom lip and tug it into my mouth. “I need you in me.”

He rips his pants down, and his cock jumps out of his boxers. The tip is engorged, shiny with pre-cum, and the thick vein is throbbing down the side. His boxers are off in seconds, and he's slamming his cock deep inside my pussy before I can take a full breath.

A silent scream causes my mouth to open wide as my hands grip the blanket, holding me in place. His hips pull back, then drive in harder. Dripping with arousal, his cock glides in and out with ease.

He buries his face in the crook of my neck, and bites down, sending a rush of tingles through my body as his cock works my pussy. There are no words between us, because we don't need any.

I can feel him as he breathes, as his heart beats against my chest, as his hands and lips and cock make me unfurl, shattering any walls that were trying to stay standing. I know he can feel me too.

He can feel my hands on his back, my chest as it rises, and my body as it clenches tight, trying to keep him inside. I'm never letting him go. Ryder Jamison is mine, just like I'm his.

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