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Throwing the door open to his office, Ryder is at his desk with a stack of papers in front of him. The man is pointing at a line on the bottom of the page and Ryder has a pen in his hand.

“Jenna?” he asks in shock. “What are you doing here?”

“Don't do it. Don't sell this farm, Ryder.”


“You can't do it. You love this place, it's too beautiful and incredible to let it go. You can't do it. I won't let you. I'll do anything and everything I can to help you keep this farm. For you, for your sister, for your family's legacy. I can't let you sell it, especially to someone like Troy. He doesn't deserve something so beautiful and special. There's no way he'll ever appreciate it for what it is.”

“Jenna—” he starts to say, but I refuse to let him finish.

I have something to get off my chest, and he needs to hear it before this goes any further.

“Ryder, I love you. I've loved you ever since we were kids. I never stopped loving you all these years. I just didn't know it. But I do now, I feel it and see it and breathe it in. I can feel you in every inch of my body, mind, and soul. I love you.”

I stand still, waiting for a response. But he's silent, not moving at all.

“Say something, anything.” I'm begging him to respond. I need to know how he feels too.

Does he feel what I feel? It can't just be me, it's not possible. I saw the look in his eyes when I left, I felt the pain in his touch and the sadness in his kiss. I felt it like it was a living, breathing thing.

The man glances between us, arching a single brow. “Ryder, you agreed already. You said you'd sell. All you have to do is sign. Just—”

Ryder doesn't look at him, he simply rises from his seat and holds out his hand to stop the man from saying another word. He walks around the desk, his eyes frozen on mine.

“You mean that?” he asks as he steps closer.

“Every word.” I'm firm in my answer. There's no doubt in my mind.

Capturing my face in his hands, he pulls me in and kisses me. Whispering into our kiss, he says, “I love you too. From the second I laid eyes on you, I just knew we were meant to be together. You belong here with me. This farm is a part of you too. It brought us together, not once, but twice.” His lips crash against mine as he kisses and talks. “I love you so damn much I hurt when you're not here. I can't imagine my life without you, and never I want to.”

Our kiss turns from passionate into hungry and savage. His hands are in my hair, my hands are in his. His tongue sweeps through my mouth, and mine wraps around his.

The man clears his throat, causing Ryder to break away and look over his shoulder. “Deal’s off. I'm not selling.”


“I'll escort you out,” he commands, braiding his fingers in mine and walking to the door. He looks back at the man, glaring at him. “This way.”

“You agreed,” the man demanded. “You can't change your mind now.” Snatching the contract off the desk, he lurches from his seat and storms toward Ryder. “Sign,” he barks, holding out the papers.

Ryder releases my hand and takes the contract. He looks it over, then lets his eyes settle on the rep from Blackstone Reality. Pinching the middle, he tears it in two, and drops it to the floor.

“Get out.”

The man grunts heavily under his breath, tucking his briefcase under his arm and storming past Ryder. He's not happy and rightfully so. Odds are he just lost his job. My step-father doesn't play well with others, obviously.

Ryder stands in the doorway, watching the guy leave. His tires kick up dirt as he speeds out of the driveway, causing a small smirk on Ryder's face.

“Is it bad that I enjoyed telling him to fuck off?”

“Not at all.” Leaning against the wall next to him, I cross my arms. “It feels good to get what you want.”

Flicking his eyes to mine, his smile widens. “It really does.” Throwing his arm out, he yanks me into his arms. “I got everything I've ever wanted now.”

“Yeah?” I ask, slipping my arms around his neck. “This is what you've wished for?”

“Hundreds of times over,” he says, moving his hand to my face and sweeping his fingers across my forehead. “I can't tell you how many times I went to bed at night with you on my mind.”

Kissing me, his lips are tender and soft. This isn't a kiss built off raw desire or need, it's made of love and passion. He loves me, he loves me in a way I've never been loved before.

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