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Plucking my nipple with his teeth, he exhales a hot breath across my skin, sending chills through my body. Moving to my other breast, Ryder rolls my nipple between his teeth, biting down a little harder.

It's so erotic. The slight twinge of pain and the tingle of arousal is enough to make me moan. And then his hand moves down my belly and he slides his fingers up and down my wet slit, barely grazing my clit.

“You’re so wet for me,” he whispers in my ear. “Did my cock in your mouth do this to you?”

I can hardly pay attention to his words as I try to angle my hips so he’ll pay a little more attention to where I want his finger most. He chuckles softly in my ear. “Greedy girl,” he says, just before he traces slow figure eights against my swelling bud. Again and again his wet finger slides over my clit, and he’s getting me so close, I can feel it. His cock is now rock hard in my hand.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I pant. “More.”

“There it is, that's what I want to hear,” he says, whispering against my tit. He squeezes my breast, flicking the hard bead with his tongue before sucking my tit into his mouth.

Moaning louder, it seems to fuel something inside him. He growls deeper, shifting his pants down his hips. Reaching down, he grabs my hand and pulls it off his cock, pinning it above my head. He's not being too rough, just rough enough that my entire body is buzzing from head to toe.

He presses the tip of his cock against my pussy and enters me slowly. It's almost torture how slow he's moving. Pulling back out just as slow, I dig my nails into his back, and try to jerk my hips up.

My clit is swollen, aching to feel him again. But he doesn't give. With smoldering fire in his eyes, he watches me writhe beneath him. And he likes it. He's enjoying the feel of my body as it begs for more, demanding to be taken.

He won't crack. I'm not in charge right now; he is. Lowering his hips, he drives his thick length back inside my body. Over and over he fucks me with devastating slowness.

Slamming against my clit, he coaxes a scream from me. My body is shaking as the orgasm builds. I can feel it growing in my lower belly until it finally bursts at the seams.

Curling my legs around his waist, I'm trembling from head to toe as he releases inside me at the same time. Warmth fills me inside as he jerks on top of me, grunting out the last of his orgasm. Dropping onto my chest, Ryder rests his forehead against my shoulder. We're both breathing heavy, our hearts are racing. I can feel his heart beating in his chest because it's throbbing so intensely.

“Jenna,” he says my name softly between broken breaths of air.


“Why are you so determined to get me to sell this place?”

I'm surprised by his question, and I don't know the right answer to give him.

It's not me that wants him to buy, it's my step-father. I'm only here as the raven with the message. My mind starts to tumble with mixed thoughts. I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing anymore.

Being with him like this makes me feel alive. But knowing my whole purpose is to tear this world from him is causing me a lot of doubt.

Why did I let Troy put me in this position?

Troy is the one pulling the strings, I'm merely his puppet, and I don't know why I let him force me here.

“Why are you so determined not to?” I ask him, deflecting his question. I can't give him any answer he's looking for. Anything I say will sound shallow and cold.

Ryder gets quiet for a moment. He pushes himself up and adjusts his pants. Dropping back to sit down, he picks up a piece of hay and starts sweeping it across the floor. He won't look at me, he's lost in his mind.

“You know how much my father loved this farm,” he eventually says. I sit up, listening to him intently. “All he ever wanted was to build something great for his kids, and eventually pass it down to us. As he watched the other farms get sold and bought, it only drove him to work harder, to make this place thrive so he didn't need a bail out. He didn't want this place to become some corporate robot. Now, both my parents gone, and this farm is all my sister and I have left of them.” Exhaling a deep breath, he looks up at me. “Can't you understand that? Can't you see that's it not about the money, it's about the memories?”

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