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His mouth is hard, his kiss delirious and unhinged. He's unraveling right in front of my eyes, turning his pain into lust. Curling his tongue around mine, he pushes all my guilt away with one savage kiss.

It's amazing how he does this. How he clears my mind and all I see is him. His hands are in my hair as he climbs on top of me, pressing me deeper into the hay. I can feel it tangling with my hair and tickling the back of my legs.

Using his knees, he presses my legs open wider. Dropping his hips down, I can feel his hard bulge against my pussy. Firm, thick, and threatening to break through the denim.

Pulling away, he looks down at me. His eyes flick between mine as his fingers massage my scalp. He looks like he wants to say something, but whatever it is, it stays with him.

Ryder crushes my lips, turning his thoughts into actions. Grabbing a fistful of hair, he pulls my head closer to his. Kissing me deeper, harder, with intoxicating need I can feel him force through my body.

His hand finds the button on my jeans, tugging it free. Lifting my hips, he shimmies my pants down my legs and tosses them away like they don't belong anywhere near us.

Grabbing his shirt, I rip it over his head, exposing a work of art. Muscles and ink paint his body. My fingers trace the black lines, following them over hard shoulders and a firm chest.

Moving my fingers down his stomach, I work his button free, shoving his pants down to his thighs. I drag my nails up and down his hard cock, and he throws his head back with a moan. I roll the waistband of his boxers down an inch, so just the head of his cock, red and swollen, is peeking out. I lower my head and lick, slowly, a circle around the crown. Then I pop it into my mouth and start sucking. My head bobs, quick and shallow little sucks, but the effect on Ryder is instant and electric. I feel him try to remain in control. His thigh muscles are steel under my hand, and if it weren’t for the occasional hisses he makes as my tongue laps at his dick, I’d think he wasn’t breathing at all. I can tell he wants more when his hips start moving, just ever so slightly, and I taste the precum starting too ooze over my tongue.

I drag his boxers down below his balls as I take him farther in my mouth, and then I grab his balls, hard, as I take his cock as deep in my throat as I can. That’s when he breaks. His hands fly to my hair holding my head steady, and he pumps into my mouth, all semblance of control gone. His cock is hitting the back of my throat and I feel him swelling in my mouth, getting bigger if that’s even possible. I can feel every vein sliding against my tongue. The urge to breathe begins to overwhelm me, but the feeling of his fingers digging in my scalp, and the guttural sounds escaping his throat tell me to wait, let this play out a few seconds more. My pussy is dripping, feeling him taking what he wants from me, fucking my mouth as if it’s the only thing in the entire world that matters to him. I slide my hand between my legs and rub a finger over my clit, hoping to feel a fraction of what he does.

Just when I think I’ll need to pull away to breathe, Ryder grabs my hair tighter and I feel his cum shooting down my throat. His cries echo across the rafters of the barn, and his cock jumps inside my mouth. He falls backwards onto the hay with a delirious smile across his face, and I fall over onto his chest, laughing.

As his breathing comes back to normal, I trail a piece of hay across his chest and around his nipples. I watch as the hairs on his chest rise in the path of where I touch him. His face is a mask of absolute contentment.

“Did you ever daydream of that when we were kids?” I ask, laughing.

“Honestly, I can say that that was beyond my wildest dreams,” he says, rolling over. “I never thought I’d get that lucky.”

He palms my breast and kisses me gently. On my lips, and then down my throat, and then back up the other side of my jaw to my lips again. His kiss is deep and tender. I stroke his cock, still slick from my mouth, and feel it stir again in my hand. His lips slip free from mine and he steals nips of my skin all the way down my throat until he finds my nipple.

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