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His body moves as he begins to fuck me. Every muscle in his body is tense and tight. I'm at his mercy right now. His hands hold me in place, his thick length spearing me with a tenderness that makes my toes curl.

We're laying on our sides, my leg curled around his body, and his leg slipped between mine. Thrusting up, he stays still again, watching me, drinking up every moan and heavy breath I let out.

I'm losing my fucking mind. I want him to slam inside me, fucking me hard and fast until I finally explode with pleasure.

Only he doesn't. He won't. He's enjoying this too much. I can see it in his eyes.

My clit rubs against his lower belly, and I'm rolling my hips with every thrust, trying to ease the need I feel for more.

And then, out of nowhere, he throws his cock inside me, and with just a few quick and hard strokes, an orgasm fans through every inch of my body like a firework in the sky. I'm breathing heavy, my eyes still steady on his.

Ryder suddenly stops moving, but I feel his cock inside me. It's throbbing, pulsing, and there's a light tremble that radiates from his hands to my skin, and I feel his hot cum filling me up inside.

He smiles, pulling himself free and rolling onto his back. “Now it's a great morning.”

“It is,” I say as he holds out his arm and I snuggle up against his side. “So, I'm not sure what work needs to get done, but I should probably take a trip into town for some clothes.”

“We can do that. I don't think my sister wants to lend you her entire wardrobe.”

“Yeah. I'd rather ruin my own clothes than hers.”

“Well, the store opens at nine. We can go grab breakfast and then head to the store after.”

Smiling, I twirl my finger through the small tuft of hair in the center of his chest. There's something about this that feels so natural. His arm wrapped around me. The way my body fits perfectly against his.

I know none of this can be real. I have dreams. I have goals.

And none of them include falling for a country boy and staying here.

Am I just doing exactly what I've done for years, lying to myself until I believe it?

Ignoring the questions that swirl through my head, I remind myself why I'm here. Make the sale, get it done.

Throwing on some clothes, we head downstairs. We're walking to the front door when the handle turns and the door opens. Melody stops in her tracks, her eyes growing wide as they land on me.

“Morning,” he says to her, giving her an overly happy smile.

Her gaze shifts between us. “I'm just here for some clothes. I picked up an extra shift today and then I'm meeting Daniel in town for dinner.” The rattle in her voice is telling. She isn’t sure what else to say.

“Sure, we can handle the farm all on our own,” Ryder says with a grin.

“We?” she asks, her voice confused.

“Yeah, we. Jenna's gave me a hand yesterday and she’s gonna pitch in today, too. She's going to help out for as long as she's here. So, take as many shifts as you like, she'll be here for a little bit longer.” He tosses his keys up in the air and catches them. “All right, you ready?” he asks, turning his attention to me.

“Yeah, I'm ready when you are.”

“Where are you two going?” Melody asks. She folds her arms over her chest, her eyes turning to slits as she glares at me.

“To town. Jenna needs some clothes, but we're grabbing breakfast first. You're more than welcome to come with us, if you want.”

“I'm good,” she snaps, flailing a hand as she walks past us and heads upstairs.

“Text me later,” Ryder calls up to her as she disappears around the corner.

“Yup!” she yells back.

“She hates me,” I say, letting my eyes drift up to his.

“She doesn't hate you. She's just being protective of her big brother.” He takes my hand, pulling me along with him down to his truck. “Don't worry about her though, she'll warm up to you soon enough.”

“And if she doesn't?”

“Then she's grounded.” He flashes me a playful grin.

I don't know why it bothers me. It's not like I'm staying here forever. She doesn't have to worry about me being around all the time. She'll have her brother all to herself soon enough.

The thought cuts through my chest, making my heart hurt. Deep down I know this isn't my life. I don't belong here. My life is in the city.

And in the same breath, it hurts to think about leaving.



One day turns into another, and before I realize it, a week has gone by. Every day is new. He shows me how to do things on the farm I wasn't allowed to as a kid. I mowed the back field, used a chainsaw to cut back some thick brush, and even helped him clean the silos.

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