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Because that's what you do when you have liquid cash to piss through. I know. I do it too.

Scrolling through my emails, I have a few from my professors at school. Reminders of what I'm working toward. My name on the covers of fashion magazines, my designs on the runways. It's what I've spent the last few years focusing on.

My stomach coils like corded rope, and my throat feels like it's swelling. There's a weight on my chest, and my heart is beating rapidly. I'm anxious. It's making my hands clammy and the air around me thick as molasses.

What the hell is going on with me?

Where is this coming from?

I love that world. I love the bustling streets and bright lights. I love the city that never sleeps. It's where I belong. . .

And yet, the thought of closing this deal and going back home makes my tongue swell, and acid bubble up in the back of my throat with fear. I can't understand this feeling that's beginning to consume me.

It's a fear I've never felt before, and I have no idea how to shut it off. I should be eager to get back to New York. Eager to slip back into my life. But inexplicably. . .I'm not.

Shutting my phone off, I tuck it back inside my bag, being sure to push it deep down inside. I don't want to see any of that right now. Shoving the bag under the bed, I feel like the further out of sight it is, the further out of my mind it will be.

Quietly, I sneak back into Ryder's room, and slip back in bed. He moves slightly, his arm reflexively falling back around me and pulling me close. And I let him.

It feels too good to not be in his arms. There's a level of comfort that I've never gotten anywhere else.

It feels like home. The thought makes me smile, relaxing the fear and anxiety that had taken hold of me before.

Rolling over to face him, I study his face. He's so sexy and cute as he sleeps. His eyes are flickering behind his closed lids. Every so often his eyebrows wiggle and his mouth tightens and relaxes.

Gently, I run my fingers up over his jaw, sweeping them across his lips. Moving up the side of his face, I slip my hand into his hair. I can't stop touching him. Pushing through his hair, my fingers tickle down the back of his neck, following his spine all the way to his ass.

Ryder chuckles, his eyes still closed as he says, “That tickles.”

“Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.” Pulling my hand away, I tuck it up between his chest and mine.

“You don't need to stop touching me.” He opens is eyes and smiles. “Good morning.”


“No, I mean good morning,” he says it with a grin on his face as he pushes his erection against my inner thigh.

Giggling, I nibble on my bottom lip as I look into his eyes. “Shouldn't it be wood morning?” I ask.

Ryder lets out a laugh that’s more like a growl as he grabs my ass and tugs me in, erasing any space between us. “That does sound better.”

His firm cock presses between my thighs and slips over my pussy. His thick length is moving back and forth over the surface of my slit as he starts to rock his hips. Ryder places light kisses against my cheek, moving his mouth down my neck and then back up.

Palming my breast, he grips my thigh and pulls it over his waist. I'm soaking wet already. My pussy is warm and slick. The tip of his dick teases my entrance, causing my muscles to shake.

Kissing my chin, Ryder pinches my nipple, rolling it between his thumb and finger. “I like this. Waking up with a beautiful girl in my bed. I'm not going to lie, I could get used to it.” He jerks his hips, forcing his cock to spread my lips open.

Moaning, I dig my fingers into the muscles of his back and roll my body forward. “I won't lie either and say this isn't nice.” Lifting my leg higher, I slip one hand down his chest, and over his abs. Grabbing his cock, I slide it through my arousal.

Ryder closes his eyes and groans. Slow and gentle, he presses his cock inside my pussy. He's so hard, solid as granite as his cock opens me wide. Pushing all the way inside me, his body goes rigid.

He's so deep, stretching my walls to the max. His cock pulses inside me, causing my stomach to clench. Pulling back out to the tip, he pushes back in with such slowness it sends a shiver through my body.

Arching my head back, I coo, “Mm, Ryder.”

Ryder grabs my chin, pulling my face down and looking me in the eyes. “Don't look away. I want to see you.” His gaze settles on mine, his expression seductive, locking my eyes on his.

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