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The water is raining down on us, and we stare at each other in silence. My heart is racing in my chest, and my blood is pumping hot and heavy through my body. Every inch of me wants him. No, not wants—needs. I need him.

As if he's reading my mind, Ryder drives his lips back on mine, harder and more determined than ever. Passion flows through his kiss. He's moaning softly between inhales. It's sexy as hell.

He has this look in his eyes. It's feral, wild, a savage destruction I've never seen in him before. And I like it.

We’re slick from the water, and although it’s tricky getting off my shoes with just my feet, our kiss never breaks. I hear the zipper of my jeans and then feel the cool air on my bare wet legs. Ryder helps me out of them and tosses them to the side. His hands run up the length of my legs, from my ankles all the way to my thighs, coming to rest on my hips. The tips of his fingers dance over the lace of my panties, and fireworks explode from those tiny touches alone. His hair is dripping in front of his eyes, but there’s an unmistakable spark there, a hunger. I lunge at him again, grabbing a fistful of his hair as our lips meet. Ryder's hands find the clasp on my bra, freeing my breasts as he drops it to the ground. His mouth moves down my neck, and across my collarbone. Tipping my head back, I dig my fingers deeper into his hair as his tongue finds my nipple. He rolls it between his teeth, plucking it gently, then moves to the other one.

Goosebumps explode on my skin like tiny mountain peaks. The water rushes down between the valley of my breasts, over my stomach and soaking my panties. He grabs my ass with one hand, pulling me close against his chest as his mouth finds mine again.

His hand slides down my belly and under my panties. One finger runs up and down my seam, and by his sudden intake of breath, I can tell he feels that I’m not just wet from the shower. Slowly he runs that finger back and forth, spreading the slickness from my pussy to my clit, until I’m panting. My clit feels swollen between my legs, and every time his finger trails back down, I hold my breath until he makes the return trip up again, giving me the touch I long for.

Pulling away, he flutters kisses down my body as he drops to his knees.

Grunting, he digs his fingers into my hips as his eyes land on my pussy. “Fuck,” he says, long and low, and I feel his hot breath on me. Licking his lips, Ryder kisses the inside of my thigh as he spreads my legs wider.

Pressing my back against the wall, I tilt my hips up toward his face. My fingers are still in his hair, tugging and tearing at his roots. I'm trembling, my entire body is shivering as he moves his mouth closer and closer.

He's so close to my heat I can feel him exhale before he grabs my panties and yanks them aside. Immediately he laps his tongue up between my folds. The tip of his tongue circles my clit, drawing a moan out of my chest. My eyes are closed and my head is back as he teases me with soft flicks and tender licks.

Driving his face forward, he dips his tongue inside my entrance, and groans with satisfaction. It's like he's starving and I'm the meal he's been waiting for. His hand is tightly wrapped around my panties, keeping them pulled away, and as he feasts on me, bringing me higher and higher, I can feel his grip get stronger and stronger, the lacy material digging into my skin. He’s as turned on as I am. His tongue swiftly glides back up my center, flicking my clit. He sucks on the swollen bud, causing my legs to wobble and my knees to buckle.

I hold on to his head with all my might so I don’t fall down, and also so I keep his clever mouth exactly where I want it. My grip on him doesn’t let him move an inch from where I need him. I’m so close, getting closer as he repeats the same pattern over my clit with his tongue. My entire body is igniting from the inside out. The warmth spreads through my belly, spilling down my legs and up my chest.

Suddenly Ryder pulls his face away, leaving me breathing heavy and delirious. I was so close, so close to the edge, but he's refusing to let me jump. His eyes steady on mine, boring a hole in my chest. Wiping the back of his wrist across his mouth, he scoops me up in his arms and starts to carry me inside the house.

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