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“It still hurts. I can still feel it like it was yesterday. All I can think about is breaking her down to see if she ever felt like I did. It's hard to think I'm the only one who felt this way. She had to feel something too. Right?”

“I don't know, but that's life, Ryder,” Mark says, pushing the shot in front of me and lifting his. “We can't choose how we feel about people. And for you. . .” He pauses, pointing a finger at me. “You never got closure. So, get that closure now while you can. You might only get this chance once, don't let it pass by.”

He might be right. I have all these questions floating through my head, and they deserve an answer. If I waste this opportunity, I might never get another one.

Mark lifts his shot glass high and nods his head for me to pick up mine. Clanking them together, we both swallow the shots. We spend the next couple hours drinking, shooting pool, and just having fun.

I'm in no shape to drive once it's time to leave. Mark offers to take me home and promises to have my truck back to me in the morning. Reluctantly, I agree. I don't like the idea of leaving my truck there, but I can barely stand straight without wobbling on my feet.

The house is dark as he pulls up the driveway and parks out front. “You fine to get inside?”

“I'm good. Thanks. I'll call you in the morning.” Closing the door, I stand and watch him leave.

Stumbling into the house, I'm not as drunk as I was before, but my skin still feels hot and clammy. Feeling around on the wall, I flip the switch in the hall. Pulling my jacket off, I stagger into the kitchen and stop in my tracks.

Rubbing my eyes, I'm not sure if I'm hallucinating or not. I swear Jenna is standing at the sink in a tiny pair of black shorts and a pink tank-top. She looks at me surprised as she shuts the faucet off and puts the glass down in the sink.

“I'm sorry, I'll get out of your way. I just wanted to grab a quick drink.”

Without a word, I'm across the room, forcing her back against the counter. I can't stop myself. I lost all the control I have over myself.

My hands run down her arms, touching her silky smooth skin. She's so soft, I just want to touch her all over. My fingertips slip back up, following the curves of her shoulders to her throat.

Jenna inhales a sharp breath as I reach her chin and run the pad of my thumb across her bottom lip. I can feel her trembling. Her skin erupts with goosebumps as my hands move from her face to her hair.

Holding her head, I dig my fingers into the base of her skull and say, “Have you thought about me over the years? Did I ever cross your mind at all? Because I've thought about you. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you.”

Her eyes dart back and forth between mine, and her lips part as if she wants to answer but can’t find her voice. Jenna tilts her head into my hand, her eyes glued to mine, glistening under the light over the sink.

Before she can even utter a sound, I kiss her. I kiss her because I have to. The need is overwhelming, consuming me instantly, and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

To my surprise, Jenna kisses me back. Her body rolls against mine, pressing her soft breasts against my chest. Pressing her harder against the counter, our kiss turns savage.

My tongue is in her mouth, her tongue is in mine. She's breathing heavily, and exhales with a soft moan.

No, you can't do this! The voice inside my head screams for me to stop.

Pulling away from her quickly, I take a long step back. Looking down on her, her chest is rising and falling rapidly, and her eyes are sultry. Jenna lifts her fingertips to her mouth, touching her lips lightly.

“Good night,” I say, turning around and going up to my room.

I can't do this. I shouldn't do this.

If I allow myself to become undone by her swollen lips and sexy eyes, it's all over.

I need to control myself or this will never work.



Knock knock knock.

Sluggishly lifting my head off the pillow, I look at the clock on the nightstand.

Five-thirty in the morning, ugh.

I let my face drop back against the pillow as I groan. Ryder isn't kidding about getting up early. I can barely keep my eyes open, my head is pounding, and all I want to do is crawl back deep under the covers.

I slept like shit.

I spent all night tossing and turning. My mind was running wild after that kiss. It came out of nowhere, taking me completely by surprise. It wasn't like any other kiss I've ever had. The way he grabbed me, the way his hands traveled over my body, I melted instantly for him.

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