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I want to make her cum again so her tight virgin pussy will be soft and willing to be filled with my cock, but I’m scared I’ll cum all over myself if I eat her to another orgasm. Reaching down, I grab the tip of my cock and give it a little squeeze to stop myself shooting off.

I slide my tongue into her virginal hole, in and out, mimicking what my cock will be doing to her soon. Her hips start to move, begging for more, and I know it’s time. I need her on edge, needing to cum so her body will be begging for my cock to enter her. Moving back up her body, I take her mouth again, wanting her to taste herself on my mouth. When I’ve finally cooled some of this need and regained my control, I’m going to eat her pussy until she loses her voice from chanting my name, begging me to stop.

“We’ve teased each other enough, Sophie. I need to be inside you.” Pushing the head of my cock into her opening, I feel her virginity stop my entrance. She’s already wet and ready for me. We’ve been playing with this moment for days and we’re both fully primed for it. “This may hurt a little, just breathe and be still. I’m trying to control myself because I just want you so much.”

“Okay. Do it quick, I want the pain over with, and you inside me.”

“Fuck. Don’t talk dirty like that to me, baby, I’ll cum before I get in you.”

She giggles a little, and I can’t help but think she’s going to use that against me.

I prop myself up on my elbows and put my hands on either side of her face, making her look at me as I enter her. We lock eyes as I thrust inside her, tearing through her innocence and claiming her as mine.

She lets out a shout and closes her eyes as if in pain.

“Look at me.”

She snaps her eyes open at my words, looking into my eyes, and I hold myself still as she adjusts. She’s so tight it’s painful, and we both need a second to catch our breath. I’m still not fully sheathed inside of her. This is the only moment in my life I can recall hating having a big cock.

Her eyes start to water, making my heart clench. I pepper kisses all over her face.

“Sophie, I’m sorry. Don’t cry. The pain will pass in a little. I promise, baby,” I say around the lump in my throat.

“I’m not crying because I’m sad, Bruce. It’s because I’m so happy. I’ve never felt so connected to someone before.”

“Me neither, baby. Me neither,” I say, placing more kisses all over her until her body starts to relax. Soon after that, she starts to wiggle, and I know what she wants. Her body is ready for more.

“I’ve still got a couple of inches left, Sophie, so just breathe.”

She looks fearful for a second. “Bruce, I’m already so full.”

“You can take it, baby. Just relax and let me in.”

Sophie takes a deep breath, and I push in the rest of the way, seating myself full inside her. Her breathing is short so I brush her cheeks with my thumbs to comfort her, telling her how perfect she is.

“You feel so good, Sophie. So sweet and tight. I’ve never felt anything so perfect before in my life. God, it’s like I’ve waited my whole life for something this wonderful.”

My words seem to relax her again, and after a few moments, she nods her head, letting me know she wants me to move.

Slowly, I pull out and push back in just a few inches until she adjusts to the feeling. After a few strokes, she’s moving her hips with me and closing her eyes in pleasure. I want her first time to be good for her and not over in sixty seconds, so I reach between us and gently strum her clit.

We aren’t rushed for time, and I don’t want to cum too soon so my thrusts are slow and even as we build to the end.

“All my life I’ve waited for this. I didn’t know it but I was waiting for it, waiting for you.”

Her hands rub along my chest and face as she looks into my eyes.

“I know. I’ve waited for you too, Bruce.”

“I love you, sweet Sophie.”

“I love you too.”

I kiss her softly, tasting the love on her lips. When I pull back and look at her again, I can see my life in her. She’s mine forever now.

“I’m claiming you, Sophie. Your body is mine and so is your love. You won’t ever have anyone but me inside you. Do you understand?”

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