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Okay, this is a new feeling. Well, not new. I felt it the last time I saw Timberlynn too.

Brock slapped me on the back, breaking the weird spell I was under. “You better watch out there, Tanner.”

“For what?” I asked as I faced him and frowned.

He winked. “You’re dangerously close to letting our mother see you’re attracted to Timberlynn.”

I pushed him away from me and rolled my eyes. “I am not attracted to Timberlynn. She’s not my type.”

“It’s a good thing then, since it sounds like we’ll both be staying here. I won’t have to worry about you attempting to sneak into my room and have your wicked way with me.”

My heart jumped into my throat as I turned to see Timberlynn standing there. “I, um…I didn’t mean what I just said…what I meant was…ah. I…you are my type, totally my type, but I…no, what I mean is…”

I could feel Brock staring as he tried not to laugh while Timberlynn looked at me like I was the last man on Earth she’d ever want sneaking into her room. It had been purely a joke to call me out on my comment about her not being my type—by confirming it, I was coming off like a real ass. Hell, why had I even said that?

“Right,” I said as I cleared my throat. “Let me show you up to the guest room.” I looked down at the floor and asked, “Luggage?”

“Right here!” Ty said, pushing the suitcase into my chest. “She’s a light packer.”

Timberlynn chuckled. “Not really, there’s another one by the front door. I packed to stay at least a month or two.”

“A month or two?” I nearly shouted.

Timberlynn pulled her brows in and asked, “Is that a problem?”

“A problem?” I repeated.

She nodded.

With a half shrug, I replied, “No, why would it be a problem?”

Timberlynn gave me a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, then made her way to the living room. A few moments later she reappeared with another suitcase. I reached for it as well, and she simply shook her head and gave me a polite smile. “I’ve got it, but thank you.”

I motioned for her to go first, down the hall to the steps. As she walked up them, I looked everywhere except in front of me. The last thing I wanted to see was her ass on display right at eye level. I had no idea why this woman had such an effect on me, but she certainly did. “You’re going to turn to the left when you get to the top of the steps,” I called out.

“Left at the top, got it!” She did as I said and started down the hall. My betraying eyes landed on her ass, and I internally groaned. Why did everything about her have to be so damn perfect?

“It’s the last door on the left. It’s above the garage and all the way on the other side of the house, so you don’t have to worry about being quiet or anything.”

Timberlynn glanced back at me quickly and laughed. That one action nearly had me tripping over my own feet.

Okay, settle down, Tanner. It’s not like she’s the first, beautiful woman, who has ever smiled at you.

“I’m not going to be throwing any parties,” she said. “But good to know.” She stopped in front of the closed door and opened it slowly, as if expecting something to jump out and scare her. When the door fully opened, she gasped and walked into the room.

“There’s a reason I’m sure Kaylee wanted you to stay here. There’s a lot more room and privacy,” I said as I sat her suitcase down near the king-size bed.

Timberlynn spun around and giggled. “This room is huge! Oh my gosh, look at this reading nook.” She made her way over to the bench that sat under a large window.

“Open the curtains if you really want to see something,” I said, making my way over to stand next to her.

As she pushed them back, I watched her face. Her smile faded and a look of utter wonderment moved across her face. “Oh, my goodness. Wow. That is…I’ve never…wow.”

“Those are the Bitterroot Mountains. Wait until you see the sun set over them. It’s left me speechless on more than one occasion.”

Timberlynn turned and looked at me, a curious expression etched on her face.

“What?” I asked.

“A sunset left you speechless?”

With a half shrug, I replied, “I’m not afraid to admit to something that moves me. This…” I said as I motioned to the view, “always leaves me in awe.”

She smiled slightly, and without looking back at the view said, “I can see why it would. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.”

For a moment I didn’t know if she was talking about the view, or something entirely different.

“I’m not sure how much you got to see of the ranch when you were here for the wedding, but if you didn’t see Crystal Lake and the Sapphire Mountains from the second floor of the main barn, you’ll have to check it out. I mean, you’ve got a good view of it from the ground, but the view from the loft balcony is pretty amazing.”

Her eyes searched my face before she quickly looked back out the window. “I didn’t get to stay for long last time I was here. Just long enough to visit with Kaylee. I had a new job waiting back in Atlanta.”

“Nursing, right?” I asked as I slipped my hands into the front pocket of my jeans.

“Yes, you remembered!” she said, her voice practically giddy. She faced me, and for a moment something flashed in those beautiful eyes of hers. Today they looked almost gray. With specs of gold and green sprinkled in them.

“Your eyes?”

Her teeth dug into her lip. “What about them?”

I shook away the trance. “I thought they were more green.”

She smiled and looked down at the floor. “They change colors. Sometimes they look more green, especially if I’m wearing certain colors. Other times they look almost…”

“Gray,” I whispered.

Timberlynn nodded. “They’re weird.”

“They’re beautiful.”

Her eyes widened in shock, and she shyly looked away before she focused back on me. “No one has ever really noticed they change colors.”

“No one?” I asked in disbelief. “Not even a boyfriend?”

Her smile faltered for the quickest moment before it was back. “No, not even a boyfriend.” Her eyes moved up to where my cowboy hat should be. “Your hat. Where is it?”

I chuckled. “My mother hates it when we wear them in the house.”

Her gaze

seemed to be burning the image into her mind. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without it on.”

I lifted my hand and ran my fingers through my short brown hair. “It’s not often I don’t have it on. I think the only time you’ll see my father, Brock, or Ty without our hats on is here in the house. Mom’s rule.”

Her gaze jerked back down to mine and we stood there in silence for a few moments before she looked away from me. “Well, thank you so much for showing me the room, Tanner.”

With a step back and away from her, I nodded. “Sure. I’ll, um, let you get settled, I’m sure you want to visit with Kaylee.”

Timberlynn nodded and followed me toward the door. “Are you home for long, or will you be heading back out on the circuit?”

I walked out into the hall and faced her once more. Fucking hell, the woman was beautiful. Her eyes looked directly into mine, and I had a hell of a time focusing on speaking when she gave me her full attention. “H-home?” I stammered.

She nodded. “Are you only home for Christmas?”

I shook my head to clear my thoughts. “No. My roping partner, Chance, wanted to take some time off, and truth be told, I did as well. I’ll be home for a month, maybe longer.”

The corner of her mouth twitched with a hidden smile. “Oh, that’s nice. I’m sure your folks will be glad to have you here for the holidays.”

“My father is—he’s ready to put me to work on the ranch.”

She laughed lightly. I was instantly hyper-aware of my entire body and how it reacted to this woman. What in the living hell is happening to me? I found myself absently rubbing my chest to make the crazy sensation go away.

Timberlynn looked away for a moment, her cheeks slightly pink. “Do you, um…stay here at the main house while you’re home?” she asked, turning her attention back on me.

For the briefest moment I almost said no. Maybe the safest place I needed to be was as far as possible from this woman. She was a temptation I wasn’t sure I could ignore, and I really didn’t want to ignore her. “Yeah, my bedroom is on the other side of the house here upstairs.”

She gifted me with another one of her amazing smiles. “Then I guess we’ll probably be seeing each other often. Maybe. I guess. I’m not sure.” She laughed and pushed a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear.

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