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Timberlynn slid her warm pussy down onto my cock, and we both moaned as she rubbed against it. My mind went fuzzy with the feel of her against me.

“I want to stay like this forever. I don’t want to think about what’s waiting for us on the other side of the door,” she said as she pushed her fingers into my hair and drew my mouth to hers. We kissed, and soon we were both lost to everything other than the feel of our tongues dancing together. Her breasts pressed against my chest nearly had me losing my mind. Things got hot and heavy real fast. My hands went to her ass, and I squeezed as she lifted up.

“Tanner, yes. Please,” she begged as she rubbed against me.

Whatever she was doing to me, it was like I was floating above us on a high I’d never felt before. “Fucking hell, Timberlynn. God, don’t stop.”

She moved faster and the feeling started to take over. Oh hell, I was about to come.

I snapped my eyes open to see Timberlynn riding me. Her head dropped back. Her hands were on my chest and her mouth was shaped into a perfect O as she rode me. Her breasts bounced and I grabbed onto her hips, meeting her as I thrust up.

“Tanner, I’m going to come. Come with me. Please.”

“Jesus,” I hissed as I pounded into her harder—the sound of our bodies hitting together pushed me even more. “That’s it, baby. God, I’m going to come.”

And then everything exploded, and I came so hard I was pretty sure I saw God.

Timberlynn cried out my name, and suddenly I realized why it felt so damn good.

Oh, fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I was inside her. With no condom on.

My hands dug into her hips and stared at where we were still joined together. Timberlynn’s head was down and she was breathing heavily.

“Timber, I’m so sorry. God, I’ve…I’ve never done that before. I’ve never…”

She lifted her head and looked at me, then down at the same place I’d looked only moments before.

I lifted her gently off of me and she reached for the quilt. “It’s okay. We both got caught up in it all. It was my fault for…”

I pressed my finger to her mouth and shook my head. “No.” I stood and pulled her to me. “It takes two, remember? I was caught up just as much as you. Hell, I think for a moment I must have blacked out when you sat down on my cock.”

She giggled as I ran my hand up and down her back. I secretly wished the quilt wasn’t between us.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t realize before I came. We haven’t even talked about birth control or anything. You know, that talk?”

“The talk?” she asked, a dazed expression on her face.

“Yeah, the one where we talk about past partners. I tell you I’ve never had sex without a condom because I’m a responsible guy and all, but after what just happened, you might question that.”

Her eyes were gray today, and I wondered if it had anything to do with all the snow falling.

“Have you never, really?”

“Have I never really what?” I asked, my mind forgetting what we were even talking about as I got lost in those eyes.

“Had sex with anyone without a condom?”

I cleared my throat. “Oh, I’ve always worn a condom. I’ve never even come close to not wearing one, so I don’t know what sort of bewitching spell you just put on me, but that was the first time.”

Timberlynn’s cheeks went pink. “Me too.”

I smiled, not wanting to tell her I’d had my fair share of sexual partners, but nothing crazy like Chance or Dirk. Hell, not even as crazy as my two older brothers. I decided to let it go unless she asked.

“Are you on the pill?” I asked.

She shook her head and said, “No. But I can get on them, if you want. I really liked the way you felt inside me without a condom on.”

My heart felt like it slammed against the wall of my chest. “Yeah, that was fucking phenomenal. I’ve also been regularly tested for STDs. That was drilled into me at an early age. Besides, I haven’t been with another woman in months.”

She nodded and looked down at the floor. I placed my finger on her chin and lifted until her eyes met mine. “We both know I haven’t exactly been a Boy Scout when it comes to women, but I’m also not a manwhore. When I say I haven’t been with anyone in months, I mean it. There hasn’t been anyone since I met you last September.”

Her eyes widened. “Why not?”

I shrugged. “They weren’t you.”

“Tanner,” she whispered as she came up on her toes and kissed me. She slowly drew back, and I placed my forehead against hers.

“Babe, how soon can you get on the pill? I can drive you there myself through the snow if need be.”

Timberlynn laughed. “I’ll ask Kaylee who her doctor is and make an appointment.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

She looked down at my naked body and flashed me a sexy grin. “I know something else we can do to make me forget my father’s call.”

“More oral sex?” I replied as I waggled my brows.

“No,” she said, laughing. “You could make me breakfast. Naked.”

“As long as you don’t request bacon, I’m totally down for that.”

Chapter Twenty-Six


Tanner truly made me forget all about my father’s phone call. First with the crazy hot sex on the sofa, then with cooking for me naked. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. He was so comfortable in his own skin, which made him even sexier. Of course, midway through cooking he did get dressed, as did I.

I leaned back in the chair and sighed. “Wow! You must have really paid attention in the kitchen growing up. Though I have to say, I’ve never had spaghetti for breakfast before!”

Tanner laughed and pushed his plate to the side. “It wasn’t hard. It was spaghetti. And that was my mom’s homemade sauce in the freezer.”

“I want to learn to do that.”

He lifted a brow. “Make sauce?”

I nodded. “Yes. I never was able to learn things like that, since my mother passed away.”

“Your father never met anyone else?”

With a scoff, I looked down at my empty plate. Memories of women coming in and out of my life were like a blur. My father was good-looking for a man in his early fifties. Women still flocked to him like he was a twenty-something guy. Of course, the fact that he had money and was a doctor played a big role in that.

“He’s dated. A lot. But no, he’s never remarried, and I’m pretty sure he won’t. The girlfriends last until they find out Daddy has no plans of putting a ring on their finger. Then, they move on, or he gets tired of them and breaks it off. There was one I really liked. I think my father liked her too, but when she started to want to spend more time with me, he ended things with her. I hated him for months after that.”

“Why?” Tanner asked as he stood and took both of our plates.

“I guess it was because she was the first female in my life since my mother and my nanny. I was certainly craving that maternal figure. I guess he didn’t want me to have it. So, he broke up with her. From that point on, he kept the women he dated rather distant from me.”

“I’m so sorry, Timber.”

I shrugged. “It is what it is. When I have a child someday, I’m going to make sure they know what it feels like to be loved.”

Tanner smiled and placed his hand on the side of my cheek. “You’re going to make an amazing mother.”

I stared into his blue eyes and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “Tanner, I know this is probably not something a couple talks about when they’ve literally just started a relationship, but how do you feel about kids? I mean, I see you with your niece and nephew, and you’re amazing with them. Do you want kids of your own someday?”

“Hell yes, I do.”

Relief flooded through me. I hadn’t really thought much about kids before, but being with the Shaw family, I quickly realized I wanted a family of my own. One where love an

d laughter filled each room. “Since I’ve been spending time here with your family, seeing Morgan and Blayze, and then hearing Kaylee was pregnant, I realized that I want a family more than I thought I did.”

“Good,” Tanner said, throwing in a wink on top of his sexy smile.

The phone on the wall rang, and Tanner got up to answer it. “Hello? Nah, we’re good. We ate spaghetti for breakfast.”

I laughed and stood. Since Tanner cooked, I would clean.

Tanner was obviously speaking to his father. Something about a tractor, hooking up a plow, and the storm moving out. A part of me wanted to be stuck here forever. The cabin, as Tanner kept calling it, was beautiful, and now with the snow no longer falling, I was able to see Crystal Lake through the living room window. It was breathtaking. The mountain range beyond was just as stunning, if not more so. The snow sparkled when the sun peeked out from the clouds every so often. Kaylee had once described it as someone throwing out diamonds onto the mountains, and when the sun hit just right, they cast off beams of sparkly light. It was so beautiful I had a hard time believing it was real. Picture perfect didn’t even begin to describe the view I was looking at.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Tanner asked as he stood next to me. He grabbed a dishtowel and picked up a pot and started drying it off.

“There honestly isn’t a place on this ranch that isn’t beautiful.”

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