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Her eyes moved greedily over my body, and for a quick second I wanted to slip inside her free of a condom, but I knew that wasn’t the smart thing to do.

Timberlynn looked as if she might have been thinking the same thing.

“I know of other ways to be naughty, and we don’t need a condom,” I said softly.

She smiled. “Is that so?”

I grabbed her ass and pushed up against her.

“Tanner,” she gasped. “You’re teasing me.”

“Roll back over, baby. Let me make you come with my mouth again.”

Her breath picked up in speed, and she rolled off of me and spread her legs. I held the laughter that threatened to escape. She definitely didn’t hesitate.

I settled between her legs and licked slowly up to her clit. Timberlynn moaned in pleasure, then whispered, “Yes. Oh, that feels so good.”

My fingers slipped inside her as I continued to suck on her clit. I could feel her pulse and squeeze against my fingers, and I damn near came.

I was in the middle of bliss when my cell phone rang.

“Is that…a phone?” Timberlynn asked in a pleasure-induced haze.

Fuck. I quickly moved and grabbed my cell phone from the side table. I saw my brother’s name on the screen.

“It’s Ty.”

Timberlynn moaned, then grabbed a pillow and pushed it on her face as she laughed. “We always get interrupted by a Shaw.”

“What the fuck do you want, Ty?”

I could hear Timberlynn’s muffled giggle from under the pillow.

“Good morning to you too, baby brother.”

“I’m busy, what do you want?”

He laughed. “Busy, huh? My guess is you probably don’t want to hear that I was going to make my way to you with the plow.”

“Don’t you dare.”

A roar of laughter came from the other side of the line. “I take it you two enjoyed your evening together.”

“Again, what do you want, Ty?”

“You little ungrateful ass. I was calling to check up on you. Thought I might even risk my life to hitch up the plow and come save your ass.”

“We don’t need saving. We’re absolutely fine, dipshit.”

“I guess it’s a good thing, then, since the snow is coming down again pretty hard.”

“Good, leave us alone. And thanks for checking on us. Don’t call for another twelve hours or so, at least.”

I hit End as I heard the asshole laughing and tossed my phone onto the table. I made my way back over to where I was before.

Timberlynn smiled, and just as I was about to have my fill of her, the phone rang…again.

“Don’t answer it!” Timberlynn said.

“It’s not my phone. It’s yours.”

Timberlynn sighed and then sat up. “Where’s my phone?”

“Sounds like it’s in the kitchen.”

“Then, leave it!”

It stopped ringing and we both smiled.

Timberlynn dropped back onto the pillow and I buried my face between her legs before anyone else could interrupt us again.

Then, Timberlynn’s phone started to ring once more.

“Okay, I can’t do this. What if it’s important?” Timberlynn said. “Ugh!”

I moved and let her crawl off the bed. She grabbed a quilt that was on the back of a chair in the bedroom and made her way out of the room.

With a frustrated groan, I dropped onto my back. It was my turn to bury my face with the pillow. I heard Timberlynn answer the phone. “Hello?”

It sounded like she was walking back to the bedroom. “I don’t need you checking up on me, I’m twenty-four years old.”

Tossing the pillow off of me, I sat up.

“You stole it right out from under me!”

One quick look, and I found my jeans. Without a second thought, I got out of bed, pulled on my jeans and made my way out of the room. I could hear Timberlynn talking in the living room.

“Dad, you can’t swoop in after years of having nothing to do with my life and then claim you’re protecting me. I want to be in Montana. I’m staying here whether you like it or not.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

Timberlynn’s head dropped, and I watched as her whole body seemed to slump. “Nursing was Mom’s passion. Not mine. I wasn’t happy. I’m not sure what she would say, Dad. She died when I was six. I barely remember her, and you never talked about her with me.”

I made my way into the kitchen and opened up the cabinets. Surely Jimmy would have stocked the place with coffee. After another minute of looking, I finally found it. In the refrigerator. Okay, wasn’t expecting it there.

Timberlynn sighed. “I’m not coming back to Georgia, Dad. I’ve met someone and…”

She looked over her shoulder to see me standing in the kitchen, holding a bag of coffee. A bright smile moved across her face. “And we’re dating. I really like him. His name is Tanner. He’s Kaylee’s brother-in-law.”

I winked and her cheeks turned pink. Then, her smile dropped, and she turned away from me.

A part of me wanted to pull the phone from her ear and listen to what her asshole father was saying. She wasn’t speaking, so he must have been doing all the talking. I poured the ground-up coffee into the pot, filled it up with water, and hit the brew button. Then I made my way over to Timberlynn.

She sat down on the sofa and leaned back on it with her eyes closed. “I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m not a child and I’m able to make my own decisions. I’m not asking you for any money, Dad. I have my own, remember? Yes, I’m sure you didn’t mean to forget my birthday or Christmas. After all, I am your only child.”

When I sat down next to her, she opened her eyes. I hated that she looked so sad. That defeated look she sometimes had in her eyes came creeping back in. “You do what you have to do, Dad. I need to go, there’s a storm here and I need to take care of some things.”

I could barely hear a ma

n’s voice coming through the phone. He didn’t sound angry.

“Dad, my signal is bad. I can only hear every other word. Dad? Dad?”

She pulled the phone away and hit End.

“Do you want to call him back?”

She shook her head. “No, he said he was being paged.” Timberlynn was holding the phone so tightly, her fingers were turning white. I reached over and gently took it from her hand, placing it on the sofa.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She slowly shook her head and stared across the room. “He wants me to come back to Georgia. I just need a good talking to, he said. Like I’m a child.”

I didn’t say anything. Not because I didn’t want to console her, but I honestly didn’t know what to say. I got that her father was upset. She had left without telling him. Regardless of how often or not they talked, she was his only daughter.

“He’s going to make this as difficult as he can, Tanner. He’s already taken one piece of property from me. What’s to stop him from doing it again and again?”

“We’ll figure out a way, I promise.”

Tears pooled in her eyes. “How can you promise that?”

I smiled and pulled her onto me. She straddled my legs and I pushed the quilt away from her shoulders, exposing her breasts. “I swear to you, Timber, I’ll make it work. All of it.”

My tongue flicked her nipple and she moaned as she dropped her head back. “Tanner. Make me forget it all.”

Her words sounded needy. She pushed the quilt completely off of her and wrapped her arms around my neck.

I took in her body, and a rush of desire swept over me like wind in a storm. If she needed me to help her forget, I’d damn well help her forget.

“Christ, you’re so damn beautiful,” I whispered as I cupped her breasts in my hands and pulled her other nipple closer to my mouth. I sucked, pulled, and lightly bit on it as Timberlynn squirmed in my lap. When I felt her hands working to get my jeans unbuttoned, I lifted up and helped her pull them down, kicking them off like my life depended on it. We were both naked on the sofa, and a part of me knew we should stop; she was emotional after her phone call with her father. But she asked me to make her forget, and hell if I wasn’t going to do everything in my power to do just that.

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