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I let my legs fall open more as I lifted my hips to him. He filled my body in the most delicious way. With Tanner, I knew I was giving a piece of myself to him, and I knew he would cherish it. I saw it in his eyes.

Once he was fully inside me, he paused, breathing heavily as he dropped his head down and buried his face in my neck.

I lifted my free hand and gently ran my fingers over his back. “Are you okay?” I asked in an unsure voice.

He looked up and met my gaze. Even though the room was dark, I could see those blue eyes of his. There was something so different about them. They seemed to be even more blue, if that was at all possible. God, he was so handsome. And he was mine. This incredibly amazing man was mine.

“Am I okay?” he asked with a slight chuckle. “I’m more than okay. I’m afraid if I move, I’m going to go entirely too fast. Need to focus for a moment is all.”

I laughed and moved my hand to the side of his face. Tanner let my other hand go, resting on his elbows and cupping my face in his hands. “I’m falling in love with you, Timberlynn.”

I gasped and felt my stomach flutter as my chest tightened in the most delicious way. I was filled with a rush of happiness that I’d never felt before, and it seemed to expand out into the rest of the room as well. I felt light. Unburdened by something that I hadn’t even realized I had been carrying with me.

His eyes searched mine, and I knew I needed to be honest with him. “I believe I fell in love with you the first moment I saw you, Tanner.”

A wide smile appeared on his face and he pressed his mouth to mine as he gently withdrew from me, then slowly pushed back in. The movement felt so amazing, I dug my fingers into his back.

If asked to describe what it felt like to have Tanner make love to me, I would fail. Words could never describe the sensation of him moving inside me. I was taken to another place. A beautiful meadow. Spring flowers in bloom. Riding free on the back of a horse with Tanner’s arms wrapped tightly around me. This moment would be burned into my memory forever. He kissed me again, this time deeper. Then his pace picked up and I wrapped my arms and legs around him and found my own rhythm.

“Tanner…I need more.”

He groaned and leaned his forehead to mine as he moved in and out of me a bit faster.

“Yes! Oh, God, yes!” I cried out. I’d never really been vocal during sex. Never telling my partner what I wanted. Embarrassed, maybe? But when Tanner asked me how it felt, I knew it was because he was solely focused on bringing me pleasure—so I told him exactly what I needed. Him. More of him.

“Timber, talk to me.”

I lifted my hips to meet him thrust for thrust. “Harder. God, I need it harder and faster.”

He gave me exactly what I asked for.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” he said. Then he moved, and I dug my nails into his back as a tingle started deep in my stomach and rushed up my entire body.

“Yes! Tanner, I’m going to come again!”

Never before had I come when a guy was inside me. Never. Friends of mine talked about how amazing it was to come that way, but I had yet to experience it. But with the way Tanner was moving, and how he was hitting something so deep inside of me, my toes curled and the room started spinning. “Tanner!” I cried out as an orgasm hit me once again. I could feel myself clench around him.

Tanner’s body tensed, and he trembled as he buried his face into my neck. He lifted his head and our eyes met. “I’m going to come, Timberlynn,” he panted out before he groaned again.

“Oh God,” I said as another wave of passion rolled through me. Again?

Tanner’s mouth claimed mine, and we fell apart together. For a brief moment I wished he hadn’t been wearing a condom. The need to have him fill me popped into my head, but I pushed it away quickly. That was reckless thinking on my part.

Soon his body stopped moving and he hovered, keeping his weight slightly off me but not completely. The feeling of his body pressed against mine while he was still inside me was my new favorite thing. Both of us panted for air. I saw that the pulse on the side of Tanner’s neck matched my own.

I placed my hand against the side of his face, and our eyes met once again.

He smiled. “That was…it was…”

With a nod, I simply replied, “I feel the same way.”

He smiled, and if hearts really could skip a beat, mine did when I looked at that smile of his.

“I want to stay inside you forever. I don’t want this moment to ever end,” he whispered before he placed a soft kiss on my lips.

My heart hammered in my chest. “I would totally be okay with that.”

After another few moments, Tanner kissed me quickly on the lips, then said, “Let me get us cleaned up.”

He slowly pulled out of me, and I instantly felt the loss of him. I grabbed onto him and shook my head. “Don’t leave, not yet.”

Tanner smiled, but I saw the concern in his eyes. “I’m not going anywhere, Timber. I swear to you.”

I nodded as I pushed the sudden wariness away.

“Let me take this off and bring back a washcloth for you.”

My mouth opened to say something, but I quickly shut it. Was he really offering to take care of me after we just made love? The gesture was so sweet, I nearly swooned while lying down.

“Do you want to lie out by the fire or in here?”

“I want to stay in here.”

He grinned, then kissed me. “Okay, be right back.”

My body was completely relaxed, and my eyes drifted slowly shut. I opened them when I felt a warm washcloth between my legs. I smiled and let Tanner take care of me. I’d never been taken care of like this before. It warmed my entire body, and I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan of pleasure as he moved the cloth over me. My body and my mind were hyperaware of his every touch.

Tanner removed the washcloth, walked into the bathroom and then made his way back to me. I watched in awe as he walked across the room completely naked, with no care in the world. Would I ever be that confident to just stroll naked in front of him?

Once he got into the bed, he pulled me to his side, covered us with the blankets, and we both sighed with contentment. “Is it wrong that I want you again so soon?” Tanner asked.

I grinned while I played with the hairs on his chest. “Not wrong at all, cowboy, the feeling’s mutual.”

Tanner reached for me and pulled me onto his body as I straddled him. I could feel his length already hard underneath me. I moved slowly and caused him to hiss. He grabbed my hips and raised a brow.

“I’m impressed, Mr. Shaw.”

He laughed. “You should be.”

Tanner reached for a condom, then flipped me over. He quickly rolled the condom on, then settled between my legs. “I plan on keeping you up all night, Ms. Holden.”

My arms wrapped around his neck, and I pulled his mouth inches from mine. “If you meant that as a threat, it didn’t work.”

“No threat, simply a promise.”

Tanner pushed inside me again, making good on his promise.

Chapter Twenty-Five


I stared out the window as the snow slowly fell. Timberlynn and I had barely gotten out of the bed except to grab something to eat, take a shower, then climb back under the covers. The strangest sensation of warmth had filled my chest when I first made love to her last night. Or yesterday afternoon. Hell, I had lost track of time.

Timberlynn stirred in my arms, and I glanced down at the sleeping beauty and smiled, then turned my attention back to the snow. I had been up for over an hour trying to think of a way to pitch my idea to both my parents and to Timberlynn. She’d think I was insane—after all, we’d only known each other for a brief time. I had promised her we’d go slow, and this idea was definitely not slow and most definitely crazy. I had a feeling my folks would go for it. Even Brock and Ty would be on board. The one I worried about the most was Timberlynn and getting her to see why this pl

an would work.

Fingers gently moved across my lower stomach, and my body instantly became aware of her touch.

“Are you awake?” she softly whispered.


Moving her head, she propped her chin on her hand and looked at me. The sweet smile that she wore had my heart beating like a hummingbird’s. I was definitely falling hard for this woman, and there was no doubt in my mind I wanted her in my future. “How’s your ankle?” I asked.

“I feel a dull ache, but it’s much better.”

“Did you sleep okay?” I moved my hand lazily up and down her back.

Her cheeks turned slightly pink. “Considering you wore me out with the best sex of my life, and I had no choice but to pass out from exhaustion, yes, I slept the best I have in years.”

My brow raised. “Best sex of your life, huh?”

She giggled. “Yes. It was. I don’t even have words to describe what I feel like when I’m in your arms. It’s…peaceful. It’s just perfect.”

I pulled her body a little closer, if that were even possible. I would crawl inside her if I thought I could. She was heaven on Earth. The one thing I had been longing for. My missing piece. “I feel the same way, darlin’.”

She smiled. “I really hope this isn’t a dream.”

I pulled her on top of me and she sat up. Her blonde hair tumbled down and hid her breasts slightly. The feel of her sitting on me had my cock rock hard in an instant.

Timberlynn smiled and gently rocked against me. “But then I feel this, and I know it’s definitely not a dream. You bring something out in me, Tanner,” she said shyly. “You make me feel so…”

“So what?” I asked as I lifted my hips and caused her to moan.

“Sexy. Powerful. Naughty.”

I lifted up my pelvis once more as I waggled my brows. “I think you need to elaborate on the naughty thing.”

She giggled. “Do you have another condom?”

That had me pause for a moment. “No, I don’t.”

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