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Cole steps behind me, wraps his arms around me. His mouth is at my ear. “Will you dance for me?”

I look at the cage, perched in the open space, overlooking the club below. We’re high enough up that I don’t think anyone would be able to see me from below. Anyone in the other VIP rooms though, they’d have a perfect view. Which is exactly what he wants. Cole knows that people will be able to see me and know that I’m dancing for someone else. He wants them to be jealous. A shudder of heat goes through me at the idea of being so…wanted. “Yes,” I say in answer. He knows that I don’t want an audience, but I told him that the chance of people watching didn’t bother me. And now, I know that it turns me on.

He doesn’t reply with words, instead I feel his lips at my neck, warming my skin, and I feel his hands at my waist undoing the buttons on my pants. He undresses me, piece by piece, leaving a trail of clothing behind as he walks me to the cage. He caresses my skin as it’s revealed: shoulders, ass, back. Each touch making me more aware of him and how he sees every little part of me. How his eyes are going to devour me once I’m in that cage. “I’m not a very good dancer,” I say, breathless under the attention he’s giving me.

“Dancing is very much like sex,” he says, bending and licking my nipple, “and having fucked you, I know that’s not true. You’ve got to be an amazing dancer.”

I blush as his mouth continues its path across my skin, moving to my other breast and back up to my collarbone. With a final tug, my panties drop to the floor and I’m completely naked in front of him. My back is against the bars of the cage, cool metal making me shiver as he presses his completely clothed body into me. Even so, I can feel how hard he is. “It’s not fair how many layers you have on,” I tell him.

Cole smirks and bends to kiss me. His lips touch mine, and I swear that I’m on fire from the heat. Our tongues dance with each other and he steals my breath, plunging deep inside my mouth the way I want him to be deep in other places. And then he pulls away all too soon. “I never said I would play fair.”

We stare at each other. I’m challenging him, and he’s waiting for me to back down. The heat in his eyes burns through me the same way it did on the night we met—unstoppable and unyielding. Wetness floods my pussy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts to run down my legs.

“In you go,” he says softly.

I step into the cage, looking down through the glass floor to the club below, watching the sea of moving bodies. I thought I might feel some kind of vertigo or fear of heights stepping onto the clear surface, but I can tell that it’s rock solid. I’m not going anywhere. The door to the cage closes, and I hear a little click. I turn to see Cole closing a tiny padlock on the outside. “What are you doing?”

His hand snakes through the bars of the cage and around the back of my neck, pulling me forward to kiss me. “My captive,” he says as he breaks away from the kiss. I push towards him, and the cold metal of the bars makes me shiver. “I’m the king of this club, and if you want your freedom, you’re going to have to earn it.”

My stomach drops with that same desperate need that’s become so familiar around him. That same fantasy in very different circumstances. This feels more solid, more real. This isn’t a game of pretend, this is me and Cole. This is his eyes on me. This is me giving my body to him. God, yes. Cole’s fingers graze my jaw as he retreats, sitting on the couch in the middle of the room. Anyone looking would think he’s utterly relaxed, but I can feel his eyes on me, and I know that he’s never been more focused.

I’m glad he’s across the room, not close enough to see the blush that heats my cheeks, doubts and confusion crowding my mind as quickly as the arousal that’s flowing through me. I’m naked and locked in a cage while he watches. How’s it possible that I find this so hot? I almost laugh. Why not? With the things that go on in this club, I’d have to ask that question a hundred times. Just because it’s not something that everyone does doesn’t make it wrong or weird. The people that frequent Club Deep are a testament to that. None of them would bat an eye seeing a girl naked in a cage. More than a few would stop to watch. They’d find it…sexy.

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