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He lays me down on the bed, hands stroking across my body and making me moan, making sure that my skin is on fire with lust for him. And he keeps his word again—tying me down. Cole pulls soft, fleece lined leather cuffs from below the bed. On at a time, he wraps them around my wrists and ankles, adjusting the length of rope until I barley have room to flex. Bound and stretched, completely at his mercy.

I don't think I’ve ever been more turned on. The tighter the ropes became the wetter I get, until I can feel it dripping from me, onto the bed. And right now, Cole can see it too. He’s standing at the end of the bed, admiring his handiwork. He has a satisfied smirk on his face, and he might as well be saying ‘I told you so, I knew this would turn you on.’ But he doesn’t say anything. He leans forward, dragging his fingers across my clit and pussy.

Then he comes to me. “Open.”

I do, and he lowers those same fingers into my mouth. “Suck.”

A simple, brutal command. I obey, tasting myself on his fingers, overwhelming arousal washing over me. “I almost regret our rules. The condom. I would fuck you till you came and have you clean your juices off my cock. I’d do it over and over again until you’d come so much you couldn’t remember your own name. And then I’d fuck you again, and I’d come so deeply inside you that you’d never forget it.”

Never in my life have I made a sound that I would consider a whimper, but that’s what I do. With his fingers in my mouth and my own taste on my tongue, the image he paints is so vivid that I want it.

“Rules are made to be broken,” I say as he pulls his fingers away, my voice hoarse with the lust building up inside me.

“Not when you’re the one who makes the rules.” He’s undressing now, every move quick and efficient, just like the last time.

“Especially when you’re the one making the rules,” I try to argue. “That’s really the only time you get to ignore them.”

Cole shakes his head. “No. Those two rules are not ones to break. We’ll just have to keep that idea for another time.” He’s grinning now, “But I will admit that seeing your lips wrapped around my cock is not something I want to wait for.”

I don’t have to ask him what he means. In a moment, he’s on the bed and straddling my waist. The weight of him pulls on my restraints, and I remember what position I’m in. Cole is massaging my breasts, pulling them together and squeezing them around his cock. “You’ve got gorgeous tits,” he says, pinching my nipples until they harden under his attention. Pushing them along his cock again he makes a sound of consideration. “This could be fun, too.”

His words sink in and it clicks. I don’t have a choice. There’s a difference between knowing you won't have a choice and feeling it with your body. I don’t have a choice. Unless I use the safe word, we’ll do what Cole wants.

Against all logic, my body relaxes. It accepts it. He was right. It feels so fucking good to let go. To not have to worry about whether I can pay my bills or whether to take Brownie out of rehab early or if I should apply for a second job. I don’t have to worry about anything right now. I’d forgotten what it feels like to be worry-free. Nagging worries are second nature to most of us now.

I open my eyes to find Cole watching me. He smiles. It’s a gentle smile—one of understanding. “How do you feel?”

“Good,” I mumble. “Really good.”

He runs his hands upward, smoothing them across my chest and up the sides of my face. He makes sure I’m looking at him, and I think he’s judging something, but I don’t ask. “That’s good,” he says. “Open.”

My mouth opens immediately before my mind even registers the command, and he places his cock at the corner of my mouth. It slips slowly in, and I close my lips over him. It’s strange not to be able to touch him—to have to trust him entirely. He slides further and further in, until my mouth is stretched around him. “Fuck, Andrea,” Cole groans. “You have no idea how hot you look right now.”

There’s no way to answer him, and the reason I can’t makes my pussy tighten with need. He grabs the headboard for balance as he pulls out of my mouth to the tip and slides back in. “Suck it,” he says, voice low and forceful. “Suck my cock.”

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