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I haven’t looked away from that couple. I can’t hear anything from the box, but it’s obvious she’s about to come. Her head is thrown back, eyes closed in pleasure. I imagine that she’s screaming, her cries echoing around the box and spurring her lover on. Cole’s fingers are at my waist, unbuttoning my pants, and I glance at him. “No. Watch them.”

I do. The man is fucking her so hard that I can see the walls of the box shake. Her knees buckle, and she’s being held up by nothing but the glass wall and his cock. It’s hot.

Cole’s fingers slide into my pants, stroking my clit gently. My hips jerk against his hand, and he chuckles softly, pressing his lips to my ear. “Sensitive?”

“Someone left me alone too long.”

“I’ll remember that,” he says, stroking me. He keeps his thumb on my clit while sliding a finger inside me. “What do you think of them?”

I can’t think when his hands are on me. “Who?”

“Them.” He nods his head towards the fucking couple.

“It’s hot,” I say, squirming as he starts to move his finger steadily in and out, stroking his finger against my G-spot. How he found it so quickly I can only assume is the same kind of magic that made him appear out of seemingly thin air.

“And can you imagine yourself in her place? Can you imagine my cock filling you up while I press you against the glass, the whole club watching me fuck you?” Cole punctuates his words with his fingers, and my body responds. I think about him filling me up the way he did before, I think about being trapped against the glass, nothing holding me up but his cock. Yes.

He slides another finger inside me, and I moan. I keep the image in my mind going, adding in the club, the people watching, the music, and I freeze. Everything goes from hot to cold, and I know it’s not right. “No,” I say.

Cole stops. “No what?”

“No people,” I say, my face flaming at the thought of someone watching me have sex. Real, sickening anxiety invades my stomach at the thought. “I don’t mind watching, but I don’t want people to see me.” I push the last words out, nervous that he’s going to change his mind suddenly. That now that I’m saying no to something, he won’t be interested in exploring the rest of the club with me. He won’t be interested in me.

But he doesn’t do that. He just takes me in and smiles a little. “Fair enough. It’s not for everyone.”

My body relaxes, and he starts to tease me again, more softly than before. “What about the possibility of someone watching? Sometimes people like the thrill of being caught, but not having a direct audience.”

I nod. “That’s fine.”

“I’ll just have to find something different to do with you,” Cole says, pressing his lips against my neck at the same time he presses on my clit. The result is that it feels like he’s kissing me there, just like he wanted. He chuckles against my skin. “So many possibilities.”

“Like what?” My voice is breathless and I close my eyes, trying to block out everything else but his fingers.

“I have an idea. You tell me if you like it.”


He pushes his fingers in deep, putting pressure on my clit from inside, and I gasp. “I want to take you upstairs to the Victorian room,” he says softly. “Then I’ll strip you naked. There’s a giant bed in that room—I know you’ve seen it. I want to tie you down so you can’t move and fuck you till you scream. I’ll be able to take you as many times as I want and you won’t be able to stop me.” My pussy clamps down on his fingers so hard I’m surprised they don’t break, and he laughs. “I thought you might like that idea.”

“Who says I like it?”

“Your pussy,” he whispers as he thrusts into me harder to make his point, and white fire explodes behind my eyes.

I bite my lips to keep my moan from escaping. “How did you know? How can you know that’s what I like? We barely know each other.”

“I know a little bit about you,” he says. “I know you live alone and are single, and that you’re trying to make your way on your own.”

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