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He lifts my hips off the ground, pulling me higher and makes me his. He’s feasting like the king he is, and the pleasure washes over me in a wave. I know that he’s not going to stop, not going to let me get away until he gives it all to me.

His teeth graze my clit, and with a last flick of his tongue, I come. I cry out, my voice muffled by all the fabric surrounding us, and it feels like fire, and if it is, then I don’t want to ever stop burning. He drinks me up, licking me deeper until I’m shaking and begging, until every last tremor has left me.

Letting my hips down, I see his mouth glistening with my juices, and I’m ready to come again just to see more of that. It’s so strange, such a blatant image of lust.

Reaching to his pants on the couch, he pulls out a condom, and I’m jerked back to reality by the sight of it. It’s jarring, seeing it in this fantasy, and now I know why they have the rule of absolutely no exceptions. I would have forgotten entirely.

I’m staring at him as he rolls the condom on, the tightness of it making him look even bigger. For a moment, it’s Cole grinning at me with wicked intent, and next it’s the king grabbing my hips again and flipping me over on the pillows. He settles between my legs, and he doesn’t wait. He’s there, entering me, splitting me open in the best way.

Oooh. Yes.

It feels like he slides in forever before he’s all the way in, seated so deep I can feel his hips pressing into mine. He stretches himself over me, skin to skin, grabbing my hands in his, entwining our fingers. I’m trapped here by him. Pinned down and impaled, I’m utterly taken. Something clicks in my brain, and pure, dazzling arousal rushes through me. I gasp, not expecting something like that. My pussy clamps down on his cock, and he growls in my ear. He pulls back and slams in, spreading my legs even wider with his knees and showing me just how vulnerable I am—how he’s in control.

“You like this, don’t you.” Not a question.

He slams into me again, and I can barely breathe, the friction of his cock in me making me shake. “Yes, majesty.”

“I should have bargained for more than one night,” he says.

He thrusts into me, and I go blind. There’s nothing in the world other than this sensation, this complete pleasure of being fucked.

His mouth is at my ear, and the sounds he’s making as he pushes into me again and again just make me wetter, bring me closer.

“You feel so good.” His voice is raw. I feel lips on my shoulder and then my neck, and his fingers tighten around mine. My orgasm is impossibly building again—I’ve never had it happen this quickly. But the way he’s sliding against me, this quick, brutal rhythm has me hovering on the edge again.

“Andrea,” he says my name, and I’m there. Cole is fucking me. This gorgeous specimen of a man that I barely know is hitting that spot deep inside of me that makes me see stars. “Come again.”

Like his words unlock something in me, I do. I scream out my climax, mouth smothered in the pillows, and he only fucks me harder. Bright fireworks of pleasure blaze through my body, and no part of me is left untouched.

Cole groans, thrusting hard into me and I feel him spasm inside me, coming just as hard as I did. He moves his hips in short little thrusts, working us both through our pleasure until I’m limp and gasping, and he’s practically collapsed on top of me.

“Holy shit,” I say, no longer in the world of fantasy. Now I’m just a girl sprawled on some pillows that had the best sex of her life.

Cole pushes himself to the side, lying down beside me. “Holy shit,” he agrees.


“That was…I don’t know.”

Cole strokes his hand down my ribs, and my body shivers with remembered pleasure. I think it’s going to be a reflex now, if and when he touches me. “I don’t know good or I don’t know bad?”

He asks it softly, without judgment, but it makes me think. “I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like that.” I laugh. “This isn’t what I expected when I came to my new job. Do you always have sex with the new girl on her first day?”

Cole laughs, and the sound rumbles through me. “No.”

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