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I look up into his eyes, dark green and fiery, and I feel that desire again.

“But I’m a passionate man, and having somebody as beautiful here with me for the night is more temptation than I can bear.”

I look down, away from him, and he his fingers find my chin, lifting my gaze back to his. “Give me tonight, and I’ll give you your freedom.”

His lips touch mine. Softly at first, then not so soft. The world disappears and I can’t remember anything but the feeling of his lips on my mine, the swooping of my stomach in free fall. For a breathless moment every part of my body is alive, fire spiraling through me and burning me up, turning me on, making me frantic with need.

He pulls back from me, just an inch, enough to see my eyes. “Is that a yes?”

“Yes, your majesty.”

“Good.” Taking a step back, he shrugs out of his coat, tossing it onto the couch and removing his pants in one smooth motion so that he’s naked in front of me.

Stunning in the costume, he’s even better without. His sculpted chest and abs leading down to perfect hips, and a cock standing proudly at attention. It’s thick and straight, and I shudder at the idea that that’s going to be inside me. I’ve never wanted anything so much.

“Undress. You won’t be needing those.” He gestures to my clothes with a sultry smirk.

He doesn’t move, just stands there waiting, expectant. He doesn’t make a move to help me. Just watches with that intense green stare that I can’t seem to look away from. I’m shaking. I’m not sure if it’s nerves or anticipation. Reaching back, I undo the ties on the top, and the weight of it makes it slither off my skin, landing in a heap at my feet. I push the skirt off my hips before I can change my mind, and it joins the pile of the fabric on the floor.

Suddenly he’s there, hands running across my skin, kissing me hard. He leads me to the cushions on the floor and guides me down until he’s laying over me. He’s bigger than I realized, he’s everywhere. His cock is hot and hard between us as he presses me down into the pillows, and that heat is spreading through me, downwards. My skin is so sensitive that every move he makes sends shivers across it—the product of an entire night waiting for this, for him to touch me. His fingers trail down my chest, the tips of fingers circling my breasts before flowing down and between my legs. He draws through the wetness there and I moan, arching my hips up and into him. He doesn’t push into me, not yet, just teases, running light strokes up and down my opening and circles around my clit. Just enough to make me want more. To make me want everything.

“When you go home, wherever you’re from, you can say I forced you if it makes it easier for them. But you and I will both know that it’s not true.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

And then he kisses me, and it’s everything. Fire explodes between us and I reach out, pull him closer, run my hands over his ribs, feeling the hardness of his muscles and the faint trace of a scar. Pleasure, deep and real, is running through me, and god, if just kissing him is like this…

He inches down my body, and it feels like he’s kissing every inch of my skin. I get lost in the sensation of his lips, of the chills he’s giving me, of the way my nipples harden as he brushes his lips across them before taking them into his mouth. Oh god yes. Yes. The suction of his mouth is a direct line to my clit, and I think that if he just kept doing this I might come.

But he has other plans, moving down and down and down until he’s right there, and I can feel his breath on my clit. There’s something so intimate about that feeling.

I look down to find him watching me, like he was waiting for me to look. And I’m looking as he slowly licks me, the feral sound he makes sending a gush of wetness onto his tongue. He seals his mouth over me in response, sucking deep, and oh god…

He’s barely touched me and I’m almost there. I must have said it out loud because suddenly his lips are around my clit, tongue working it with a singular focus. Every stroke takes me a little higher, a little closer, and I reach out for something to hold onto and find nothing solid. Just silk and pillows. It’s too much and just enough, and I’m writhing as he holds my pussy again, trying to get away, to make it last longer, but god I want it.

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