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Memories of strong arms holding her, a tender kiss on her lips and a whispered “Good night, yineka mou” warmed her.

She could barely wrap her mind around the fact he had slept with her—all night long, much less her lascivious memories of the night before.

Sitting up in the Ralph Lauren white T-shirt Neo had lent her to sleep in, she felt only tiny twinges in muscles used so differently from her normal exercise regime. The mineral bath had helped. A lot.

She bit her lip on the smile Neo’s insistence she soak in the enhanced hot water brought to her face. He’d been so sweet, but she intuited he would not thank her for saying so.

He’d taken such good care of her, but what had really surprised her was him carrying her to his bed after the bath. She’d assumed that if she was staying over, she would do so in the guest room. But that wasn’t what happened.

He’d brought her to his bed. Without the slightest hesitation or discussion.

And though she’d never once slept in the same bed as another person, she had rested deeply, waking only once in the wee hours of the night. Rather than being bothered by the body wrapped so protectively around hers, she had reveled in the experience, knowing it might not ever happen again.

She didn’t think Neo made a habit of sleeping with his mistresses. No doubt he’d made an exception for her because it had been her first time.

He really was a nice man.

“What’s put that smile on your face?” the man himself asked from the doorway, dressed immaculately and obviously ready for work.

“You,” she admitted.

His brows rose.

“Really. You’re a very nice man, Neo Stamos, billionaire business mogul.”

He shook his head. “Don’t let my contractors hear you say that.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“Dora has breakfast waiting for you when you are ready.” Cass looked around, but did not see a clock. “What time is it?”

Neo flicked a glance at his watch. “Seven-thirty.”

“You look ready to go to work.”

“I am. I woke late, but have a meeting I must attend.”

“Can I return to my house today?” she asked, fearful of the answer. She couldn’t help noticing, he had never mentioned Cole Geary calling the night before with the all clear.

“Yes, of course. Cole’s team finished the installations before dinnertime yesterday.”

“You didn’t say anything.”

He shrugged, but the skin over his sculpted cheekbones went a burnished hue. “I was enjoying your company.”

“Ditto,” she hastened to assure him. “I certainly don’t mind, but it would be good to get back to work on my composition.”

“Get done what needs doing by Friday.”

“There goes that bossy gene again.”

“Ahazard of spending your time around business moguls.”

“You think?”

“I know.”

“Just so you don’t expect to always get your way.”

“Just so you don’t expect me not to try.”

She laughed, feeling more free than she had since her initial decision to stop performing. “What’s happening on Friday?”

“We’re flying to Napa Valley after dinner and staying for the weekend.”

Shocked to her pink, bare toes, she jumped out of the bed. She hadn’t let herself hope he meant it about travelling together, but hadn’t he told her at least once he did not say things he didn’t mean? “You’re serious?”

“I’ve instructed my pilot to book both takeoff and landing slots and Miss Parks to rent a house for the weekend.”

“All since waking up?”

“I texted them both last night, after you fell asleep.”

“But it’s such short notice.”


“Talks and the rest of the world listens.” She shook her head in disbelief. He gave her so much and didn’t seem to even realize it. “You’re amazing! Thank you!”

He accepted her enthusiastic hug without a glimmer of hesitation, but kept his kiss swift. “I cannot afford to get sidetracked by your too-alluring lips this morning.”

“You find my lips alluring?”

“Most definitely.”

“Good to know.” She was feeling positively giddy and it showed in her voice.

“You think?”

“Sure, knowledge is power,” she said cheekily.

“So they say.” His eyes travelled down her T-shirt-clad body, the heat factor increasing steadily until he gave her a look that singed her to her toes. “Know this, if I did not have to attend this meeting, I would be taking you back to bed and touching you until you screamed.”

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