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“You’ve got me there.” The music industry could be cutthroat, but she stayed out of the business side as much as possible.

“Can I sweeten the draw with an offer of refreshments?” he asked.

Why did the word draw sound so much like defeat? “What kind of refreshments?” she asked, tempted despite her newly awakened sense of competition.

“Macadamia nut cookies and baklava. My housekeeper was very happy to have her normal restrictions lifted.”

Cass’s mouth watered and any thoughts of futile attempts at a second dunking for the big man flew from her mind. “You’ve sold me.”

“I’ll meet you inside.”

Only if she could get out of the pool after nearly drowning herself when she forgot to keep treading water while watching his muscular backside walking away from her toward one of the shower enclosures.

Neo heated the water for tea to go with their pastries and reminded himself of all the reasons he could not bed the sexy woman still drying her hair in his guest bathroom. Hell, he’d come close to making love to her in the pool. Then on the deck when she’d stepped out of the water.

He should never have looked back before closing the door on the shower room. She’d had a glazed look in her eye he associated with things not remotely related to swimming.

But damn did she look delectable in a swimsuit. Supermodels would kill for a body so well-toned. Cassandra wasn’t anorexically thin like those women. Thank heaven. No protruding bones in places where at least a minimal layer of insulation should reside.

But the only things that jiggled were supposed to. Even if her curves were modest, they were mouth-wateringly succulent. Petite but perfect breasts and small round globes of a bottom that tempted his hands and mouth. He had wanted to leave a love bite on one flawless mound in the worst way.

She’d almost started something very different than what she’d intended with her dunking game. When he picked her up to toss her into the pool, he’d very nearly brought her body to his mouth instead of letting her go to splash in the water.

Oh, hell. What had he been thinking suggesting she use the pool?

That she’d wear one of the more modest one-pieces he knew could be found in the changing room. That’s what. Absolutely not that she’d choose to swim laps in three tiny triangles that revealed more than they hid. The damn bottoms were almost a thong. And Cassandra had a perfect butt.

Luscious. Well-rounded, but clearly the result of time spent in her exercise room because…damn. Perfect. Yes, that was the only word that fit. And the lack of tan line indicated whatever sunbathing she did, she wore a suit of similar construction.

His heart could barely take the strain of thinking about that one. His virginal friend was too damn sexy for either of their sakes.

Hearing the continued sound of the hair dryer just made him want to go in there and offer his services helping her dry those glorious, silky tresses. What woman in today’s age grew her hair to her waist like Cassandra had? Didn’t she know it took too much work for a modern woman to maintain?

He nearly laughed at his own musings. Apparently, Cassandra had not gotten the memo.

He’d had no idea how long the soft brown curtain was until he’d seen her braid as she sat beside the pool. It hung down the middle of her back, the tail brushing enticingly against the top curve of her backside. He had immediately wanted to see what the brown silk would look like fanned out on his pillow, or hanging down around both their faces as she rode him to ecstasy.

His eyes slid shut, the pain of unabated arousal humming through him as he bit off a Greek word even he didn’t say very often.

He grabbed his phone and dialed.

Zephyr picked up on the second ring. “What’s up?” he asked in Greek.

“Remind me why it’s a bad idea to have sex with your friends.”

“Did I say that?” Was that amusement Neo heard in his partner’s voice?

“No. I did, but I need reminding.”

“What friend are we talking about? The new piano teacher?” That was definitely laughter lacing Zephyr’s tone.

Neo growled, “Yes.”

“I’m surprised.”

“That I want to have sex with her?” He always thought Zephyr was more discerning than that.

“No, that you are calling her friend already.”

“She’s special.”

“I see.” All amusement was gone now.

Finally, the other man was taking this seriously. “Good, because I do not. Tell me to keep my hands to myself.”

“When have you ever listened to me?”

“Damn it, Zee…”

“You really are in a quandary, aren’t you?”

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