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I ran my fingers down his back which was damp with sweat and rain, feeling the power of his thrusts into me. Our foreheads met, and his teeth clenched as he looked down at my body moving with his.

My orgasm came quickly as his h*ps grinded into mine, and I cried out in pleasure as Jared went harder. After a few more seconds, his body tensed, and he closed his eyes as he came, too. We lay there, unmoving, trying to catch our breaths for several minutes.

There was nothing in the world better than what we’d just done. I wanted him forever. I could still feel where we were connected, and there was no happiness greater than knowing he was sweating and shivering because of me.

He leaned down and kissed my lips after our bodies had calmed down. “You were really a virgin.” He wasn’t asking.

“Yeah,” I replied weakly. “I haven’t had much of a dating life, you know?”

Rising up to hover over me, Jared kissed me on the cheeks and forehead. “So you’re truly mine.” His voice was husky.

Always. I told myself but opted for my usual sarcasm when I responded. “Only so long as you can keep me happy.”

He pinned me with a knowing smile, because he both knew that he just made me very happy. Rolling us over, so I lay on top of him, he ran his hand up and down my back. “Don’t fall asleep,” he commanded. “I can make you happy again in about five minutes.”

Chapter 33

“Yeah, Dad, I promise to be careful.” I laughed, trying not to move too much to mess up my hair or make-up. “Anyway, K.C. and Liam will be there, so I’ll be able to find a ride if I get too wasted.”

My laptop speakers vibrated with the loud sigh my dad let out. “Tate.”

“Oh, relax. You know you can trust me.”

I guess I could still say that, but somehow I felt like it was less true than before.

My fingers fidgeted. I needed to get off this call, so I could get into my dress. Jared and Madoc had compromised about Homecoming. I’d be going with both of them. As much as I just wanted to spend every second with Jared, I’d decided to give Madoc an opportunity to make amends. If he was Jared’s best friend, then it was no skin off my nose to give him another chance.

Just one more chance.

“It’s not you I’m worried about,” my dad grumbled.

I narrowed my eyes. “But you like Jared, Dad.”

“He’s a teenage guy, honey. I trust him, just not with my daughter.”

Heat rose to my cheeks, and I hoped my dad didn’t see a blush. His suspicions were too close to home.

If he only knew. Guilt sullied the otherwise exciting night I was about to have.

Jared and I had made love twice on my birthday a week ago and again the next morning. Keeping him off me since then so I could get some school work done had become a full time job. A delightful and fun full-time job. I enjoyed the effect I had on him and how easily I could get him worked up only to say no. He called me a bully for it last night, and I’d laughed, because I did kind of get off on the power.

But if my dad knew that Jared spent all of his nights here now, he’d jump a plane home immediately. I would do the same thing if it were my daughter, but I just didn’t want Jared anywhere without me, and he seemed to feel the same way. We couldn’t control ourselves. Or maybe we just didn’t care to try.

“Well, how do I look so far?” I asked, meaning my look from the neck up.

He gave me a sad smile, and I knew he was sorry he couldn’t be here with me. “Beautiful. So much like your mom.”

My eyes welled up. “Thanks,” I barely whispered. My mom and I didn’t look a lot alike. She had red hair and was more petite, but it made me feel proud that my dad thought I was just as beautiful. I wanted her here tonight fluffing my hair or helping me zip my dress.

My honey-colored hair was parted in the middle, and wide curls cascaded down my back. The make-up I’d bought when I purchased the dress turned out to be less overwhelming than I originally thought. Whereas I usually applied minimal color to my face and eyes, I’d decided to go all out tonight and the result had been shocking. My eyes popped, and my lips looked like candy.

“Alright, go get dressed, and text me when you get in tonight.” He rubbed the stubble on his jaw.

“I love you. Talk to you later,” I replied.

“Love you too. Have a great time.” And we clicked off.

Casting off the white button-down, I slipped my dress off the hanger. Stepping into the nude and silver sequined material, I felt shivers down my arms and legs as giddiness overtook me. The slim-fitting, short, strapless dress featured a sweetheart neckline. My legs, arms, and cle**age were the main attractions, since the dress covered none of them. I took a deep breath while I worked the zipper up and adjusted my body inside the dress as it hugged all the right places. The sheer overlay featured a pattern of sequins that made me look like I glowed. My toes dug into the floor when I saw myself in the mirror.

Wow. I’d never looked like this before.

After a few make-up touch-ups and adding some bracelets and earrings, I headed downstairs to grab my heels out of the Bronco. Waiting until this afternoon to purchase the finishing touch on my outfit had been playing with fire, but shoes had been the last thing on my mind this week.

Taking the box from the passenger side of the truck, I spun around to see Jared frozen in his driveway, staring at me. I swallowed with the sudden shock of seeing him dressed up. He wore a black suit, of course, with a black shirt and shoes. The jacket didn’t hang on him limply but was tailored in at the waist before it fell past his hips. His hair was trimmed and styled to perfection and out of his eyes, making them seem brighter. I just wanted to take him inside and forget about the dance.

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