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His teeth were slightly bared as he breathed, and his eyes cut right through me. I knew what he wanted. And when I remembered how good his skin had tasted earlier, I couldn’t keep myself from touching him.

As my arms went around his neck, I pushed up on my toes and took his mouth. That’s about where my control of the situation ended.

He was like an animal sinking his teeth into a juicy kill. One of his arms wrapped around me, while the other held my face. He guided our every movement. When he pushed, I surrendered.

His tongue made my whole world slide on its ass. It was so hot, and when he used his teeth to nibble my lips, I knew what I wanted, too.

My pulse was racing, and I had a desperate ache between my legs. I needed him. I needed him inside me.

“You’re cold,” he said as the rain drenched our clothes.

“Warm me up,” I begged.

I left a trail of soft kisses along his neck and jaw, and I heard him suck in a breath when my tongue darted out to taste his skin again. “I love you, Jared,” I murmured in his ear.

He took my head in his hands and captured my mouth in a deep kiss. His breath was hot, and he tasted like rain. Like a memory that I wanted to wrap myself up in forever.

“We can wait,” he suggested, but it was more of a question.

I shook my head slowly, desire spreading through my belly like a fire. We were not wasting time anymore.

I lifted the hem of his shirt over his head and let my hands trail across his skin. My fingertips drifted down his back, and he tensed when I deliberately stroked one of his scars. I craved him. All of him. I wanted him to know that I wasn’t scared, that I loved every part of him.

Holding his gaze, I pulled my black, silk blouse over my head and unclasped my bra, letting both fall to the ground. Jared’s breathing grew harder, and I moaned when his fingers glided down my br**sts. His touch sent heat shooting through my veins, and my fists clenched with anticipation.

He swept my soaked hair behind my shoulders and drank me in with his eyes. Normally, I was self-conscious about everything. I never walked around na**d in the locker room. But I loved his eyes on me.

Jared pulled me flush with him, and the pulsing at my core throbbed harder when I felt his skin against my bare br**sts. Our lips melted together in a rush, and when I felt him through his jeans, I moaned, thinking for sure that I was going to lose it.

I need you.

I peeled off my jeans and let out a little whimper when he lifted me up unexpectedly. My legs wrapped around his waist, and he carried me across the patio to the chaise lounge that had a canopy.

Laying me down, he hovered over me looking at every inch of my body that his eyes could cover. He bent his head and kissed my chest over my heart. My body jerked up when he took a nipple in his mouth, and I held him to me feeling anything but chilled now.

“Jared…” My chest shook with the overwhelming pleasure.

As he sucked, his hand skimmed down my body, caressing my hip and leg. The pressure at my core was agonizing, and I knew what I needed.

“Jared, please.”

He left my breast and continued kissing down my stomach, his tongue made me jerk every time it touched my skin. “Be patient,” he ordered. “If you keep begging like that, I’m going to lose it right now.”

As he trailed kisses, he pulled my panties down my legs and dropped them to the ground. Standing up, he fished a condom out of his wallet and unbuttoned his jeans, taking everything off in one smooth motion.

Oh, my God. He was definitely as ready as I was.

Coming down on top of me, he positioned himself between my thighs, and I throbbed with his hardness rubbing against me. I closed my eyes, the twitch of my cl*t where his skin grinded on my sex sent thrilling waves of excitement through my body. This was it. I needed him inside of me. Right. Now.

He looked down at me as I wrapped my legs around him. Arching my body into his, I felt him glide against my opening.

He groaned with need…or maybe agony, and I couldn’t help but love the sound. Everything was perfect. Having him. In the rain. And he loved me.

He ripped the condom from its wrapper. Slipping it on, he leaned down to kiss me.

“I love you,” he said before he slipped inside of me.

“Ahhh…,” I gasped loudly, and my body went rigid and still.

Jared stopped and leaned back to look at me. He was breathless and flushed as he gazed at me with care and love.

I knew there would be pain, but that hurt! I took deep breaths, trying to let my body adjust.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I nodded, slowly feeling the ache fade away. “I’m good. Don’t stop but go slow.”

When Jared saw me relax, he slowly went deeper until he was all the way in.

“Damn,” he breathed out. “You feel so good. Perfect.”

He kept his weight off of me, and I held his hips, feeling his slow thrusts against me. I started moving with him, feeling the quiver of what his body was doing to mine. With each meeting, I pulled him harder into me. It didn’t hurt anymore.

My body had to stretch to take him, but now I was feeling the familiar burn in my belly and pulsing between my thighs.

We weren’t making love long and slow. Not tonight. I grabbed for his face to bring his lips down on mine. I needed every inch of his body on or inside me. I whispered against his mouth, “I feel you everywhere.”

He let out a raspy moan. “Don’t talk like that, baby. I’ll be done too soon.”

Our bodies moved in sync, my h*ps rising up to meet his. He was coming undone. His eyes were glazed over, and he was breathing hard.

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