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“Jared,” I breathed out, trying to get control of myself.

“Don’t stop me, Tate. Please baby, don’t stop me.”

I closed my eyes. I’d tried to put up a fight, didn’t I? It was okay to surrender now. I yanked my shirt over my head, and Jared pulled my bra straps down to release my br**sts.

As he lips cascaded over my body. The wet trail from his mouth was like a fuse on a stick of dy***ite. And the dy***ite was between my thighs.

“Oh!” My eyes snapped open, and my body jerked when I felt his tongue run the length of my sex. “What are you doing?” Oh, my God. That felt awesome. If I weren’t so embarrassed, I would grab him by the hair to keep him there.

He cocked his head to the side, figuring out something in his head. “You’re a virgin,” he stated quietly.

Yep, I guess I made it kind of obvious now.

But before I could feel self-conscious about my lack of experience, he kissed my inner thighs, sending me reeling again. “You have no idea how happy that makes me.” And he moved his mouth back on my clit.

Oh. My. God. Everything felt so good. I almost couldn’t stand it. His tongue licked the length of me, and he sucked on my clit. Every ounce of energy and desire in my body pooled between my legs, and I knew that something was building inside of me. My ni**les were hard, and Jared kneaded one breast at a time while he worked between my legs.

“Jesus Christ, if you could see yourself from my view. Fucking beautiful.” He breathed against my core.

He swirled his tongue around me, and I felt a sudden need to hold my breath. It felt like depriving myself of air would increase the urgency down below. And I was right. It allowed me to concentrate on everything he was doing. The throbbing sensations pounded inside of me, and I was incredibly wet.

Jared plunged his tongue inside, and I threw my head back, arching into him for more. I came, holding my breath while the waves of ecstasy heated up my body and made me cry out for him. Jared continued to work me until the final shudders left my body.

“Damn, Tate.” Jared inched back up to meet my eyes, his arousal poking me. “Your beauty is nothing compared to how you look when you come.”

“That was...” I couldn’t think. My body had never felt anything that wonderful, and I wanted him to feel the same.

He came up to meet me eye to eye and pressed his h*ps into mine. My muscles tensed, and I was in agony with his slow grinding. He was ready.

He cupped my cheek. “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

I pushed myself up and captured his mouth in mine. My hand traveled down between his legs and grasped him, hard in my hand. The size of his tongue and what it had just done to me was nothing compared to his erection. It both scared and thrilled me.

Unfastening my bra strap, he shed my last piece of clothing and brought his lips down on one of my ni**les. Shivers spread over my skin with the pleasure shooting out of my pores, and I held his head to me, savoring his hot mouth. He switched from one breast to the other, and I wrapped my legs around him, needing him as close as possible. I wanted more.

Jared and I both jumped at the sound of knocking on his bedroom door.

“Jared, you ready yet?” a male’s voice asked.

What? Who was that?

“I’m going to kill him,” Jared growled quietly. “Go downstairs!” He shouted at the door but stayed on me.

“We’re already late, man. The car’s gassed up. Let’s go!”

And then it hit me. I hadn’t seen Jared leaving before. One of the friends he had over took the car to get gas, and Jared stayed behind to get cleaned up.

“I said wait downstairs, Sam!” Jared bellowed, tightening the towel around his waist as he got up off the bed.

“Alright!” Sam must’ve taken the hint, because I heard his footsteps fade away.

I grabbed my tank top and covered myself, the buzz of desire slowly disintegrating.

“No, don’t get dressed,” Jared commanded. “I’m going to go get rid of him, and we’re finishing this.” He bent down to kiss me and heat rushed to my face again.

“You’re racing tonight?”

“Not anymore.” He slipped on some jeans underneath his towel.

I slipped the top over my head and stood up to slip on my underwear and jeans. “Jared, go. It’s fine.” My detective work tonight took an unexpected turn, and his “birthday kiss” turned into much more than I bargained for. I needed to regroup, although I did feel guilty about leaving him hanging.

Jared wasn’t taking “no” for an answer, though. He lifted me off my feet again and set me on the edge of his dresser taking my mouth in his. His body was positioned between my legs, and he pulled me to him with the slow, deep kiss.

“Races aren’t important, Tate,” he said against my lips. “There’s nowhere else I want to be than with you.”

I think my heart skipped a beat, and a lump formed in my throat. I felt the exact same way.

But I needed to cool down. Things moved too fast, and I still didn’t trust him.

“Take me with you then,” I suggested. I loved the thrill of the races, and we could be together in a public setting, sure to keep us from pawing each other. The only downside was I wouldn’t be able to search his room if I was with him, but I didn’t feel so right about that anymore.

“Take you with me?” He looked at me skeptically but then turned thoughtful. “Alright, go get something warmer on, and I’ll come get you when we’re ready.” He moved towards the door, but stopped. “And after the race, we’ll come back here and finish this.” His promise made me smile despite myself.

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