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“What?” She had the nerve to look hurt. “I love you!” Her voice pitched higher. “That’s why I’m here! I want you. I want this—us!”

I scoffed. She wanted my body—that was never the issue. It was my heart she’d rejected. That wound bled anew, soaking me in pure misery and pain. “Yeah? Well, how does it feel to be the one left wanting?”

Her jaw dropped.

I undid the clasp of the chain around my neck, then dropped the necklace into her open palm and closed her fingers over it.

“Hendrix, no.” She blinked up at me, tears pooling in her eyes.

“I’d hate for you to go home empty-handed.” My voice shook a little, but I got the words out. Then I grabbed my bag off the floor and walked out of the boathouse, not bothering to put on a shirt or even fish my keys out of the pocket until I reached my car.

Who gave a shit if she locked up the boathouse for me or not?

She’d already taken everything I had.

Three days later, I held down what had become my spot at Scythe. Maybe it was because Nathan looked so much like Nixon, but I felt more comfortable here than I did with the other Cougars. Not that they weren’t good guys, or great teammates. They were. We’d meshed well, and our record proved it.

They just weren’t family. Not yet.

It was just Sterling, Briggs, and the wrong, yet right Noble in the booth tonight, but that was good since I wasn’t up for a crowd. Hell, I’d only left my place for practice since I’d walked out on Savannah.

You stupid asshole.

For every second that I congratulated myself on the appearance of my self-control, I spent another arguing that I could have convinced her to love me if I’d stayed. Could have kept her sated and happy…until her father demanded her return, of course.

The guys laughed at something Sterling had said, and I forced a smile, willfully bringing myself back into the conversation.

“Right? And there’s Connell standing with a shit-eating grin on his face!” He finished the story.

Guess I’d tuned out longer than I’d thought.

“Fuck, I miss him.” Nathan rubbed the back of his neck.

“They’re really happy out in Denver if it helps,” Sterling said with a sad smile.

The door flew open, and our heads snapped toward the entrance to see London storm her way in, her eyes unerringly finding mine. I would have laughed—she was such a tiny thing to hold so much rage—but the look in her eyes was anything but funny.

“You asshole!” she shouted.

“Whatever I did, I’m sorry,” Sterling said, putting his hands up.

She shot a glare his way and shook her head.

“Pretty sure that was aimed at me,” I said, folding my arms across my chest.

“You’re damn right it’s aimed at you!” She slammed her hands on the table, rattling the glassware. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I’m not the one shouting in a bar.” I shrugged, but my heart clenched, knowing exactly why she was here.

Her eyes narrowed to slits. “She came to you, and you walked out on her?”

“I’m not a fucking booty call!” I snapped.

“Now who’s shouting in a bar?” Briggs muttered.

“What?” London shook her head.

“I. Am. Not. A. Booty. Call.” I repeated slowly. “If she needs to get off, I’ll send her a vibrator, because I’m done letting her fuck with my heart.”

She blinked, then laughed, but it wasn’t a happy sound. “You’re an idiot.”

“I’ve been called far worse. Sorry, London, I know she’s your best friend, but—”

“She didn’t booty call,” she stumbled over the words like they were distasteful, “you. She gave up her job with the Raptors and moved here for you, asshole. She’s in love with you!”

“I’m sorry?” I leaned forward, certain I misheard her.

“She’d be better off with a vibrator! Hell, we all would!” she snapped, then turned around and marched out with the same fury she’d entered with.

“I love you,” Sterling whispered with a grin after the door shut. “Fuck, she’s amazing. Her temper is so damned hot.”

We all looked at Sterling like he’d lost his fool mind.

“So…uh…did the coach’s daughter move here for you?” Nathan asked, raising his brows.

“Of course she didn’t,” I snapped, already tugging my phone free and hitting Weston’s contact button.

It rang twice.

“This had better be important. I have two very attractive blondes who want my attention, Hendrix.” He sounded drunk.

“Did you let Savannah out of her contract?” I cut right to the point.

“How did her surprise go?”

“Answer the question, Wes.” I rubbed the bridge of my nose.

“Well, yeah. She told me she was hopelessly in love with you and couldn’t live without you, so I made a call and got her a job down there. What else are best friends for?”

My stomach lurched. “And you didn’t think to tell me?”

“Who the hell ruins a romantic gesture like that? It was almost enough to make me believe in love. Almost.”

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