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But every day we spent together was another day closer to Coach finding out what we’d done—what I’d done.

I flipped my turn signal on and switched lanes, pulling into a rest stop.

“What are we doing?” Savannah asked as I parked far from the other cars.

I turned in my seat, took her face in my hands, and sealed my mouth over hers. Heat licked through my veins with just that touch, but the ache in my heart eased as she melted into the kiss.

My tongue took her mouth with deep, rhythmic strokes that had her whimpering in seconds, and then I slowed it down. If I wasn’t careful, I’d pull her into my lap—spectators be damned.

“Hendrix?” she asked against my mouth between kisses.

“I can’t get enough of you.” The truth was freeing, even as it damned us both. “Every kiss is better, every time I slide inside you, it’s hotter. The idea of leaving you at your apartment and never having this again—never having you, is…” I shook my head.

“I know,” she whispered. “It’s the same for me. I wake up and wonder when I’ll see you—or on the good days, you’re already there. I always want you. I’m always ready for you. You cock an eyebrow at me and I’m wet.”

“You walk in the room, and I’m fucking hard,” I admitted, my cock straining against the seam of my shorts in agreement. It was way more than that, but I concentrated on what I could put into words.

“What are we going to do?” She rested her forehead against mine.

“Are you ready to end it?” The words nearly caught in my throat.

She shook her head.

“Me either.” We weren’t a long-term couple. Logically, we shouldn’t even have been a short-term one. We weren’t compatible anywhere but the bedroom. We bickered. We fought. She wasn’t the kind to follow my career around, and I wasn’t the kind to give it up. All we had was right now.

And I wanted more of right now.

“Let’s give it a month,” I whispered. By the end of that, we’d either have throttled each other or fucked each other out of our systems, right?

“One month, total?” She brushed her lips over mine.

“One month from today.” I’d take whatever I could get.

“One month from today,” she agreed.

I kissed her hard and long, leaving us both struggling to control our breathing as I broke away and pulled the car back onto the highway.

“London and Caz are at the apartment,” she said as we came up on Raleigh.

Fuck, I wasn’t going to be able to keep my hands off her, and anyone with a brain would take one look at us and know. “Detour to my house?”

“Your house.” Her smile was slow and seductive as she put her hand on my thigh, sending my dick into overdrive.

We made it.




"You’re slower tonight," Drew said as we headed off the practice mat.

I glared at my Krav Maga trainer but clamped down on any argument I might have posed. He was right.

He held up his hands in an innocent gesture, his smile lighting up his dark-chocolate eyes. "Not saying you can't kick my ass," he said as he walked me toward the front door. "Just saying I think you need to take it easy tonight."

I nodded, feeling the weakness in my muscles. Not to mention that my head was a little bit fuzzy. Either it was the lack of sleep due to my massive study and class schedule, or I was coming down with a cold. Either way, I definitely needed to listen to Drew.

"Thanks for another great lesson," I said, putting all the gratitude I could into the words. I’d taken up Krav Maga after a really bad encounter with a fuckboy at a club. I'd gotten into a situation that wasn't easy to get out of, but thank God London had been there to run interference.

If she hadn't? An icy shudder raced down my spine.

I didn't have to worry about that now. Or ever again. Thanks to Drew.

He nodded and held the door open for me. “Promise you’ll rest tonight?" he asked. "Don't hit up the clubs. Drink water not vodka," he teased.

"Sure thing, Dad," I teased right back. He flipped me off as he closed the door. I flipped him off right back but paired it with a loving smile. Drew had become such a great friend, and I absolutely adored him.

I spun back around, keys in hand as I headed toward my car, and stopped short. The breath froze in my lungs, my heart swelling up to twice its size. Almost enough to clear the cobwebs from my brain.

Hendrix leaned against my driver side door, hands casually stuffed inside the pockets of his black athletic pants, his dark blue T-shirt hugging every one of his muscles.

"Hey there, Butterfly," he said, and just the sound of his voice washed over me with warm shivers.

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