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I cried out his name, throwing my head back, my eyes closed against the onslaught of stars bursting under my skin.

I clenched around him so hard that he found his own release, but we remained there, rocking back and forth slowly through the aftershocks.

Hendrix leaned over, planting kisses along every inch of my spine, his strong warm body sweat-slicked just like mine.

Slowly, I caught my breath, trying like hell to slow my racing heart.

And I couldn't help but hear it scream…

More more more.



Morning light streamed in through Savannah's windows and played in the fiery strands of her hair. I'd never been the guy to hang around for a morning after, but I couldn't help myself.

The last two weeks hadn't only been filled with firsts for Savannah, but me, too. She was the first woman I'd ever taken to bed in my home, the first woman I'd ever had to track down because I couldn't get enough, and the first woman I'd ever stared at with pure appreciation at seven o'clock in the morning.

I was the one who demanded we leave our hearts out of this, and yet here I was, clearly tangling mine where it didn't belong.

The sound of a vibrating phone caught my attention, and I lifted my head just long enough to recognize it was Savannah's.

Go away.

Guess whoever was on the other line didn't recognize that they were stealing a morning I wasn't even supposed to have. One week had turned into two weeks with the kind of ease that should have scared me, but it didn't, simply because it was just that—easy. Everything with Savannah was easy. Except hiding whatever this was from everyone we knew.

That was fucking impossible.

"Hey, sleepy," I said softly against the shell of her ear.

"Again?" She laughed softly, pressing her ass against my dick. "You're insatiable. Not that I'm complaining."

Since she was going on about three hours of sleep, it was hard to argue. The truth was I couldn't get enough.

"When it comes to you? Absolutely. But you should probably know your phone is ringing." I laughed when she jumped upright, scrambling for her phone.

"Shh!” she hissed at me.

I pressed my lips together in a tight line.

"Hey, London, how is your road trip?" she asked. "No, of course, you didn't wake me. I was…" She cringed. "Just getting ready to go for a run."

"I have a better workout in mind," I whispered, tugging the sheet free from where she held it clutched near her collarbone. Then I went to work kissing a path down the swell of one peak.

Savannah fumbled the phone, accidentally putting the call on speaker.

"Caz is here,” London snapped, "which you would know if you'd picked up your phone last night!”

I grimaced and left Savannah’s perfect breasts alone.

"Sorry… I was busy," Savannah explained unconvincingly.

"It's okay," London replied. "It's not like I expect you to be at my beck and call, it was just a shock."

"I bet. Is he just visiting?" Savannah asked as the phone slipped out of her fingers again. I would have laughed if it wouldn't have given us away. Good thing I was the wide receiver in this relationship.


"That's the thing," London said, her words growing shorter. "He signed with the Reapers!"

Savannah’s jaw dropped, and she stopped batting at the covers for her phone. "I'm sorry, did you just say that Caz, as in your oldest brother, Caspian Foster, signed with the NHL team that offered you a job?"

My eyes widened. Caspian Foster was London's brother?

"Exactly! He picked me up at the airport with my realtor, the same one the team had recommended to me. And he thought I was going to be happy about all this!"

"Wait, he what?"

My phone rang, vibrating on the nightstand, and I immediately rolled to my side to silence it.

Shelly’s name flashed across my screen, and I tossed back the covers, snagging my shorts off the floor, and swiping to answer it as I walked out of Savannah’s bedroom.

“Shell?” I asked, keeping my voice quiet and shutting the door behind me.

“He’s here!” My sister’s voice practically oozed happiness. “He’s seven pounds, nine ounces of perfection, and he’s here!”

I laughed, a grin spreading across my face. “When? How are you feeling?”

“Last night, and we’re both wonderful, nothing to worry about. Sorry, I would have called sooner, but Greg’s parents are all over us.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’d rather you get what sleep you can. How long until they let you out of the hospital?” I was already mentally calculating the travel time.

“Tonight actually. Twenty-four hours. Greg’s already packing up, and Mom is hovering.”

“She usually does.” My mouth tightened in a line. “Why so fast? Shouldn’t you stay for a day or two after having a kid?”

“Eh. You know, insurance. Besides, I’d rather be at home. Want me to send you some pictures?” Her voice pitched upwards, no doubt trying to distract me from the first part.

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