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And I didn't hesitate, didn't waste two seconds to rid him of his jeans and boxer briefs. They landed in a heap on the floor next to mine, and before he could blink, we switched positions, and I kissed my way down his perfect chest, those delicious V-lines that led to exactly what I wanted.

He was hard as granite when I reached him, and I’d be lying if I said my heart didn't do a little hiccup at the idea of getting him in my mouth.

But again, I was always up for a challenge.

I flipped my gaze up to his and grabbed his hands, guiding them to my hair until he held it back. And that little action alone wrestled a groan from him. Almost a growl, one that had me liquid between my thighs once again.

Releasing his hands, I gripped him in both of mine, marveling at the sheer size of him, at the perfection of his sculpted body. I flicked my tongue over the tip of his cock. Just a little taste to get to know each other. I trembled at the hiss that came from his lips, and then I grinned before I took his entire head into my mouth.

"Shit!" The word ripped from his lips, but I was too busy pumping and sucking him to listen.

Damn, he tasted good. How did he taste this good? Like warmth and salt and every bit Hendrix.

I removed one hand and took him deeper into my mouth, pumping and rocking back and forth faster, in time with my racing heart, simply delighting in devouring this perfect man before me. This untouchable godlike man who I'd somehow gotten lucky enough to get a taste of.

"Fuck," Hendrix hissed again, the low growl rumbling from his chest doing everything to ignite a surge of power in my blood.


I made him growl with want. Made his fingers tighten in my hair to the point of pain that sent more shivers of pleasure rippling down my spine.

"Savannah," he growled my name, gently tugging my hair until he’d backed me up enough that he came out of my mouth with a satisfying little popping sound. I glanced up at him, the wild need in his eyes enough to still my breath. "Stand up," he demanded, the primal dominance in his voice doing everything to unravel me.

So I fucking obeyed.

He grabbed a foil packet from his discarded jeans on the floor before making quick work of the tank top and bra I still had on. He slipped on the condom before those strong hands were firm as he gently grabbed my arms, spun me around, and bent me over the armrest of the couch.

I gasped as he nudged apart my thighs with a strong knee, and before I could even glance over my shoulder, he nudged at my entrance from behind. His fingers bit into my hips, and our gazes met as I glanced behind and up.

I nearly came again at the sight of him standing there, all glorious muscles and blue eyes and golden hair.

He smoothed one hand down my spine as the other gripped my hip and guided the tip of his cock, slick from my mouth, farther between my thighs.

It was my turn to growl at him when he slid in all the way to the hilt.

I threw my head back, bracing my hands on the other side of the couch, sinking back just as he thrust in until we collided over and over again in a fiery and almost desperate connection.

"Fucking perfect. So damn wet. Tight," Hendrix said. "Savannah," he growled, slowing his pace. "Are you all right?" he asked, and the softness in his voice did just as much to undo me as the primal tone he'd used earlier. The perfect combination of caring and commanding wove around my core like licks of flame.

I glanced over my shoulder and said, “Harder."

Hendrix visibly shuddered at my command, but then that cocky grin shaped his lips, and he gripped my hips and sank into the hilt.

I hissed a pleasure-filled moan, relishing the way he filled every single inch of me, my entire body loose and tight at the same time.

"Again," I demanded, and he fucking obliged.

Over and over, Hendrix claimed me, took control of my body, and pushed me up and past every point of no return I thought I had. And just when I couldn't breathe and couldn't think around the sensation sparking beneath my skin, coiling every single muscle in my body, Hendrix slipped his hand around my hip and slid it between my thighs. His fingers rippled over my clit, arching into me as he circled that bundle of nerves over and over again. And then he pressed down with the exact amount of pressure I needed and slammed home at the same time.

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