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He reached for my doorknob, and my heart leaped to my throat.

Was he really going to leave? Could he really not see how badly I wanted him? Did he not realize that we were playing a game?

"Since you're already here," I hurried to say, my words stopping his hand on the knob.

His competent smirk deepened as he turned to face me. "One week, then?"

I didn't try to hide my smile this time, and though this was my favorite game to play, my body was so done with the dance.

"Yes," I whispered.

The confirmation of consent was his undoing—one second, he stood at my front door, and the next I was in his arms, my legs wrapping around his hips as he hefted me up and up. He crushed his lips on mine, and I breathed in his kiss, our tongues crashing together in a hungry frenzy as if we’d been starved for each other.

My skin felt like a live wire everywhere he touched, my core tensing and flexing with need.

Hendrix wasted no time in taking me to the first available surface, which happened to be the couch in our living room. But instead of dropping me along the length of it, the man perched me on the arm.

His strong hands grazed delicately over my legs and unlocked my ankles from around his back, and then he took a small step away and dropped to his knees before me.

I almost came right then and there. The sight of those crushing blue eyes flickering up to mine as his fingers undid the buttons on my jean shorts? The sight of this incredibly strong, confident man on his knees? I knew I was in trouble. Knew I wanted him so much I could barely breathe, but I could do nothing but delicately step out of those shorts as he guided them effortlessly off.

He tossed them to the side, his lips pursing that satisfied smile as his eyes feasted on me. Bare and aching before him.

My breath ratcheted in my lungs, and I threaded my fingers through his golden hair, tensing and impatient as he slowly planted soft kisses along my thighs.

Too soft.

Too innocent.

"Hendrix," I groaned, my fingers tightening in his hair as he kissed everywhere but where I needed him. As he toyed with me as if we had all the time in the world.

And maybe we did.

Maybe, in this moment, we could stretch the length of the day. One unencumbered by roommates or practices or jobs. Just us. Just this...fire.

"Savannah," he said my name, his lips grazing over the center of me. It wrenched a moan from my lips. I felt him smile between my thighs, just as his hands gently nudged my legs wider apart, enough that I had to lean against that arm of the couch for balance.

"Please," I begged as he continued to toy with me. To play with me. And god, we were good at playing together. "Please."

Hendrix glanced up at me, those searing blue eyes locking gazes with mine as my fist tightened in his hair. And I saw nothing but pure, reckless danger in those eyes, a promise of both pleasure and pain and everything in between. And before I could breathe or blink or beg again, he set his mouth on me.

And I forgot everything.

Forgot everything outside the feel of his tongue sliding between my thighs, teasing my slit from to clit.

Forgot everything outside the heat that pulled low on my core with every expert flick and plunge of his touch.

Hendrix moaned slightly, as if he couldn't get enough of my flavor. Feasting on me, working me up until I was certain I would snap. And then he slid his hand from my thigh to the center of me, plunging two fingers deep inside me, his mouth expertly working my clit until my knees shook. They actually fucking shook. He plucked me like a mastered instrument, working me up, taking me to that sweet, sweet edge to where I could only cry out from the need of it. From the need of him to push me over.

"Hendrix!" My hands tightened in his hair, my head spinning, my heart racing as every inch of my body clenched around him, my thighs tightening as he shifted with his free hand to situate my knee over his shoulder. That shift in position sent me flying. Sent me into the fucking stars I adored so much. Stars that glittered and burned like the blue in Hendrix’s eyes. I shattered and rocked and flew apart around this tongue, his lips, his mouth.

I gasped, trying like hell to catch my breath, trying like hell to get the world to stop spinning even though I never wanted it slow down.

Hendrix shifted on his knees, standing up as he licked his lips, his eyes like liquid blue fire.

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