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I groaned at the mental picture. “You get near me with that mouth, and I’ll lose it, Savannah. If I only get this once, I’m not coming until I’m deep inside you.” I sucked her lower lip between my teeth, parted her with my fingers, and slid one exactly where I wanted my dick.

She gasped, her grip shifting to my shoulder.

“Right here,” I promised, stroking her tight walls and adding a second finger. “You’re so fucking tight. Have you ever played?”

“Played?” she asked, her hips rocking against my hand. “That feels so good.”

My jaw flexed, and my cock throbbed, but I didn’t stop. She was the only thing that mattered. “Have you ever used a vibrator?”

“Oh. Um. Yeah.” Her eyes slid shut as I strummed her clit with my thumb, working her up the hill of climax again so she could take me.


Her eyes flew open, and her flush deepened, but she nodded.

“Good.” I added a third finger, stroking in and out of her pussy just like my cock was going to.

“Most guys would be worried about measuring up,” she quipped breathlessly.

“I’m not most guys.” I stroked her clit hard and fast, making her cry out as her hips rose for more. “And I’m glad because it will be easier to take me.”

She looked down and watched my fingers fuck her, then moaned and blindly reached at the covers beside her until she found the condom. Her teeth made quick work of it, ripping it open. “Let me.”

I nodded, working her steadily, stretching her around the width of my fingers and keeping her on edge with my thumb’s flicks and rubs of her clit.

Her breath was ragged as she shifted slightly, her eyes darting toward mine before placing the condom over my swollen tip and rolling it over my length.

“Fuck,” I hissed as she covered me. I wanted her hands on me, her mouth, her little pink tongue, but those needs were nothing compared to the driving, primitive demand to thrust deep inside her.

“I’m ready,” she declared, laying back and staring up at my ceiling.

“No, you’re not.” I smiled when her gaze snapped back to mine. “But almost.” Our mouths met, and I increased the tempo of my fingers. She was so slippery and swollen, her clit hard and needy, yet I kept her on that edge to prolong it. Her thighs were tight, her muscles trembling, her skin shining with a fine sheen of perspiration. Every second was heaven.

Her hands clutched at my shoulders as I curled my fingers to rub her G-spot with every thrust. “Hendrix… I think I’m…”

“You are,” I promised, pressing down on her clit.

She came again, chanting my name, clenching my fingers so hard sweat beaded on my own skin. Just once.

I had to hold back. Had to take it slowly. Had to enjoy each and every second of what was about to happen because it would never happen again.

My fingers slipped free as I knelt between her thighs, my cock finding her entrance like they were magnets. She rocked her hips. I pinned them to the bed to hold her still.

“Do you still want this?” I asked, brushing my lips over hers, my voice coming out rough and low. One shake of her head and I’d be in the bathroom, standing under a cold shower I instinctively knew wouldn’t help.

“Yes,” she demanded.

A smile tugged at my lips despite the raw hunger coursing through my veins. “Only you could make an answer an order, I swear.”

“Please.” She kissed me gently.

I groaned and sank into her, taking the first inch with a roll of my hips, then another and another. I watched her eyes for any pain, any sign she’d changed her mind, but there was only the same need that mirrored my own as I consumed her, taking every inch she’d give me and demanding another until she held me from base to tip, her walls tightening around me like a silken vise.

“God, Savannah,” I groaned, resting my forehead against hers. “I’m inside you.”

She whimpered and swiveled her hips.

“You can’t…” I locked my jaw and fought back the urge to come as the pleasure of it swept over me, threatening to take me all the way. Where was my infamous stamina now? Where was the cool detachment?

“Can’t what?” she challenged, swirling her hips again.

I saw stars. “Shit. Savannah, you do that again and this will be over before it starts. You feel too damned good, and I’ve waited so fucking long. You have to give me a second, Butterfly. Tell me you’re okay.”

“It doesn’t hurt,” she promised. “And I’m better than okay.”

“Thank God.” I searched her eyes and found only the truth. Then I kissed her and started moving. Slow and easy to start, each movement measured and careful.

“Hendrix,” she groaned, rocking her hips to meet mine. “You feel amazing.”

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