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Her gaze snapped from the foil to my eyes as I climbed onto the bed. “I’ll sign a contract if it makes you feel better.”

“A contract isn’t going to save us from this fallout,” I said, my voice dropping low as I rose above her. “Just tell me you still want this.”

“I want this,” she repeated, reaching for me.

Thank you, God. I kissed her senseless, then got a mental grip on my self-control. I couldn’t rush this. Couldn’t hurry. Couldn’t give in to the driving need to be inside her. There could be nothing fast about this. I fucking refused to hurt her.

I kissed her again and again, lowering my body to hers, using it to rock against her fabric-covered core until she caught the motion of my hips and returned it. Holy shit, she was a fast learner.

I tugged at the hem of her sweatshirt and lifted her arms so I could slide it off. “My number, huh?”

“I figured that might push you over the edge,” she admitted with a grin.

“You are a dangerous woman, Savannah Goodman.” I shook my head because she was right. There was something primal about seeing my name on her—not that I’d ever be able to claim her. It was like she claimed me instead.

When she laughed, I unsnapped her bra with a flick of my fingers, then sent it sailing and lowered my mouth to her breasts.

She stopped laughing and started moaning.

I sucked and licked at the stiffened tips as her hips rolled beneath me. “Are you already wet for me?” I slid my hands down the dip of her waist to the tiny shorts she’d worn.

“Find out,” she dared, lifting her hips.

I stripped her shorts and panties off in one motion.

She gasped. “They matched!”

“I’ll notice later,” I promised, throwing them to the floor as I stared at the sweet cleft in front of me. You only get one time, I reminded myself. And yet there were so many things I wanted to do to her—do for her.

“What are you thinking?” she asked, her voice suddenly quiet.

I knelt between her parted thighs and met her worried gaze. “Exactly how many dirty little things I want to do to you, and how many I won’t get to. Fuck, Savannah, every inch of you is perfect.” I stroked my hands over her thighs and the swell of her hips as I lowered myself to kiss her. “You’re better than every fantasy I’ve ever had, and yes, before you ask, I’ve fantasized about what you look like under your clothes.”

“You do? I am?” She ran her fingers down the expanse of my back.

“Yes.” I kissed her.

“What dirty things?” she asked against my lips.

I grinned, then kissed her again, tugging on her lower lip slightly before I sent those lips down her body, pausing at her neck, sucking on her nipples, running my tongue along the dip of her belly button before I breathed deep at the strip of red curls above her pussy.

“Things like this,” I said, lifting my head slightly so I could watch her reaction as my fingers parted her and found her hot, slick, and drenched. “Fuck, you’re soaking wet, baby.”

Her only sound was a whimper as I rolled my fingers over her clit. Her hips bucked, her fingernails bit into the skin of my shoulders, and I nearly forgot why I was trying so hard to slow the fuck down.

She’s a virgin, you dumbass.

Right. That.

“Things like this,” I repeated and replaced my fingers with my mouth.

“Hendrix!” she shouted, her fingers gripping my hair as I lapped at her.

“So fucking good,” I muttered, pushing her knees up and spreading her thighs wider for my shoulders. “So sweet.” My tongue swirled around her clit. “So wet.” I sucked lightly on the nub, and her whole body went taut. “So mine, even if it’s just for this once.”

I stabbed my tongue into her once. Twice. “Soon this is going to be my fingers.” I stabbed again. “Then my cock.”

She came, her back arching off the bed as she screamed my name, tugging at my hair and riding my tongue with her hips. You only get this once. And yet I hadn’t been able to stop myself from tasting her again as I had in the office.

She came down slowly, and I kissed her again, sending a tremor through her limbs before I rose over her, rolling slightly to the side.

“That mouth,” she whispered, her thumb stroking my lower lip as the aftershocks rolled through her. “God, Hendrix.” She sat up and kissed me, stroking her tongue deep before those lips descended, kissing my chest, my abs—

Oh, shit.

“No, baby. Not tonight,” I said, quickly putting her on her back where that gorgeous mouth was far from my cock.

“I thought you said you wanted my mouth around your cock.” She arched an eyebrow.

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