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“I’ll set it all up,” she promised, her eyes lighting up as if she could taste my indecision. “I’ll rent a hotel—”

I snapped, locking the door with the press of a button and closing the distance between us in three strides. Then her ass was in my hands, and my tongue was in her mouth. There was no sweet preamble or teasing grazes. This was need, unfiltered and raw.

Kissing her was as crucial to my survival as my next breath.

She looped her arms around the back of my neck and melted into the kiss, her tongue meeting mine with every stroke and caress like accelerant on an already-blazing fire. I walked forward and set her on the desk, then parted her knees with my hands so I could step between them. My hands ran up her thighs, spreading them wider, and her skirt slid up her equally soft skin.

I broke the kiss just long enough to glance at the sight of my hands splayed over the sides of her thighs, my thumbs sweeping toward the creases where her legs met her hips. “Damn, Savannah,” I muttered, yanking her toward me so her breasts pressed into my chest.

Then I took her mouth with deliberate, deep strokes, tunneling my fingers through the hair at the nape of her neck and tugging, tilting her head for a better angle.

Her nails bit into the back of my neck as she rocked against me, pulling me closer. I kissed her until both our breaths were broken. Until I knew her mouth as well as I knew my own. Then I tightened my grip in her hair and tugged again to expose her neck.

She fell back, bracing her weight on her palms as I kissed her neck, her throat, sucked on the inches just above her collarbone.

“Hendrix,” she moaned, her head rolling back. “I love your mouth.”

“You’ll fucking worship it by the time I finish with you.” If I ever finished with her. Usually one of everything was enough for me. One kiss from a woman, one touch of her skin, even one fuck, and my curiosity was appeased, the need fading with it.

But kissing her was even better than the first time. Hotter. More carnal. More dangerous, too.

My dick swelled against the confines of my jeans, and I leaned into the desk, praying it got the message. I wasn’t taking her on a desk at Tricks, so close to the floor that the pounding beat of the music pulsed through the door.

I cupped her breasts in my hands and groaned. The built-in bra of her top wasn’t padded, and the stiff peaks of her nipples greeted my thumbs. “You’re phenomenal. Just enough to overflow my hands. Perfect.”

“You’ll fucking worship me by the time I’m done with you,” she threw my words back at me with a flash of a smile, her eyes closed and head thrown back.

I huffed a laugh and rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, earning a gasp from her lips and a delicious rock of her hips as her eyes flared wide, meeting mine. I did it again, and she whimpered.

I kissed her senseless, cupping the heavy weight of her breasts and teasing her nipples just enough to keep her arching, alternating the strokes of my tongue between deep and playful to keep her guessing, never letting her settle into a rhythm.

She gripped my hair, her thighs restless, her hips rolling.

Good. I wanted her as mindless as I was. Wanted her to forget her end goal of sex so she could feel the dizzying lust that would eventually get us there.

Fuck. I stilled completely, pulling out of the kiss to lean my forehead against hers.

I was going to do it—take her, fuck her, make love to her, be her first. I could call it whatever I wanted to ease the guilt of breaking the rules as long as I acknowledged what it really was—inevitable. I could fight this need, but I couldn’t fight hers. I was powerless against it.

“Hendrix?” Her brow furrowed. “Please. I’m on fire.” Her hips squirmed. Thank God the desk kept those sweet hips a few inches beneath my cock, or I would have lost it.

“We shouldn’t do this here.” No matter how badly I wanted to.

“Why?” She leaned to the side, glancing toward the door. “Think someone will walk in on us?”

“That’s not a problem.” My hands gripped her waist, exploring the bare inches of skin she exposed by raising her arms.

“How can you be so sure?” She looked at my mouth like it was dessert, and I skimmed her lower lip with my tongue—so soft.

“I know the owner.” I answered with a smirk.

“Of course you do,” she countered. “Fine, then take me anywhere you want, as long as you take me. Please.” She brushed her lips over my chin, then kissed her way down my throat.

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